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Many users, regardless of whether they are beginners or advanced players, will not refuse the no deposit bonus. However, if more experienced players already know the purpose of such bonuses, then beginners are sometimes lost in the terminology. The purpose of this post is to tell all players what no Deposit bonuses are. To tell which bonuses are profitable to use and which are not. To define the concept of the wager and to explain the types and purpose of no deposit bonuses for each player.

What is a no Deposit bonus

What is a no Deposit bonus?

As such, there is no definition of a no Deposit bonus, but knowing all the components and components of this, you can make your own conclusion: this is the amount of funds that are issued for performing an action in an online casino (registration, “like " mark in social networks, etc.). They can be used as regular game credits. However, in the case of a no Deposit bonus, there is a chance to win real money. As a rule, the administration allows you to place bets with no Deposit only in slot machines. There are cases when it is allowed to place bets in table games (roulette, baccarat, poker). The main condition is that the wagering requirement for the no Deposit bonus. How is this understood? For ease of understanding, an example: a player received 100 euros of a no Deposit bonus in an online casino with an X35 wager. This means that for successful wagering, you need to place bets in the amount of 3500 euros. But, there is an obvious question: how to make such an amount of bets with only 100 euros on the account? It's quite simple. When a user makes a bet, he does not always lose, and the money that he wins is credited to the bonus repayment. Let's look at another example: when you launch a slot machine, you start spinning it at a rate of 10 euros per spin. Accordingly, this amount is included in the bonus wagering credit. Two spins were unsuccessful, and the third brought you 200 euros. From this it follows that the account will have 280 euros, which you will gradually either increase, or just lose. We hope the math is clear. In short, the wager determines the number of bets.

The concept of a no Deposit bonus

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But again, it's not that simple. It is not enough to know what a no Deposit bonus is and the rules for wagering it. We also need to take into account the fact that the size of the wager for such bonuses can reