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Card games differ significantly from other land-based and online casino games around the world. Math in them also plays a role in determining the best game strategy.

Math in card games

Math in card games

If players know how to determine the probability of random events, they can calculate the best winning strategy. On the other hand, if you play a game using a large number of cards, such as blackjack or baccarat, then basic knowledge of arithmetic is clearly necessary.

Often, players have to add and calculate points in card games or do mathematical calculations as part of a winning strategy. Of course, there are some that can be "individualized", but they do not have" transaction costs " or any other similar requirements before starting the game. The only thing that the player needs to do is to determine the correct combination of cards that will help him to achieve success.

In addition, most card games also require keeping an account between parties. Usually, in such cases, there is not only elementary arithmetic, but also mathematics. Players should be aware that the ability to track cards during the game is not the only thing that needs to be done to win.

What is math?

As a rule, the casino aims to get an advantage from each offered bet. Players, on the other hand, need to do everything possible to win the advantage of the gambling house in all possible ways. However, to do this, first you need to make a number of important decisions.

First, the player needs to decide which card game he is going to play and carefully examine the various options, as some games offer additional variations. This is where the mathematical theory comes in handy.

A player who has done research on this issue must have at least a basic understanding of the mathematics behind this casino game in order to make a profit or at least survive financially until the end of the game. In fact, there are situations that give casino customers a real advantage over a gambling establishment. This is why players should take advantage of all the options offered that can help them win.

If players are familiar with the basic probabilities, they will be able to find a suitable game and turn the situation in their favor. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that no deep mathematical knowledge will help you become a successful player on a permanent basis.

Mathematical expectation

Mathematical expectation

The principle of mathematical expectation is one of the basic concepts for understanding the theory of mathematics that is related to gambling.

The mathematical expectation of any bet in any casino game can be calculated by multiplying each of the possible wins or losses by the probability that such a win or loss will occur, respectively. Then these two numbers are added together. Players should remember that when it comes to so-called "fair games", neither they nor the gambling house will have any advantages.

Interestingly, the concept of "fair play" refers to sports competitions. This term implies a set of ethical rules that are based on the player's inner belief about honesty and nobility in sports.

The mathematical expectation can change, if change of payment. If this happens, it gives a positive expectation of profit.

In addition, gamblers should keep in mind that when betting amounts differ, expectations can also be different. However, the player's expectation is always equal to the number of percentages of the bet amount.

What can really help visitors to a gambling establishment understand the question of mathematical expectation is that the expectation for a series of bets corresponds to the total amount of expectations for all bets separately.

Repeated attempt

As explained earlier, the expectation can be described as the average amount that a player is likely to win or lose when making a given bet. Unfortunately, waiting does not explain the fluctuations that usually occur during the process itself.

When it comes to repeated attempts, the concept of action is an integral part of gambling mathematics, since it will be useful for the player to understand the so-called law of the arithmetic mean. This concept is associated with the belief that if a player records both the action (A) and the total amount of profit or loss (T) during a long betting session, then the private T/A will be approximately equal to the private E/A, where E is the expected profit or loss.

Often, players misinterpret the law of the arithmetic mean, because they believe that there is no difference between the total profit or loss (T) and the expected profit or loss (E) during long betting sessions. In fact, the difference between the two terms is, and tends to become, even greater at the same time as the action (A) increases.

On the other hand, from the point of view of the casino, it really does not matter whether a long series of bets is made by one player or several. Nevertheless, if a player is aiming for success in gambling, it is recommended to place only bets with a positive expectation.

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Sweepstakes and sports betting – how did the totalizators appear?

Sweepstakes are the separate type of betting. This term refers to both the office that accepts bets on horse racing and dog racing, and the device that is able to calculate the chances of a participant winning a competition.

As for the win, the bettor does not know about the amount in advance. He can only guess what his winnings will be if his bet plays. The organizers of the sweepstakes themselves take a certain percentage of the bets made, without taking part in the gambling game.

History of the sweepstakes

The history of the sweepstakes is rooted in the distant past. In 1917, sir George Julius ventured to turn his voting machine into the first automatic sweepstakes.

When professional gamblers came to Randwick to enjoy the spring racing carnival, more than a hundred years ago, they literally entered the modern era. Before that, they placed bets based on the participants ' chances of winning, predicted by the bettors themselves. But in 1917, the racetrack introduced its new automatic sweepstakes-a machine that performed calculations.

Housed in a private purpose-built building, the tote consisted of a series of copper gears, rods, wires, and pulleys. This was essentially a basic form of computer, but its only function was to determine the chance of a particular horse winning a race based on who had placed bets on its victory.

Engineering genius George Alfred Julius and his invention

 George Alfred Julius

The tote that everyone saw at the time was a modern computing machine developed by an Englishman who had been educated in New Zealand but was famous in Sydney – an engineering genius named George Julius.

He originally invented this technology for a different purpose, but remade it for use on the racetrack, knowing that he would easily find a buyer.

George Alfred Julius, born in Norwich in England on 29 April 1873, was the son of a clergyman who brought his family to Australia when he was appointed archdeacon of Ballarat. Julius was educated at the Melbourne Church of England grammar school in Victoria, but when his father moved the family to New Zealand in 1890, he received a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of New Zealand (at Canterbury College).

His father was a master, and Julius learned a lot from spending time with him in the workshop. He found work on the Western Australian Railways in 1896, but moved to Sydney in 1907 to work for a timber company, and decided that he would pursue his own private engineering practice.

How the apparatus for conducting fair elections turned into a sweepstakes

While Julius was in Washington, he discovered cases of electoral fraud and worked for several years to create a special tabulator for voting to minimize or eliminate the human factor using a machine that counts votes. Unfortunately, the government was not interested in his revolutionary voting device, so he looked for other people who might find the device useful.

When Julius had already sold one of the voting machines to buyers in new York, a friend convinced him that such equipment could be useful for accurately summing up bets in the racing industry. This must have put him in a moral dilemma. He did not gamble, and his father considered it a great evil. But then he thought that if he couldn't do a good job in fighting election fraud, he could at least do it in the gambling industry, which would still exist, whether he wanted to or not.

He developed a working model, which is now part of the collection Of the Museum of applied arts and Sciences in Sydney, and began creating his own calculation systems for tracks. One of them was installed at Ellersley Racecourse in Auckland in 1913. It was the world's first automatic tote, and although it was advanced, later inventions of this nature already used electrical elements.

Further development

In 1917, another sweepstakes opened on the track in Washington, and another in Queensland. In the same year, Julius founded his own company, Automatic Totalisators Ltd (ATL), and installed his first NSW car, which began operating in Randwick on 29 September. News outlets at the time reported that huge crowds of people were going to try out these machines. However, sources said that only one of the three cars was working on the first day. There was also some resistance to sweepstakes in New South Wales, particularly from the Tattersall Club, but this took a back seat to public demand.

In General, the machine was perfect for those times, because it could process much more data than people who previously determined the odds in their minds. Subsequently, Julius sweepstakes were installed on other tracks throughout Australia and around the world.

In 1919, Julius founded the Institute of Engineering, and in 1926 was appointed the first head of the Council for scientific and industrial research (later CSIRO).

Julius ' cars continued to run on race tracks across Australia until they were superseded by computers in 1970.

Totalizators today

Totalizators today

Today, bookmakers are much more popular than sweepstakes. The latter are gradually becoming a thing of the past. You can hardly get a big win here. They remained only in some bookmakers as a special form of betting.

The peculiarity of betting on the sweepstakes is that the player still does not know what win he will get if the bet is correct. The player can bet on the exact score or guess the main markets. Accordingly, the more people guessed the exact outcome, the smaller the win for each of them.

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Slot machines (slots)

The most unusual slot machines

Online gambling has a very short history, but during this time, many different slots have been created that have an original design, unique bonuses, unusual features of the gameplay and some other, sometimes the most bizarre characteristics that will cause genuine surprise among players. The GamblingKing portal is regularly updated with new online gambling products, among which there are often unusual models from both world-famous online gambling software developers and newcomers to the industry.

Of course, offline slot machines are not as popular as in other years, but they can still surprise visitors to land-based casinos. Just about such amazing slot machines and will be discussed in this article. The vast majority of these slots are located in the gambling capital of Las Vegas, because it is here that all the biggest and most unusual is considered almost a cult. However, not all of them can be called full-fledged slot machines for playing for real money, some of them are completely empty, but you can not tell about them.



Perhaps the largest slot machine in the world, SlotZilla has a truly gigantic size that can impress anyone, even its name hints at resemblance to the sea monster - Godzilla. You can see this hulk at the Fremont Street Experience, in the heart of Las Vegas. Naturally, such a huge slot machine does not happen and in fact this building is an entertainment complex. Although, to the credit of the builders, it is worth noting that the building does exactly repeat the shape of the video slot, it has drums, an animated launch handle and a warning light installed on the roof. This complex consists of two floors: Zoomline and Zipline. The creation of such a masterpiece cost 17 million dollars. There is even a full-fledged amusement Park that attracts tourists.

Golden Nugget slot machine

Golden Nugget slot machine

Also a huge slot machine, but much smaller than the previous one, in addition, it is also working, you can see it in the Golden Nugget casino. This is one of the main attractions of this gambling establishment, an indispensable object for photographing tourists. The slot is 2.5 meters high and has only four reels that contain symbols in the form of gold bars and the casino logo. If you read the reviews of visitors, you can conclude that the slot machine does not spoil players with large winnings, but this does not affect the popularity of the slot machine among visitors, people almost always crowd around it.

Silver Strike

Silver Strike

In 1992, a series of slot machines under the general name Silver Strike from the developer IGT premiered. In Nevada, they appeared for the first time, it was the Reno Casino, moreover, today they can still be found in some land-based casinos, such as Four Queens Las Vegas. By and large, these are the most common slots, if not for one of the features, namely unusual prizes. In addition to the usual cash prizes, these slot machines could issue special chips of the gambling establishment where they are located. Drawing an analogy with the name, you can guess that the chips or coins, in other words, were made of silver.

 Coins or chips, as it is more convenient, cost differently, it depended on several reasons: the weight of the chip, the value of the silver sample, the issued circulation. Silver Strike coins were valued at auctions from several tens of dollars to several hundred. In addition, there were also very rare coins, for collectors they are of particular value and can be estimated at several thousand dollars.


Vintage retro slots at Golden Gate Casino

Golden Gate Casino has a truly legendary history, it was created in 1906 and today is one of the oldest not only in Las Vegas, but also in the world. For more than a hundred years, the casino has accumulated a large number of old slot machines that represent a unique collection. One of them is able to take players back to the past and observe how slot machines have evolved. The collection includes models of historical value, in addition, all of them are made in an unusual and unique design. Many models have survived to the present day in a single copy, which means that it is not possible to estimate their cost. The GamblingKing portal recommends that everyone visit the Golden Gate casino and get to know the unique collection firsthand, if they get the opportunity.

Sigma Derby

Sigma Derby

The Sigma Derby machine is probably the most bizarre horse racing simulator. It appeared in Las Vegas, the first time it is mentioned, since 1985. At the moment, this device is only available in MGM and The D casinos, in fact, in a single copy. 

It doesn't make much sense to describe the slot, everything is clearly shown in the picture. 

Sigma Derby rules

The principle of the game is very simple - the player must guess which of the horses will come first. To play this game maybe once 10 users at the same time. The race of mechanical horses on a miniature track looks no less exciting and adventurous than the race of real race horses.

Unique virtual online slots

The world of online gambling is even more diverse and there are many more unique slot machines here. It is understandable, trying to attract the gamblers, the software developers compete each other in creativity. The modern market is filled with the most unusual models with an incredible design, original themes and bonus features, as well as a wide variety of options for creating prize combinations of symbols. Of course, it is not possible to consider all of them within one small group, because of their huge number. There are so many fancy slot models in online gambling that the development of retro slot machines with original design and functionality is becoming more popular and in demand among players. Reviews of such models will definitely appear on GamblingKing.

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Online casino

What licenses are currently offered in different countries

The current legislation of various States has a direct link to whether a work permit will be issued. As a rule, this issue is directly related to the relevant state Agency of a particular country.

Today, we can identify some countries with a non-standard approach to regulation. We are talking about a long list of license types, as well as conditions for protecting businesses and players directly. For example:

  1. The UK gambling industry operates under the gambling act 2005. Here you can get three types of licenses: Operating license, a Personal management license and a Premises license. The latter is issued at the operator's place of registration. License types are defined depending on the type of business. Also, the current rules ensure the safety of players, since operators are required to store winning money in separate accounts from operating funds.
  2. When obtaining a license in Belgium, one of the conditions for opening an online casino is the presence of a physical land-based casino. The average casino tax rate is 11% on profits.
  3. When obtaining a license in Gibraltar, no fees are required, but there is an important condition: if customers have received complaints, the company must store this data. Thus, Gibraltar is great for players, as local laws are designed to ensure the integrity and reliability of the operator. Most often, they apply for an online gambling license. Corporate persons are allowed to hold the position of Director.
  4. In Costa Rica, according to market participants, regulation of the industry is minimal. But when entering the market, it is important to remember the unstable economic situation.

Next, let's look at licensing using examples of specific jurisdictions.



Malta offers several license options:

  • Games where you can predict the outcome: lotteries, poker, online casinos, as well as fixed-rate betting and poker sites.
  • Companies that offer hosting and SOFTWARE for online games.
  • To platforms that offer remote work to other operators.
  • Sports betting operators.

The main advantage of local licenses is the five-year validity period, Malta's membership in the EU, the ability to issue tax benefits and open accounts in any Bank in Europe, the country's absence from black lists, and advanced infrastructure.

The receipt procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Registering a legal entity and opening a Bank account, applying for a specific class of license.
  • Verification of the financial and management component of the applicant company. At this stage, it is determined whether the company participated in money laundering schemes, etc.
  • Evaluation of the business plan, which includes the elaboration of forecasts and description of plans in the field of marketing and distribution.
  • Informing about whether the application was accepted or not. If inconsistencies are found, two months are given to correct the errors. If you reject again, you will have to go through the entire procedure again.



Alderney has had a Gambling Control Commission (GCC) since 2000. The GCC issues licenses that exempt companies from paying income tax, instead of which they must pay an approved annual fee.

You can get these types of licenses from GCC:

  • Hosting certificate.
  • Online gambling.
  • The associated certificate.



Of particular interest is Kahnawake, where licenses are issued without high taxes. Granting licenses in offshore jurisdictions allows the jurisdiction to cooperate with young companies, which is beneficial for both parties. Kahnawake is quite an exotic territory, it is a canadian Indian reservation. The gambling Commission consists of three representatives which change every two years.

The following types of licenses are issued here:

  • Inter-Judicial Authorization - for operators who successfully operate under a license from another Commission. Suitable for those who want to start a business on the territory of Kahnawake.
  • Interactive Gaming License. One such license is issued specifically for the registration of one hosting on this territory.
  • Key Persons license-for companies that have a cooperation agreement with SRA licensees and control their work.
  • Client Provider Authorization-required for authorization of an operator who has expressed an intention to open an online casino with any type of games in an unlimited number. The cost of this license is considered the highest.

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Sports betting

Betting on events is primarily entertainment. But some players seem to take it quite seriously-they become sports analysts and cappers. We have collected for you the stories of gamblers who have given a special place to betting in their lives.

John Price

John Price became a celebrity in bookmaker circles because of his mathematical abilities. John is known to have majored in Finance. He got his first six-bet win right away when he was still in college. Thanks to this money, he paid for his education in advance. Thus, before graduating from college, he already had $50 thousand in his bank account. It is noted that for this capper, as he calls himself, it is important not to win with a certain percentage, but to increase profits. Sharing the secret of success, John said that there are only 22 variables that correspond to a successful outcome. It is also known that Price makes several bets per week, the amount of which exceeds $100 thousand.

John himself says that he resorts to hedging, which is necessary not to win inall cases, but rather not to lose in at least one. Some Las Vegas casinos claim that the percentage of successful price bets reaches 70 (56% are considered profitable). John himself says that this data is underestimated.

Capper is an analyst of events in sports, whose final goal is to place bets in bookmakers so that the minimum spent is returned. Capper must know betting strategies, understand different sports, and analyze the wins/losses of different teams and athletes.

Price has appeared in stories in various magazines, on websites, and in numerous interviews for Forbes, the Sports Daily, Huffington Post, and Gambling911. He also created his own website, Sports Information Traders, where users can get information about trading. Capper prefers to bet on one outcome of the game. In several NFL super bowl games, including between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, he won more than $1 million in winnings That allowed him to purchase a private eight-seat plane. He currently participates as a radio host in weekly talk shows held across the country.

Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder

Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder

Jimmy "the Greek" Snyder is considered one of the leading experts in sports betting. It is known that he first turned to BC services at the age of 13. His first major deal was in 1948. Jimmy bet $ 10,000 on Harry S. Truman, who won the presidential election. At a 17: 1 ratio, he earned $ 170,000. Sharing his impressions, he said that he did not bet on Thomas Dewey because he had a mustache, which American women at the time were suspicious of.

Part of the money Snyder won was invested in a business related to oil and coal production. In Las Vegas, where he moved in 1956, he began writing articles about betting on American football and was eventually hired as an on-air analyst and commentator for CBS's "The NFL Today", from where he left in 1988 due to a racial bias scandal. Jimmy's statement that African-Americans are more promising athletes because of the slavery that existed in the United States from the 17th to the 19th century seemed offensive to the public and his colleagues.

Ben Patz

Parlay Patz

Ben Patz, also known by the alias Parlay Patz, who was lucky to win more than $1 million in less than forty days. He was born in 1996 and by 18 had already started betting on games. He placed his first $90 bet on a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. After that, the young man went to study in Paris and returned to the United States just a year later. Soon, he won a batch of 12 deals that were supposed to bring in $75,000. However, due to the fact that Ben chose an offshore operator without a license, he received only $12,000.
Ben clarifies that most often bets on University and professional teams in football and basketball. Due to the peculiarities of the us legal system, he chose New Jersey for online betting. After some losses, the young bettor realized that playing teams do not focus on the conversion number of goals scored, but only care about winning. For this reason, Ben focused on money lines and three weeks later won $672,000 in four separate bets. The largest payout reached $333 thousand from a bet on 13 games, the bet size was $7 thousand. This was followed by an eight-game bet with a $183,892 win, and a five-game bet with a $116,260 win.

Tony 'The Lizard' Bloom

Tony 'The Lizard' Bloom

Briton Tony Bloom has established himself as a professional poker player, sports betting specialist and head of Brighton and Hove Albion football club . Bloom also specialized in real estate investments, which earned him the nickname "Lizard". He participated in the final tables of the first two Poker Million tournaments, the World Poker Tour, and the filming of the Late Night Poker series. It is believed that a significant part of the income he received through the development of sites dedicated to gaming topics.

Like many other outstanding personalities, he began to master his professional field early, at the age of ten. That's when he started betting on sports. According to his own statement, even after reaching adulthood, he initially placed bets without following any strategies. It is known that after gaining a little experience, Tony spent some time betting on those teams that had just lost a player to injury.

Working for Victor Chandler (BetVictor), Bloom mastered asian betting styles, which have some differences from the deals common in the United States and Europe. His education in the exact sciences allowed him to make predictions about the likely outcome. After working at BetVictor, Bloom went his own way and created Premier Bet, a betting company focused mainly on the Asian market. Tony also founded Starlizard, the largest gambling resource in the UK, although each participant signs a non-disclosure agreement.

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First of all, this man is known under the pseudonym "Godfather of poker". According to the Bluff magazine in 2006, he was ranked as the most influential person in the world of poker. In 1976 and 1977, Doyle won the WSOP Main Event, with a total of ten trophy bracelets from the world series. Also, this person was the first to earn $1 million by taking part in live tournaments. Over 50 years of constant games against different opponents, Doyle received a unique experience, which he then transferred to the pages of his books.

Doyle Brunson

Brunson's long journey in poker

At the 1976 WSOP, Brunson won the Deuce to Seven tournament with a prize pool of $5,000. In the main event at the 1976 WSOP, he defeated Jesy Aldo and took $200,000 in prize money. The following year, he won the Seven Card Stud Split Event with a $7,000 buy-in, followed by a win in the Main Event with a $10,000 buy-in. He beat out Gary Berland with the same hand as in 1976. Subsequently, the starting hand with a ten and a two is called "Doyle Brunson's hand". This was followed by a win in the seven-card stud tournament in 1978 with a $5,000 buy-in. In 1980, Branson almost beat STU Unger, but the poker genius beat him and took away the opportunity to win a third WSOP bracelet. In the early 2000s, Doyle moves to the Internet and at the age of 70 wins the HORSE tournament. The following year brings him a win at WPT Legends of Poker and a $1.2 million win.

Today, there is not much information about the player's early years. it is known that he was born in 1933 and had two brothers. He attended the University of Texas. Perhaps the "Godfather of poker" set foot on the path of mind games because of a sports injury that forced him to give up a career as a professional basketball player. He also has a daughter and a son who followed his father's example and also took up playing poker. As a result, the father and son opened their own website for learning the card game.

During his University years, back in 1954, Brunson first tried to play a five-card draw and made money on it for a short time. After graduation, the "Godfather of poker" was not afraid to take part in various underground games. At the same time, Doyle met Thomas Preston and Sailor Roberts, with whom he began playing. In the end, all three played from the same combined bankroll. After a short forced break due to cancer treatment, their first trip together to Las Vegas was not successful, the poker players lost a six-figure sum. After that, they stopped cooperating, but still remained friends. After a brief period of reflection, Brunson and his family move to Nevada, since at that time the state law was loyal to the game of poker.

Doyle's success and legacy

Doyle's success and legacy

Black Friday is the day when the online poker market in the United States was completely immobilized due to the blocking of the four largest poker rooms. The Federal Bureau of investigation has accused PokerStars, UltimateBet, FullTilt Poker and Absolute Poker Poker of violating the UIGEA law. Those who held senior positions were arrested, and the Bank accounts of poker rooms were also blocked. The result was a complete restriction of US citizens ' access to online poker in the country.

As of this year, the amount of money earned by him for all time is $80 million. It is also known that in 2004, the Doyles Room poker room was created, which originally existed in the Tribeca poker network (now part of Playtech iPoker). This poker room started working under the license of Curacao. The Doyles Room had the following game options: Badugi, Texas hold'em, Omaha, and seven-card stud. After the events of Black Friday, Doyle Brunson stopped working with Doyles Room, which was acquired by Americas Cardroom in October 2011.

Doyle's most famous books include:

  • "Poker Wisdom of a Champion". Here the reader will find information about Doyle's early career. The book contains anecdotes, practical tips and different approaches to playing the game.
  • "Super System. A course in power poker". The guide provides a variety of techniques for several types of gambling. The work tells about the rules of card games, techniques, and also provides an example of the history of the author's life.
  • "My 50 Most Memorable Hands". Here you can find the most memorable poker player's hands during his career. The book is of particular interest to fans of no-limit hold'em, as it contains professional recommendations. The author explains what guided him when he made certain moves.
  • "The Godfather of Poker". A kind of autobiography, where the reader learns about the difficult path of a poker player who survived cancer, showdowns with gangsters, big losses, and major victories.
  • "Online Poker: Your Guide to Playing Online Poker Safely & Winning Money". Here Doyle shares his experience of playing poker in cyberspace. Ten chapters tell the reader the main and most effective strategies in online poker.

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Sports betting

How to make money on bets

Innovative technologies not only significantly simplify human life, but also give a lot of opportunities. Thanks to the Internet, many people have a great chance to work from any corner of the world and not be tied to a single city or even country. So, in principle, there was a concept that a successful business can be built with minimal initial investment. The Internet allowed not only to reduce investment, but also to manage business processes remotely.

Sports betting is one of the most popular types of gambling entertainment in the world, and its popularity is growing every year. However, based on the fact that gambling is inherently not a profession, but an entertainment – a way of spending leisure time, it is not reasonable to treat sports betting as the main source of income. Another thing is when football fans prefer to make the emotions of watching the match more vivid by pre-placing a bet. There are also those for whom the question of how to make money on bets is identical to an alternative source of cash flow.

It should be noted that in order to make money on betting operations of this kind, it is not enough just to read statistics before a sports event, for efficiency you need certain specific knowledge. In large betting companies, there is always a whole staff of specialists who analyze all the factors that can affect the result of the match. Based on their conclusions, coefficients are formed. The larger the company – the larger the number of employees performing such functions. A bettor needs to beat all of them in order to make effective money on bets.
Another important issue for beginners in this field is the amount of earnings on bets. No one will ever be able to calculate exactly how much you can earn on bets. The fact is that even with a high level of awareness in sports betting, a lot of things are decided by a lucky chance. In addition, a significant factor is how much the user decides to bet initially, because it is based on this indicator when multiplied by the coefficient that the final winning amount is obtained. It should also be noted that experts tend to think that earnings on the rates of professional bettors are many times higher than the usual Deposit of banking institutions.

A key and fundamental rule in betting is that the amount of the bet must not exceed the amount that the loss of which will be irreplaceable for the player, or, in other words, you can not bet more than you are ready to lose.

Sports betting ads – should I be afraid  

Sports betting ads

Especially often, this type of fraud is conducted by beginners. As a rule, we are talking about constant advertising of bets on certain events, the outcome of which is allegedly known. In this way, the user is offered "valuable" information, which he can allegedly get to make the right bet and win millions. Such activity on the part of the organizers is a fraud, and on the part of the players-a solution of extremely questionable quality. Why is this so? Despite the fact that match-fixing is not uncommon in modern sports, people who may have private information are part of the sports industry – club owners, doctors, coaching staff, or athletes themselves. Based on the reputational, financial and administrative consequences that will occur if it becomes known about the leak of information, they simply will not take risks. In addition, it is absurd that this kind of sensitive information can be put on public display on the Internet for ridiculous, as for serious sports, money. Therefore, the second rule that users should learn is that there is no "hand-made" earnings on bets purchased on the network.

Procedural features of successful sports betting

In the sports betting industry, there is a special designation for people who are engaged in sports betting as a type of professional activity – handicapper. They have a huge amount of knowledge about sports, they are able to correctly analyze and tight  with the mathematical side of betting. Therefore, the initial qualities that a handicapper should possess are: a mathematical mindset, an understanding of the subtleties of the work of betting companies, and knowledge of the basic canons of predicting the outcomes of sports events.
However, in order to start earning on bets, you need not only "professionalism" and internal qualities. The user must first make sure that their own Internet connection is reliable. Second, you need to understand that Analytics is an extremely time-consuming process that requires a significant amount of time. Third, concentration and coolness. If a user decides to place sports bets as an additional way to earn money, getting excited or distracted is not the best strategy. The fourth element is a bankroll or, in other words, start-up capital. Knowledge of a certain sport will not be superfluous at all. Here, on the front line, English football looks the most popular, but this rule is not mandatory – any media type of sports will suit.

Sports betting: step by step

Regardless of whether the user is a beginner or an experienced bettor, the first thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the rules of the betting company whose services you plan to use. This is the key rule that determines such important points as, for example, getting the money won.

Next, the user must log in and register with the betting company and create an e-wallet. The next step is to top up your Deposit. Experienced players are advised not to keep too much on the account and periodically withdraw the winnings. The last is the selection and direct implementation of the bid.

Handicappers often use special programs that simplify their "work". Such programs can be used to calculate the bid amount or select the best coefficient from all the currently offered ones on the market. In addition, programs can help you keep track of bids.
How much can I earn on bets

As mentioned above, earnings on bets depend on many factors, including the quality of the player's knowledge, the size of the bets and the chosen strategy. As a rule, 10% of the bankroll is considered good earnings, this does not detract from the fact that theoretically the bettor can earn 70% of the initial investment, but this is only possible when using high-risk strategies, which, in turn, can lead to the loss of the Deposit.

Sports betting strategies

Sports betting strategies

Sports betting strategies are a method of action in which the desired result, earnings in a certain amount, is achieved with a minimum of resource costs.

There are several types of sports betting strategies. They are usually divided into two main categories – gaming and financial.

There are a huge number of game strategies, but the most popular ones are bets on an undervalued event, betting forks, corridors, and catch-up.

Let's take a closer look at the strategy of betting forks. It assumes that the user places bets in pairs in several betting companies if the odds for the same event are inversely proportional to each other. Thus, the user finds himself in a situation where it is not possible to lose, because one of the mutually exclusive bets will inevitably be winning. This strategy can be implemented due to the fact that bookmakers often evaluate the same sports events differently.

The only problem on the way to implement such a strategy may be the bookmaker. Companies may not pay out winnings if a "fork" is found, or limit the amount of the bet.

The most common financial strategies for sports betting are flat, fixed profit, martingale strategy, and the Kelly criterion.

Before considering the martingale strategy in more detail, it should be noted that many strategies are common for all types of gambling. So, the above strategy came to betting from the casino. The bottom line is that when the user loses, the new bet is doubled, and so on until they win. The increase compensates for the loss and allows you to earn money on bets.
It is important that this strategy can only be used if the coefficients are higher than 2.00.


Earnings on bets are real as an auxiliary source of income, but it is necessary to remember the mandatory rules, compliance with which affects the final result.

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Gambling news

Gambling in the United States is traditionally associated with Nevada, the luxury of Las Vegas, the largest lottery jackpots in the world, the phenomenon of tribal casinos, but sports betting has long remained in the shadows. However, the era of sports betting came more than a year ago. Of course, not all States legalize activities, and even those that legalize business will have unique features of the industry, such is America. However, trends, industry development problems, challenges, and even an approximate set of legislative rules common to all market participants can be identified at this stage. Looking ahead, we note that betting at the legislative level is already allowed in seven States, and ten more are in thought. However, we suggest starting with the background of sports betting in the United States.

Sports betting in the United States: background

That same prohibitive law was passed in 1992 and popularly called the Bradley Law. The fact is that the idea of passing the Federal PASPA law belonged to New Jersey Congressman Bill Bradley, who came to politics from sports. In his youth, the democrat was a professional basketball player. The sports past convinced the politician that betting on sports events should be strictly and without alternative prohibited. His goals were good – to protect athletes from the temptation to organize match-fixing.

In the world, there is a practice of working so-called sports lotteries. In fact, this is a hybrid type of lottery and betting, which is now practiced in China, where all gambling operations are prohibited, except for lottery operations. During the time of the American ban, this type of lottery was popular in Delaware, Oregon, and Montana. A similar system now operates in Ukraine (TOTO lotteries).

It is significant that in may 2018, the US supreme court ruling did not just overturn the Federal ban, but declared it unconstitutional. The underlying problem was that the American system assumed the state's right to self-determination in the broadest sense of the word, and PASPA leveled this right.

Another interesting fact is that despite the ban, sports betting has been legal in Nevada for 26 years.

It should be mentioned that Donald Trump had an influence on the abolition of PASPA, who even before his official election as head of state stated that bets in the United States should be allowed.

The United States is 51 States in one, so the rules regarding betting in them can vary significantly.

First among equals: Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

Several States were so well prepared to lift the ban on sports betting that they legalized it almost immediately after the court's decision. We are talking about Mississippi and West Virginia.

Separately, I would like to explain the phenomenon of Pennsylvania in this issue. In this state, laws that legalize betting were passed under an accelerated procedure, but under such strict conditions that the market here will probably not be able to realize its full potential. The license here costs $10 million, and the tax rate is 36%. Since other States offer a more loyal environment for operators, Pennsylvania's permit is more like a veiled ban.

New Jersey, a state that has been troubled by Nevada's laurels for years, is ready to pit its Atlantic-City against Las-Vegas at any moment. This feature is even more pronounced in the issue of sports betting. New Jersey actively lobbied for the repeal of the ban, was the first to legalize mobile apps for sports betting and, despite the low tax rate of 9%, is the leader in terms of tax revenue from betting operations.

Tribal gambling and betting operations

Michigan is a state where gambling is the prerogative of native American tribes. At the moment, there is no final decision on the legalization of sports betting, only native Americans can organize activities. However, the local legislature is considering legislation that would significantly expand the scope of the sports betting industry. The draft law provides for the legalization of bets not only in land-based PPS, but also remotely, as well as in the format of mobile versions. The tax rate for tribal organizations will be fixed at 8%, and for other operators will be 11.25%. It is planned that each bookmaker will be allowed to launch one site to provide remote services.

Kentucky-act comprehensively

State legislators decided to legalize not only sports betting, but also online poker and fantasy sports.

You can accept bids not only offline, but also through special websites and mobile apps. The cost of the betting license will be $1 million, the annual fee will be $50 thousand. the Tax rate will be set in the range from 10 to 14%.

According to preliminary estimates, the state budget will receive at least $20 million from the legalization of the above operations. Thus, local authorities plan to eliminate the lack of funding for important social projects.

Rhode Island-on the front line


Rhode island has its own peculiarity: bookmaking is practiced here on the basis of gambling establishments.

Rhode-Island legalized sports betting in the first rows, and residents of the state were able to place bets on sports six months after the cancellation of PASPA. Later, additional rules were adopted that allow you to launch the mobile app and place bets remotely.

Sports betting: enemies and problems

The main concern of opponents of the idea of legalizing sports betting operations is the risk of spreading match-fixing and a boom in gambling addiction. Therefore, both the first and the second are trying to minimize, providing for mandatory deductions in favor of sports teams and for the treatment of ludomania.

In addition, most States impose restrictions on the placement of ground-based GPS near social, medical, educational, and spiritual institutions.

Mobile gambling apps are no longer a breakthrough, they are a time requirement for the gambling industry, but not all States are ready to allow them. It is believed that mobile and remote betting can contribute to the spread of gambling addiction.

Another important element of legislative regulation is the definition of the player identification process. The latter is necessary in order to protect minors from participating in sports betting operations. For example, users in many States first need to visit a land-based sports betting point to confirm their identity, and only then will they be allowed to place bets via the Internet or mobile apps.


The sports betting industry in the United States is developing rapidly, demonstrating not only impressive financial results, but also that legalization, based on the popularity of the industry, was one of the public needs. At the same time, each state in its own way delimits the limits of what is allowed, fights challenges and calculates profits. Meanwhile, the wind of change continues to fill the sails of the us sports betting industry.

Recall that the full legalization of sports betting in the United States, according to analysts, could replenish the state budget by $400 billion annually.

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Useful Materials

How to choose an online casino

Opening an online casino is considered to be quite an attractive type of business. Dozens of gambling establishments open and close on the Internet every week, or even every day.When choosing a casino, you need to pay attention to a number of important factors, as a rule, inexperienced players do not know about them.

Methods for choosing the best online casino

If you need to choose the best online casino, first of all you need to pay attention to one of the most important factors, namely the possibility of accepting players from the country where the gamer is located, as well as read reviews about payments (what documents are needed for financial transactions, what is the minimum withdrawal amount, etc.). Only then can you learn about the work of the customer support service, the attractiveness of the institution, choose the design and other factors that do not affect the game. In fact, there are relatively few important factors.

The casino serves players from the right country

First of all, even before the registration procedure, you need to find out from which countries the casino accepts players. In many countries, gambling is severely restricted or banned on their territory. But, as practice has shown, not all countries close their casinos completely. In addition, not all countries can somehow influence online gambling business if the site is not registered in their territory. However, in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts, many gambling establishments made concessions and stopped accepting players from countries with restrictions on gambling.

If a player registers on a gambling site that is prohibited in their country, and their administration gives them the opportunity to play, then it is necessary to take into account that in case of winning, the security service may require not only documents confirming their identity, but also information about their place of residence for the withdrawal operation. As a result, in most cases, the casino refuses to pay and has every right to do so.

Impeccable online casino reputation

Online casinos can be compared to an insurance company. Any person, before choosing an insurance company, is interested in how various expenses are compensated in the event of an insurance event. The only way to find out is to get compensation without unnecessary conflicts. The same situation is with online casinos, the reputation of the institution will be confirmed only when the player wins a large sum and withdraws it as soon as possible, and the administration will not create additional obstacles for this. If the cashout is implemented without problems, then this casino can be dealt with. But statistics say that not everything is so simple and many gaming sites sin by simply deceiving their customers. 

The list of the main ways to cheat a player has long been known to experienced players.

  • The casino's refusal to pay the player a win.
  • Representatives of the casino report that the prize is invalid, as it occurred as a result of a software failure. As a "consolation", the casino can "generously" reward the player with an amount of 10 or 20% of the winnings.
  • The payment conditions are created in such a way that it is more profitable for the player to continue playing with the won funds.
  • The introduction of low limits on the withdrawal of winnings, so players can not withdraw large amounts (perhaps one of the most harmless ways to deceive a player).
  • The delay in withdrawing money for no apparent reason, can be carried out periodic verification of the player's identity and its confirmation, as a result, the payment may be delayed for several days, weeks or even months.
  • Refusal to pay out winnings in other ways.
  • Use of unlicensed gambling games with a low payout ratio. As a rule, these games do not differ much from the licensed versions, and it is incredibly difficult for the player to distinguish a fake.
  • If you attempt to withdraw bonus funds, the casino may cancel them.

For these and some other, more rare, reasons, it is very important to make inquiries about the reputation of an online casino in advance and only then open a gaming account on the site. The GamblingKing team does this work for the players, checking the reputation of the online casinos presented on the site. If the user still decides to check the reputation of the casino in person, go through a bunch of thematic forums and read reviews, visit the casino on a special Internet resource even in this case, it is necessary to take into account that small and little-known casinos very rarely boast reviews of real players, however, the same applies to complaints, because it is not difficult to deceive the user. Although on the other hand, you can become the first customer to leave a complaint, or Vice versa, a positive review that someone may need in the future. It is also worth noting that a large and well-known casino can have a huge number of different reviews, a small part of which will be negative, but the institution really works honestly and openly.



Any online casino that is officially registered operates in accordance with the laws of a particular country or jurisdiction (a territory with a special status). In order to manage an online casino, gambling on the Internet must be legalized in this country. Licenses can be issued either by the government of a country to regulate taxes on gambling of its citizens (Great Britain, Belgium, Romania, etc.), or by a jurisdiction that seeks to expand its business to an international one, such as Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, and others. If an online casino refuses to pay out winnings, you can file a complaint with the regulator that issued the license to the institution. Just in this case, it is possible to clearly see how important it is to choose an online casino based on the license issued to it. A bona fide regulator will almost always protect the casino's side, but at the same time it needs to objectively assess the situation with each officially filed complaint. If serious violations are found, the regulator can revoke the license, depriving the casino of its custody and the ability to continue working.

In practice, there are cases when the official website of the regulator does not have any form for filing a complaint. Regulators such as the Seychelles, Anjouan, Panama and Costa Rica are guilty of this disadvantage. In case of disputes, players have no chance to do anything and protect themselves if the casino license is issued by these jurisdictions. There are also regulators who, in principle, can help, but their influence is so insignificant that it will not be possible to achieve justice. Such regulators include the jurisdictions of Curacao and Gibraltar. The most stringent and authoritative regulators are the gambling control commissions of Malta, the Isle of man, the UK and Alderney. It is possible to achieve justice with such organizations without problems, since they objectively and honestly evaluate controversial issues.

Withdrawal of large amounts when playing at high stakes

Withdrawal of large amounts

Again, an example with an insurance company will be useful. It is unlikely that there will be a person who will choose an insurance company to insure their property or home for less than the market value. Such people are not found, at least in a sober mind and memory. If you choose a similar insurance company, then in the event of an insurance event (a house burned down, for example), the company's accounts simply will not have the necessary amount to pay and long-term litigation will begin. This is at best, at worst, the company may be declared bankrupt, and the client will not see any money at all.

The situation is identical with online casinos. Sooner or later, it may happen that a player wins a large amount in a small casino, but this does not mean that he will withdraw this money. This is not good for the casino, and most likely the player will try to cheat and not pay money. Also, there are often cases when the casino simply does not have the necessary amount. However, this case can not say whether the casino is honest or dishonest, it does not have the opportunity to pay the winnings.

Experienced players know that certain models of slot machines have a fairly high variance, which makes it possible to increase the bet by 5 000 times if there is a win. For example, if the initial bet is 40 euros, the prize will be 200,000 euros. It is not profitable for some casinos to set betting limits, since in this case it is not possible to get large amounts from wealthy clients. Bona fide establishments set a cashout limit, thereby bypassing this point. At least, this is fair to the players, it is possible to immediately understand that the casino does not have a large amount, and the withdrawal of funds can be significantly delayed, in some cases for a year or more. But with unscrupulous casinos, the situation is different, since such gambling establishments do not solve such problems at all, their principle of operation is simple: hope and wait that no one will ever hit the jackpot in their casino, and also contribute to this in every possible way.

It is always necessary to assess the financial stability of the casino before registering on a particular site. You should not rely solely on the worst case scenario, you should hope for the best and even better know that if luck smiles in a 5 000 increase in the bet on the slot machine, the casino will be able to pay such a win. Also, before starting the game, you need to know and understand that in the event of a win that the casino does not want to pay, the mental state will remain normal.

Also, before playing, you need to know what the casino's withdrawal limit is. Otherwise, if the winnings amount to, for example, several hundred thousand dollars, then in the case of restrictions on withdrawal, say several thousand per month, the withdrawal period may be delayed for several years. During these years, the casino may be declared bankrupt and most of the winnings may not be received at all. To facilitate such a difficult choice, the GamblingKing team evaluates the financial stability of the casino on the site, presenting all the restrictions on withdrawal.

Favorite casino games

For sure, many players have some specific, most favorite games or one game. This means that the choice of casino will be determined largely by the presence of this game in the list of content. On the site you can find a list of manufacturers whose games are represented by a particular online casino. Players have different tastes and preferences in games. Many people prefer more classic casino games, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and some others. If you like table games of this type, it is best to choose a casino that can offer different versions of these games. If classic table games are not a priority, many casinos offer other games in a wide range. For example, in addition to the classic variants, the casino offers a roulette with two balls and a jackpot, a roulette with two balls and additional bets. Some people may like games with live dealers.

But the most popular category of games that most users prefer are slot machines. By and large, the difference between online casinos comes down to the number of games they offer. The casino can also offer various instant lotteries called scratch cards. for some reason, they are not particularly popular with casino operators. If the player does not have their favorite game, then the free demo mode of any slot or table game will help to decide on the choice, except for games with live dealers. For each game, there is a list of casinos where you can find this content.

Communication in the casino in your native language

Many online casino operators translate the site into many languages. Of course, the exception is for country-specific establishments, in which case support is provided in a specific language. This is especially true for players who do not speak English, for such users, support for their native language will be very useful. In addition, it is much easier to understand the terms of service and casino rules in the user agreement in your native language. In your native language, you can easily find or get answers to important questions, resolve disputes, and do not need to use the services of friends or an online translator.

Qualified support service

Visiting a casino sometimes there are questions related to bonuses, rules, site conditions, etc.and you need to get answers to them. To do this, almost any casino has a support service, whose professionalism is often characterized as "the faster the better". Ideally, the live chat support service works without weekends and holidays, around the clock. We do not recommend choosing a casino that uses email or phone numbers to contact support staff. In the first case, after writing your message, the player can wait for several days for a response, in the second case, you can not get through at all.

Attractive and generous bonuses


Online casinos can't do without using all sorts of promotions and bonuses, thereby attracting new customers. In addition, the correct use of the received bonuses can help save a certain amount that is spent on gambling. Some users manage to carry out various frauds with bonuses, getting additional profit. It is great when the player is not new to the online casino, in this case, when new bonuses appear, you can demand them, even if it is not about abuse. There is a wide variety of bonuses, depending on their variety, they can limit the cashout, or they will be credited only after the account is replenished (an excellent example is the welcome Deposit bonus, which is awarded immediately after the player registers and makes a Deposit). As a rule, for the most part, the welcome bonus is the full amount of the Deposit to the account. In General, bonuses will be limited in bets, in addition, it will not be possible to take and simply withdraw bonus funds as a normal win, before this you need to fulfill the wager conditions, i.e. win back this amount a certain number of times.

Easy site navigation and nice design

As the saying goes: meet on clothes. So with online casinos, the first visit to the casino creates a General impression. This will determine whether the user will continue to visit this gambling establishment. Moreover, even if the site does not function well, the player may not pay attention to it, if the site is nicely decorated. As a rule, large online casinos are almost always high-tech and highly developed websites. Therefore, web page design is often one of the ways to successfully compete between operators. An example of what a modern gambling site should look like is MrGreen casino, a great place with a modern design and easy navigation, adapted for both large and small screens of mobile devices. In contrast to professionally developed sites, smaller casinos with Amateur sites are set up. they are often developed by the same Amateur team of programmers using a low budget. Be that as it may, it is not necessary to draw conclusions about online casinos based only on the first impression of the website design.

Games for mobile devices

The online gambling industry does not stand still and develops as technology develops. Now, in an era when smartphones and tablets have become indispensable human assistants, fans of gambling entertainment also prefer mobile devices to a personal computer, because you can play your favorite games literally anywhere, without having to depend on wires and a stationary PC. Why sit behind it if you can lie on the sofa and play on your smartphone. Thus, games will always be at hand, you can play on trips, and breaks at school or work. That is why the availability of mobile games for online casinos has already become a standard that characterizes the quality of a gambling establishment.

Depositing and withdrawing funds

Depositing and withdrawing funds

Before choosing an online casino, you also need to pay attention to the situation with the possibility of withdrawing winnings and adding funds to your account. What fees are charged for a transfer to a debit card, and how long it takes to make a withdrawal on average. In any case, please note that Bank transfers are the slowest and can take up to seven business days. Players, even beginners, already understand that the fastest way to cash out is to use electronic payment systems, so-called e-wallets. 

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Useful Materials

History of formation of the first bookmakers

All the best gambling entertainment that we have today, or at least the first, simpler analogues were invented long before the concepts of "bettor", "favorite", "upstreak", etc. The Gambling King team will tell the reader about the first bookmakers that laid the Foundation for the currently existing major brands.

The first mention of an organized bookmaking

horse race

In 1512, the first official horse race was held in Great Britain. Back then, betting was also popular, but only in a friendly competitive environment. In a more organized format that includes a financial component, bookmaking began its journey in the 19th century.

Bookmaking owes its development in most cases to racetracks. According to the gambling act of 1845, the only available gambling game was betting on horse racing. On special excursion trains, people came to the racetracks, hoping to earn money or just watch a sports event.

By the way, the SRO "Association of bookmakers" held a meeting because of the threat to the operation of betting points.

A wave of excitement swept over the local population and became the reason that in 1739 the authorities created and passed a law on gambling, which included measures aimed at keeping part of the population from participating in bets. As a result, only representatives of the rich population received the right to do so. In 1766, a notable person, Richard Tattersall, began holding auctions of thoroughbred horses in his coffee shop, and bids were also made there.
In the 18th century, the largest racetrack was the Jockey Club, created by Richard Tattersall, who made a revolutionary breakthrough not only in equestrian sports, but also in betting. At that time, certain standards were already in effect, according to which visitors placed bets. 

They gained wider popularity when it was decided to expand them to other events:

  • dog race;
  • cock fight;
  • endurance races and time trials;
  • different pub games;
  • boxing;
  • walking races;
  • coin tosses.

The introduction of the coefficients

introduction of the coefficients

The ancestor of modern bookmaking in a more complete sense of the term is considered to be Harry Ogden. In the 18th century, in the town of Newmarket Heath, it was this man who came up with the idea of introducing fixed odds on all horses in specific races. Many of the rules formulated by Harry still apply today. For example, painting coefficients in the form of fractions or over-round-percentages, which are the norm of profitability of the bookmaker. Before it, bets were generally accepted only on one favorite against the field. Ogden, in turn, offered to distribute the odds for each specific horse. When distributing chances and evaluating the probability of success, he took into account the results of horses in previous races.

The first bookmaker

According to some sources, the first full-fledged legal bookmaker was created in 1850 in England by Leviathan Davis and Fred Swindell. At that time, the term "honest bookmaking" was used, and as a method of self-promotion, the now well-known marketing technique of posting ads in public places was used. The founders posted "flyers with chances" for the event all over the city. It is possible that at that time the coefficients created by Harry Ogden were already being used in full force. After about 30 years, the bookmaking experience was transferred to the rest of Europe, as well as to the United States and Russia.

Growing popularity

The founder of the largest company of the same name, William Hill, opened his betting office in 1934. At the time, most bets were banned in England, but he took advantage of a loophole in the law regarding "bets on credit". The main success he gained thanks to the trust of bettors, as he always fulfilled all the responsibilities for payments. In 1944, he became the first bookmaker to offer fixed bets on football.

In 1901, the British government decided to introduce a tax on rates and began a program to regulate this activity. The number of arrests for illegal betting soared, and in 1906, as a compromise measure and to combat problem gambling, the authorities decided to restrict the interaction of players with bookmakers and introduced special mail boxes through which bettors could carry out transactions.

The conservative government of Harold Macmillan made bookmakers legal under the betting and gambling act of 1960, and measures were taken to ensure that bookmakers themselves were as honest as possible. The first largest offices in the UK at that time were Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral and Paddy Power in Ireland. This period was the beginning of the widespread opening of betting shops throughout the country. By 1970, about 15,000 betting rooms had been opened.

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Gambling news

Technology trends in casino

The previously popular slogan that advertising is the engine of progress is losing its relevance. Now the ball is ruled by innovation. Read the article from Gambling King about modern technological trends that are being implemented in the global gambling industry.

The challenge of modernity or technological trends of casinos: world practice 

Over the past few years, the requests of Internet users and visitors to gambling establishments have changed their vector qualitatively. Now it is not enough for the client to simply draw beautifully drawn games in the slot room or several types of roulette – they need to be surprised. So, as a combination of the two strongest sides of both segments of the gambling business, games with live dealers appeared. These solutions attract a modern audience, because thanks to them, a player can sit at home and be a participant in a game of poker with a professional dealer, and the deal will be broadcast from a real casino.

In addition to directly improving the quality of the product provided, the industry also seeks to improve the conditions in which the visitor can enjoy gambling with greater comfort. So, they plan to introduce local climate control systems, which, being built into the slot machine, will provide the optimal mode of operation of the hood, and as a result, the client will be able to smoke without interrupting the game process.

Experts note that the success of modern gambling operators directly depends on how ready they are to implement technological innovations in their work. We have prepared an overview of the most advanced ideas for the technologization of the global gambling industry.

Food quality tracking system: Macau

The American company TransAct Technologies Inc, which is a supplier of technological solutions for the gambling industry, recently announced that Macau's casino resorts are planning to implement a food quality monitoring system. This is the first time such an idea has been implemented in the Asia-Pacific region.
The essence of the system called BOHA is that it creates a common information pool about the company's food, control and compliance with the temperature regime in which products are stored, as well as food labeling. In addition, the software stores data on product delivery times and monitors compliance with standards. According to preliminary data, the software can be implemented within four months.

Hologram-coated chips: Italy


The Italian company Abbiati Casino Equipment Srl, which promotes innovative products in the field of currency casinos, has introduced a range of Tie chips with holograms to protect against fraud. The presentation took place at the Gaming Expo 2019 in Macau.

It is believed that the hologram coating on casino chips does not leave a chance for fraudsters, since it is almost impossible to copy.

The holographic effect is created using semi-transparent fractals on the chip sticker. The structure of this effect is extremely difficult to reproduce.
The owners of the solution developer company are the Abbiati family, who live in Turin, Italy. According to the information published on the website, their company has been supplying its technological solutions to gambling establishments around the world for more than 30 years.

Updated standards for electronic kiosks

Electronic kiosks are equipment that can be used both in slot machine halls and in full-fledged gambling establishments. They are designed to provide a range of customer services. For example, using such equipment, you can check the number of points accumulated by a visitor or provide remote interaction with various customer service departments working within the same gambling center.

The American company GLI has developed a new system of standards for such equipment, designed on the basis of practical application of the systems.

GLI is positioned as a leader in testing and certifying gaming slots offered in interactive casinos, as well as mobile gambling applications. The company also does testing for the lottery industry.

It is believed that the standards developed by GLI allow you to competently design and implement innovative technologies for the equipment of gambling establishments, while saving not only financial, but also time resources.

A game that simulates horse racing – Fortune Cup

Fortune Cup

The game's distributor for the horse racing industry is Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings Ltd, or APE. Development belongs to Konami. It was first tested in two of the largest casinos in Macau.
Fortune Cup combines the mechanics of traditional arcade racing with sophisticated digital betting technology. The game is equipped with a 274-centimeter wide track with eight horse figures. The mechanism involves the presence of 12 touch terminals, through which players can make bets, view the coefficients of participants in races, and get acquainted with the statistics of the race.

The innovation involves the presence of a huge screen for real-time sports broadcasting. In addition, users can not only enjoy viewing, but also hear qualified comments from professionals during the competition.

Experts say that the game has the potential to become the most popular in the Macao market this year. At the moment, there are no analogues of the game.


The gambling industry is developing at an accelerated pace, but users ' appetites tend to increase exponentially. Therefore, in order to gain leadership positions or attract a new segment of the audience, it is necessary to follow technological trends, and even better-to be their Creator.

Recall that in August 2019, Macau's GGR declined by 9%. Experts believe that one of the main reasons for the fall in economic indicators is the trade war between the US and China.

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Slot machines (slots)

Novomatic, IGT and Aristocrat

The editorial Board of Gambling King has prepared a traditional reference and analytical review material about slot machines from leading developers. Further in the article-detailed information about video slots from Novomatic, IGT and Aristocrat companies.

Novomatic company with a new Sizzling Gold slot

Sizzling Gold

This time, the company did not depart from the proven principles of development and released a 5-line version of the game classic Golden Seven. In the presentation video published on the official Novomatic website, we see a slot with five reels. As the design of the drum, a fruit theme is selected here – plums, grapes, watermelons, lemons, strawberries, oranges and cherries, the number 7 and a star also appear. The video slot works on the NovoLine platform. Information on loans and rates is placed in the lower playing field. There is also a Start and Auto Start button. At the bottom of the center you can find a window with the winning amount.

The Bonus Wheel Triple Diamond from IGT

Bonus Wheel Triple Diamond

Floor slot designed for playing "live". There are three reels and nine paylines available. There are bonuses and three progressive levels. When the bonus is triggered, three reels spin. The first and fifth virtual reels differ from the others in their animation function.
At the top of the screen is a virtual wheel that gives the game extra excitement due to credit fluctuations and coefficients. Various bonuses are scattered across the reels. On the third reel the bonus is represented with arrows. 

Among the specific ones we can distinguish:

  • bonus for additional spin of the reel. To get it you need to make all nine lines;
  • rotation of one, two or three reels;
  • if a specific wheel rotation is counted, the left and right animation wheels will start spinning. Credits are awarded for this;
  • if two reels are counted, then one of the physical reels will rotate to get credit, and the virtual one will also rotate so that the player will additionally get credit for accruing a progressive value or multiplier. The results of the two reels will be combined to get the final credit amount;
  • if three reels are counted, each of the two non-virtual reels will award credit amounts, which in turn are added to the results of the virtual reel.

The game includes Triple Diamond symbols that can be combined to get bigger wins.

Timber Wolf Grand Glass III slot machine manufactured by Aristocrat

Timber Wolf Grand Glass III

According to the developer, the slot machine was released on April 3, 2018. The version of the slot machine is the latest addition to the Grand Series Aristocrat. The Timber Wolf Grand is based on the Arc Double and has two curved 42-inch touch-sensitive LCD screens that are high-definition with a 5.1 stereo sound version. The ergonomic design and improved graphics capabilities make the game even more spectacular.
Timber Wolf Grand offers 2000 different ways to win. At the same time, progressive multipliers and high-paying Wolf symbols provide even more opportunities. The Wheel feature saves the Grand Series bonus and also provides free spins and progressive jackpots. The Timber Wolf Grand feature does not stop until the player wins a bonus in free games. This gives you an additional opportunity to win multiple jackpots in a single bonus event.

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Useful Materials

Myths about casinos and gambling

Before starting a substantive conversation, it is worth making a lyrical digression and focusing readers ' attention on whether some of the myths or prejudices against gambling establishments, especially those related to the fraudulent advantage of gambling houses, have objective grounds.

The fact is that the tradition of organizing gambling, especially on the European continent, has a long and sometimes not very bright history. If the immediate birth of gambling was a progressive step, the temporary bans on them that existed in almost all countries of Europe and even in America, left a negative imprint on the reputation of the industry.

The ban on official gambling operations is almost always accompanied by the appearance of underground institutions. This is evidenced not only by historical facts, but also by current situations. Despite the fact that most underground institutions, at least hundreds of years ago, used a closed system, without uniform rules of operation, developed and controlled by the state, a transparent market could not be obtained.

It turned out that the shadow gambling business discredited the work of already legalized gambling houses for many years. This is the reason for the main myth-everything is rigged in the casino. Read about him and the others below.

Casino games-rigged

The main guarantee of fair gaming in the casino is the legal grounds on which the operator offers services to visitors. In this case, its activities are under the watchful eye of the gambling regulator. The latter, as a rule, conducts a special examination of gambling equipment and certifies it. As a result, the operator does not have any opportunities for fraud.

If an online casino is legalized in a jurisdiction, the latter offer services with the mandatory use of a random number generator (RNG). The technology ensures that what happens on a computer monitor or smartphone screen displays exactly the same thing that would happen in real life. This computer algorithm ensures that all spins of the reels, card deals, or dice rolls are completely random.

In order to convince players that the online casino works fairly, as well as to recreate the work of land-based gambling establishments, operators began to implement the option of live casinos, or casinos with live dealers. Read more in our article.

The winner is the one who catches good luck by the tail

Fatalism about luck in gambling establishments is overstated. A gambling house is a place in which mathematics is, if not the dominant position, then it is definitely very important.
It is worth noting here that from a mathematical point of view, a gambling establishment always has a slight statistical advantage. It is formed separately for each gambling game. The bottom line is that in the long run, the casino will receive more funds than it paid out to players as a prize. This fact ensures the profitability of gambling houses. In the short term, various options are possible. To protect themselves, players can choose to play games of chance in which the casino advantage is least noticeable, or participate in those where the result depends not only on fortune, but also on personal skills, for example, in poker or baccarat.

Situation analysis

It is believed that when playing roulette, the chances of red and black falling out are 50/50, but this is not true. The game has two green cells-zero and double zero. Their presence reduces the chances of falling out of a particular color to 47.4%.

Many players believe that they will be able to see the pattern where it is not. The point is to draw attention to the fact, which the gambling equipment was won or lost. However, it should be understood that even if the last 20 winning numbers in roulette were black, it is not a fact that the same color will fall on the 21st. In this respect, the advantage is entirely given to luck and to his Majesty chance.

To calculate the odds, you need a huge time period, almost no player spends such a number of hours in a gambling establishment.


The Internet often offers "one hundred percent profitable systems" that are nothing more than fraud. In fact, it is difficult to imagine a more or less coherent system that captures the features of the gsch. The only thing that can be really useful for the player is a clear setting of limits on money and time spent. The latter will also ensure a responsible approach to gambling and avoid addiction. Read our separate article on how to recognize the first signs of gambling addiction.

Players are under the control of the casino security service

casino security service

Gambling houses do take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of visitors. For this purpose, there are General and private rules that regulate the list of items that can not be entered in the casino under any circumstances. However, there are no conditions under which the guard lets the dealer know that the player, taking into account the peculiarities of his facial expressions, loses interest, is ready to leave the hall and it is necessary to "organize" a winning round. Any interference with the operation of gambling equipment in a casino is illegal.

If you suffer for a long time…  

There is a myth that if you sit at the table for a long time, you will definitely win. As mentioned earlier, we are talking about time intervals that are many times higher than the average game sessions. In addition, each individual game presented in the casino is a statistically independent system.

It is illegal to count cards

count cards

Gambling houses do not welcome card counting, but this does not make the latter a fraudulent or illegal action. In fact, the player can use any strategy that does not interfere with the gameplay. But the classic example of fraud in a casino is the marking or marking of cards.

Repetition is very important thing

Life teaches us to believe that the hard work leads to the honing of skills. This is true in many aspects. This often happens when learning a language, mastering driving skills, or any other skills necessary for professional activity. Indeed, it is possible to study the strategy of poker game or competent to play blackjack. However, in the case of a gambling game like roulette, the amount of time spent on it does not matter at all. Practice will not help with slot machines, baccarat, lottery draws, or dice games.

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Poker rooms reviews

Best poker rooms

Poker is a global game. Despite the stereotype that this is an American way of spending time, poker is actually played all over the world, and the times when this game was associated only with Texas cowboys have sunk into oblivion. Gambling King presents an overview of poker rooms that have won the recognition of world players.

First of all, you should understand what criteria are used to evaluate the best poker rooms and what they are. What do players pay attention to? Service, friendliness of the staff, hospitality of the institution-everyone has their own requirements. However, Gambling King will try to determine which poker clubs have received a high rating from experienced players.

Best poker rooms – online or land-based?

It is worth noting that, as with any other form of gambling, there are land-based poker rooms, as well as interactive ones. We should not forget about the current legislation. For example, in Russia, poker is allowed only in gambling zones, the ban also applies to interactive casinos, while, for example, players from Georgia or other countries can use the online poker room service.

Rating of poker rooms – online segment

online segment

Which online poker room is considered the best? If we talk about interactive poker rooms, Asian poker rooms have been gaining popularity recently. They have several key features – a weak field of players, a personal Manager for each poker player, and a rakeback of about 40%. The fact is that interactive poker for Asian players is a kind of innovation, so they are not yet professionals in this field. This category of players sees poker only as leisure and entertainment. In turn, strong players tend to use this fact to their advantage.
However, Asian interactive poker rooms are not like the usual ones. They are a mobile application that uses conditional virtual chips for the game. In this case, they can be converted into real money through special affiliates. All these aspects are explained to the player by the personal manager.

These poker rooms are a kind of "loophole" in the law banning gambling for Asians. Which poker room is better – land-based or online? It's a matter of everyone's taste. The first method is convenient because the game does not need to go anywhere or go, just go to the app and quench your thirst for excitement.

These are three reasons why players from all over the world choose Asian poker rooms.

Which poker room is better? Ground segment

ground poker room

However, many players believe that the best poker room is an offline institution. The most popular are American poker rooms.

One of the most popular land – based establishments – FireKeepers Casino-is located in the state of Michigan. According to player reviews, it can be considered a kind of hidden gem. This is a tribal casino. Players appreciate it because poker is given a special place here. In addition, FireKeepers Casino often hosts tournaments with impressive prize funds.

FireKeepers hold MSPT tournaments twice a year. In addition, it often organizes its own competitions, in which players from neighboring States participate.

Next in the list of top poker rooms is Harrah's Cherokee casino. It is located in the state of North Carolina. In addition to poker, the casino offers many other gambling games. There is also a conference center, a concert hall with 3,000 seats, several restaurants, bars and shops, a bowling alley, a hall with slot machines, and much more. As for poker, when the hall first opened a few years ago, it consisted of several tables for live games and so-called virtual tables. But now the entire poker room is live poker. There are 20 tables that are often occupied during the week and are constantly filled on weekends.

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European roulette-rules of the game

Roulette is considered to be the most popular game of all offered in the casino, and it is unlikely that any other game can compare with it in popularity. In this article you will learn what European roulette is and what pitfalls exist in this game. The main task of the player is to predict which of the numbered slots the ball will stop on. Here everything depends not only on intuition, but also on specific rules.  

Is it possible to win at European roulette?

The largest number of roulettes is concentrated in the Venetian casino in Macau. This is more than 120 tables, including additional VIP rooms.

European roulette is a game with about a dozen bets, each of which has a chance to win.

One of the types of bets is external, that is, on sectors that are placed on the outside of the roulette wheel. In other words, these are bets on equal chances. These include bets on red/black, small/large, column or dozen, even or odd. The payout for such bets is lower, but the probability of winning is higher than for internal bets. Recommendations from experts: no matter how much beginners would like to bet on a large amount, it is better to avoid this temptation.

The number of different techniques, strategies and techniques here exceeds tens or even hundreds, but not all are highly effective. The best scheme for winning is the "Red" system. The strategy assumes that in the 3rd column on the betting table there are eight red sectors with numbers and four black sectors. You need to make two bets: for example, five tokens on the 3rd column and 10-for insurance – on the black color.
The options that may appear will be as follows:

  • If the red sector falls on the 3rd column, you automatically win by betting on the 3rd column, but lose by betting on black. Simply put, the winning amount will be zero.
  • If one of the black sectors of the 3rd column falls out, the player remains in the black for the column bet and the black bet.
  • If the red sector placed in the first or second column falls out, the participant loses two bets and loses one and a half bets.
  • If the black sector or the second column falls out, the player loses half the sum for the column bet, but wins the black bet. Thus, it is in the black by half a sum from its original bid.
  • It is unlikely, but there is a chance of the ball falling on sector 0. Then the participant loses both bets and one and a half more bets on top.

European roulette: rules

European roulette: rules

When playing European roulette in a real casino, there must be no more than eight players at the table, each of whom is fighting a battle against the casino. All participants have chips of different colors, so as not to get confused in the bets.

The dealer is responsible for the course of the game and the turn of the roulette wheel. Its tasks also include throwing the ball, announcing the winning number, and paying the winners the required amount. The croupier decides when the players finish their bets.

Online roulette is popular in the international field. In this game, there are no other participants at the table. The battle takes place with a special program that is controlled by a random number generator, ensuring the integrity of the result.

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Offline casino

The modern gambling market knows no borders, so representatives of different countries and cultures often meet in gambling establishments. As a result, there may be dramatic differences in mentality even among visitors who speak the same language. Therefore, guests should be united not only by the rules of the game, but also by ethical standards.

Ethics as one of the methods of communication in casino

Ethics in this case is the basis for full-fledged communication "player-staff" and "player-player". Ignorance or disregard for ethical standards can lead to misunderstandings and false attitudes about the situation. About the rules of ethics in most gambling establishments - in our article.

rules of behavior

Some rules taken from everyday life can be especially important in a gambling establishment environment.

  • When a client sits down to play poker and decides on a big bet, the level of value of what is happening increases at times, and from this point on, stress resistance also plays an important role. Ethics at the poker table will help save money, because it involves restraint in emotions, gestures and facial expressions. In other words, it is not about "Poker face" by force, but about refraining from particularly harsh comments towards the dealer or opponent.
  • It is not recommended to rush the opponent at the table or give him a specific time for which you need, for example, to make a bet. In the opposite case, it will be perceived as an element of pressure, which is taken very seriously when a lot of money is involved in the game.
  • You must exit the draw correctly, warning about this in advance. In each particular institution, it is recommended to clarify about the so-called hit-and – run-a case when a player immediately leaves the game table after a large pot. The best option is a warning about leaving during the draw in the last betting round, when there are still 20 minutes of play ahead.
  • In some casinos, a comment may be made if the player has entered his seat from the dealer's side. It is also considered a bad move if one of the guests looks behind the other's back or comes too close from the back. This behavior can be regarded as fraud and banal peeping into other people's cards.
  • When playing slots, you should not take places where someone's belongings are left.
  • It is important to remember that in some casinos, a gesture system is also assumed during the game. In order not to get into an embarrassment and not slow down the process, it is better to familiarize yourself with the rules in advance.
  • Some croupiers disapprove of players who take cards with two hands instead of one after dealing them. Especially anxious guests may regard this as cheating and make claims.
  • You should be careful about tips in the gambling environment. At the very least, a person may think that they are being belittled because they are being given advice. As a maximum, if the Council is accepted and then lost, the charges may be directed towards the adviser. It is important to take a responsible approach to this issue. The best solution is to ask if you can make a recommendation about the game.

In many ways, the principles of ethics are the same and transferred to gambling from everyday life, in which they also do not take up space in transport if someone's thing is lying there, or do not look into someone else's smartphone when they are forced to stand next to it. When visiting a casino in Europe or Asia, you should adhere to the norms of local culture, so as not to provoke a conflict situation. Even if the native does not understand the language of the foreigner, it is always more likely that he will perceive the guest positively if he shows him that he knows and supports the local norms of behavior.

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Sports betting

There is a lot of information on how to place bets. Bookmakers often offer a wide list of events classified by sport, as well as by specific leagues or Championships. The player must select the match of interest and place a bet on one of the options for the final result. It is allowed to bet both on standard outcomes, for example, the victory of one of the teams, and on less popular ones – the number of penalties, corners, etc.

Betting companies take care of their reputation and sometimes exceed the expectations of their clients. For example, Paddy Power in 2010 announced payments to those who bet on Felipe Massa winning the German Grand Prix, given that he took 2nd place. And some UK bookmakers paid players who bet that the Irish team would be eliminated from the 2010 world Cup. Once, Charlize Theron even joked about it during the draw ceremony.

sports betting tips

How do I bid without draining the budget? You must carefully follow the strategy. You should not play only in those competitions that have a high coefficient. This can not only empty the wallet, but also leave a negative message from the betting company itself.

Before making sports bets correctly, you need to read the latest news about the selected teams, find out the statistics of the games and only after agreeing on all the nuances, you can place a bet. Sports events are full of surprises that are not easy to predict, but understanding the statistics increases the chances of saving funds and, quite possibly, a happy outcome for the BC client.

How to place bets for a beginner and is it possible to learn?

Here are five main tips that we believe will help you place bets for beginners:

  1. It is not recommended to play all-in. It is best to divide your game budget into several parts. So you can at least not lose all the money.
  2. Only a thorough analysis of the game can increase the chances of winning a bet in any sport.
  3. No rush. It is much more rational to think through all the nuances than to make hasty conclusions and put on the first team that comes along. You should not play in live mode if you do not understand what is happening. It is also not recommended to play for big money – it should be remembered that this is entertainment, not a way to earn money.
  4. Quick wagering is the key to failure. Before placing bets for a newbie, it is best to weigh the pros and cons, and think about the reason for the failures of your favorites.
  5. It is not necessary to acquire information about match-fixing, pay-accurate forecasts and a win-win strategy. Count only on your own strength.

The online betting

How do I place bets online? The world wide web offers many sites. Among them there are leaders with high reputation and high coefficients. It is important to remember that in the Russian Federation there are a number of legal operators with the appropriate permission from the regulator to work in the Network. Illegal, that is, unlicensed resources are blocked by Roskomnadzor. Therefore, there is always a choice, the main thing is to know where to place bets on sports in order to support the domestic gambling market and not provide illegal immigrants with a clientele.  

Many offices allow you to put different odds on the same matches, which means that you can find a more profitable option for a specific outcome. There are no significant differences between them, more often you can find a slight difference of 0.5 coefficient. Thus, using only your own knowledge and logical thinking, carefully analyzing what bets to place, you can secure your funds.

If you are a sports fan and don't need finances, this activity will help you brighten up your leisure time. And if you need to give a loan or live up to a salary – this method can only exacerbate financial problems. And most importantly, remember that before you learn how to bet, you need to develop the right attitude to gambling entertainment – this is not a way to earn money.

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Useful Materials

Let's start with the fact that the article is aimed at beginners who are just getting acquainted with gambling for money. Although no one rules out that the publication will be useful for experienced players who have been playing in various casinos for money for a long time. Be that as it may, repeat the basic commandments of the game in the casino game will not be superfluous to anyone. Since the majority of GamblingKing portal visitors prefer online casinos, the article will also focus on online gambling, but some of the tips can be attributed to offline gambling establishments.

How to choose a casino?

Only reliable, verified and licensed online casinos should always be a priority. There is no point in chasing generous bonuses or other equally attractive offers, especially if this is an unknown gambling establishment (as an exception, we can highlight those casinos that are recommended by well-known brands in the gambling industry). There is an article on the GamblingKing portal that explains in detail how to choose an online casino and not run into scammers. It is recommended that you read it carefully before you start playing in any casino.

How to sign up at a casino?

How to sign up

The registration process in the casino is also described in detail in another article. Here we will only remind you that when filling out the questionnaire, you need to be more careful, entering extremely accurate and reliable information about yourself. You do not need to enter deliberately incorrect data, such as an incorrect address. The name should be specified exactly the same as on a Bank card or payment system that will be used for making a Deposit or withdrawing winnings.

Please note that some gambling establishments use a simpler form of registration, but most often this account is used for free games. In order to play for real money, you will most likely have to register again.

Which version of the casino should I choose: the downloadable client or the browser version?

The modern online casino is available in both the browser version and the downloadable client version. It is worth noting that with the development of technologies, the software of many manufacturers that is used in online casinos reaches such a level that the browser version in terms of its functionality and other characteristics (graphics, sound, etc.) practically does not differ from the downloaded SOFTWARE. Therefore, the choice is left solely to the players based on their personal preferences and some other factors. In addition, the majority of online casino operators are beginning to refuse to download applications, since the browser Flash version is much more popular, and the version of the casino for use with mobile devices is becoming even more popular.

Casino bonuses

All online casino customers should know about all kinds of bonuses only that they do not bring any benefit to the player, even in theory and under ideal conditions. Due to the activity of bonus hunting, things are currently in such a way that in the process of wagering bonuses, players will lose more than the amount of the bonus received. Therefore, when choosing bonuses, you need to be able to separate really worthwhile offers from those that will obviously make the player lose. When registering, you must study the conditions for receiving bonuses. It happens that the box about receiving bonuses without the player's participation, i.e. automatically, is already checked by default. If it is not removed, bonuses will be awarded, even if the user did not give consent and does not need them at all. If the bonus is awarded, the player will be forced to win it back, and the conditions under which this happens are not the most favorable for players.

How to make a deposit

You can't make a deposit immediately after registration, you must first read the rules for making a deposit. Then you need to decide which method is the most profitable, which limit is provided, and which commissions are valid. Often, the casino allows you to withdraw funds only in the way that the Deposit was made. Perhaps this will not be the most profitable way for the user, so it is necessary to determine this in advance. There are also bonuses for using a particular payment method, and you should not forget about them. Sometimes they can bring real benefits and benefits.

Free game or real money game

During all the time spent by the GamblingKing portal team on reviews of various online casinos, there was almost no case when players were not offered the opportunity to play not for money, but for interest. As a rule, the free game is not offered only in slot machines with a progressive jackpot (there are exceptions), as well as in Live Casino. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, it is recommended to use it, even if it is a normal at first glance slot machine with simple rules. This is especially true if the slot is still unknown, then it is better to play a little on virtual credits, master the interface, learn the rules, get acquainted with the pay table and the game features. This way you can minimize possible errors that are sometimes too expensive.

How to choose games?

How to choose games?

In the matter of selection of gambling games it is better to focus on their own preferences. You can only advise beginners in the casino, it is better to start with the most simple and well-known games, such as roulette, slot machines and some others. In such games, the player is not required to have special knowledge and skills, as well as making responsible and complex decisions. All you need to know is to choose the most profitable games, with the maximum advantage of the player over the casino. These games include French roulette and slot machines with a high percentage of theoretical returns.

If the choice fell on blackjack or poker, in this case, for an effective result of the game, you must first study the optimal strategies of the game, as well as stock up on certain knowledge, as well as have some experience. By the way, on the GamblingKing portal you can find a lot of recommendations, tips and strategies that will help you play these games successfully.
However, do not forget that any, even the most simple gambling game has its own secrets, there are minor, and there are large ones, if you know them, you are very likely to achieve a certain success and win more often.

How to withdraw winnings?

How to withdraw winnings?

You must withdraw money from your gaming account in accordance with the requirements and rules of a particular online casino. There can't be any minor details here. You need to do everything strictly according to the requirements, so that the casino administration does not have thoughts that they are facing a fraudster. If you have used bonuses, you can withdraw winnings only after the last ones have been wagered. If the security service asks you to present any identity documents, you must do so. To be safe, you can take screenshots of all operations performed. You should not take any actions at random, it is better to contact the support service for help.

Gambling and counteraction

Underestimate the possible dependence on gambling is not necessary, it can happen to literally everyone. Gambling addiction is a rather insidious psychological disease that can overtake any casino player in one way or another. To avoid possible problems with this, it is best to follow some of the recommendations listed below.

if possible, it is better to set limits on the time spent in the game and the amount that can be played;
don't play for more time than originally planned;
if you are offered loans, you must refuse them;
get tested for signs of ludomania;
if you suspect that you are addicted to gambling, do not neglect the help of specialists.

General tips for online casino users

As a conclusion, I would like to recall the most common and well-known recommendations that every casino player should know and follow. For sure, many of them are known without reminders, but are all of them unquestioningly observed?

  • in any case, you can not drink alcoholic beverages during the game in any quantities;
  • before the game, it is better to set a limit of funds for losing or winning, after reaching one or the other the game should be finished;
  • you can't try, at any cost, to win back;
  • you can't borrow money to play;
  • you can't play if it damages your work, family, or health;
  • be able to recognize the signs of developing gambling addiction in time;
  • you need to learn from other people's mistakes and use the experience of professionals;
  • remember - gambling is only a form of entertainment and a pleasant pastime, but it is not the only way to usefully and pleasantly spend your free time.

Let's hope that the above tips and recommendations will be useful and will help you enjoy your stay in the casino more than to be upset. GamblingKing portal never deliberately misleads its readers, we always tell only the truth, even if it is not very pleasant.  

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Daniel Negreanu main

Today, Daniel Negreanu is one of the most famous poker players. He has six WSOP bracelets and two World Poker Tour titles. Crowds of fans are waiting for him in almost every corner of the world, and many Hollywood stars have even taken poker lessons from Daniel Negreanu.  

Professional poker: Daniel Negreanu, his achievements and strategies

Negreanu was born in 1974 in one of the largest Canadian cities – Toronto. Since childhood, Daniel became interested in logic, which later transformed into a favorite activity and a high profit. In high school, the young man began to devote all his free time to poker, and his parents supported him in this business. The boy swapped his studies for poker, never passing the exam for the game. Such a bold decision was later justified, and at the age of 21, the guy moved to the Mecca of gambling – Las Vegas, to take part in tournaments and cash games. But a number of failures caused Daniel to go home to restore the bankroll, but already in the gambling establishments of his native city.

A repeat visit to Vegas in 1997 was a success for him due to winning two World Poker Finals tournaments at once, from where he took the status of "Best all-round player". Fortune was obviously on Daniel's side at that time, so he decided to try his hand at the World Series of Poker. In 1998, the poker player was awarded the WSOP gold bracelet after winning a pot limit hold'em tournament with a $2K buy-in, which brought the player a large sum of $169,460. After a long pause of 5 years, he again decided to participate in the WSOP tournament, this time taking the second bracelet and $100 thousand. at that time, Negreanu was already well-versed in poker and even worked for a gambling institution in Las Vegas, playing at high stakes.

This continued until 2005, when Daniel terminated his contract with his employer, which forbade him to play in other establishments than his own. After that, the canadian creates his own poker room in the Network – Full Contact Poker, where he becomes known under the pseudonym Kid Poker. The room was popular and was successfully sold afterwards.

The peak of Daniel's career came in 2004, when the poker player received another bracelet in a limit hold'em competition. Negreanu won two WPT series tournaments, which eventually brought him $3 million. in the period 2005-2013, he appeared 14 times at the final tables of tournaments, some of them brought him the fourth and fifth WSOP bracelets. During these 8 years, he managed to earn over $7 million. In 2019, he was awarded the title of "Best WSOP Player".

Today Negreanu is one of the best tournament poker players in the world. The player is an official of the leading online poker room and is a member of the team of professional poker players Team PokerStars Pro. And in 2015, Daniel earned $850,000 in live tournaments. In addition, the canadian broadcasts on Twitch under the nickname DNegsPoker, and is filmed on the famous Poker Central channel. Also, the poker player opened a poker school, Daniel Negreanu directly teaches students in it. Finally, he makes a documentary about himself.

Daniel Negreanu: status and latest results

Daniel Negreanu money and titles

Over the course of his poker career, Daniel has earned almost $40 million, won 40 tournaments, collected six WSOP gold bracelets, and entered the prize zone more than 250 times.

Poker player Daniel Negreanu: tips for players

To become a professional, according to Daniel Negreanu, it is important to combine work outside the poker tables with study and practice. This is just as important as playing real poker and getting experience at the tables.

As Daniel Negreanu himself reported, the poker player's lessons and practices should include such processes:

  • Learn at least 20% of the time.
  • Don't stop at just one type of poker.
  • Use modern technologies when playing online poker.
  • The failure to assess objectively.
  • Learn strategies from other poker players.
  • Maintain a detailed report of all income and expense indicators.
  • Train your mind and body for successful performances in long tournaments.

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Gambling news

Activity in any field ultimately bears fruit, the results of which can predict events for the near future. What happened on the gambling market in 2019-read more about the most important news in our article.          

 The main reasons for the fall of the market in Macau


The world gambling center, located in China, transmits news that generally indicates a drop in profitability in the land-based gambling segment and growth in the online sector. Around mid-autumn, the gambling market began to show a clear negative trend.

According to the Bureau of inspection and coordination of gambling establishments, even despite the indicators during the Golden week, revenue volumes decreased by 3.2%. In comparison with 2018, the influx of tourists was higher by 19%. The University of Macau, based on its own research, notes that the percentage of gamblers was the lowest (40.9%) and broke the anti-record set in 2016, when it was equal to 51.5%. Also, according to the city statistics and census service, in November the number of visitors to gambling establishments decreased by 10.9%, compared with the same period in 2018.

Golden week in China is called a long weekend in honor of holidays. The first is Chinese New year, the second is Labor Day, and the third is China's education Day.

The outflow of customers is also linked to the presence of competitors in neighboring countries and student riots in Hong Kong, which began in March, which negatively affect the tourist flow. Some experts are of the opinion that the decline in indicators may be related to the trade war between China and the United States, which has had a negative impact on the stock price. Another important factor is the ban on Smoking inside gambling establishments. According to the results of inspections in 2019, 1183 violations of Smoking norms were recorded.

Offshore casino Goa and ambiguities in the legislation in respect of gambling


Despite the long absence of a comprehensive system of regulation of the local gambling market, the government of Goa aims to move offshore casinos to another location or to completely ban them and focus on the land sector. The existing difficulties in moving floating casinos are related to the reluctance of the opposition party to place gambling establishments in the proposed locations.

A gambling Commissioner has recently been appointed and will soon address the issue of banning entry to establishments for the local population. The purpose of the ban is to minimize the possible harmful effects of gambling. The creation of a land-based casino at the airport, located in the Northern part of Goa, is also being discussed. It is interesting to note the results of a sociological survey, according to which local residents have never shown much interest in gambling. Only 1.1% visit the casino about once a month.

Protecting players in the UK


An example to follow in terms of protecting gamblers from the potential threat of ludomania is this country, which is regularly shown by its actions. In September 2019, a gambling addiction treatment service was introduced, where people with diagnoses can get support from specialists.

Since the beginning of October, a 24-hour national gambling helpline has been operating in the UK in a pilot mode. The hotline provides assistance to those who apply via online chat or Freephone channel. Working 24 hours a day allows you to receive calls from gamblers who prefer to play in the casino early in the morning or at night.

For its part, the advertising standards authority has produced satisfactory results regarding the risks that minors are exposed to. They attribute this to a reduction in the number of views of advertising gambling videos on television.

Lottery operator Camelot has introduced a training program for employees to identify problem players and provide them with relevant information about where they can go to get help.

The government also intends to ban advertising of gambling games on athletes 't-shirts and accepting bets online from customers' credit cards. These measures are designed to reduce the involvement in gambling. Also in the UK, the activities of organizations aimed at preventing problem gambling are regularly funded. The largest beneficiary in the past year has been the gambling Research exchange.

Sweden – the fight against money laundering and honesty in relation to operators


Gambling operator Spelinspektionen is looking for ways to increase fines in order to counter money laundering more effectively. It is worth noting that today the amount of the fine for violation of the rules is 1 million euros. If such a violation is classified as a violation of the gambling legislation, the operator will have to pay 10% of the annual turnover. In the context of the presentation of measures to counter money laundering, a reporting system was introduced in the autumn, aimed at identifying suspicious transactions that may also be related to the financing of terrorism.

At the same time, the Swedish government remains honest with the operators and has reduced the fines for two operators (Aspire Global and Genesis Global) who violated the rules under the terms of self-exclusion of customers in court after making calculations on gross turnover. Also in mid-autumn, after taking into account the extent and nature of the violations, the administrative court reduced the amount of the fine to the gambling operator Casino Cosmopol, which violated the license terms related to the financing of terrorism and money laundering.

By the way, the first IR Expo was held in Japan.

Also in 2019, the gambling operator gave a five-year license to a company that claims to be a leader in the field of eSports. LeoVegas now has the right to offer sports betting and online casinos in the Swedish gambling market. The developer company Wazdan also received a license from Spelinspektionen. Thanks to this, the company will increase the number of partner agreements and strengthen its position in the region.

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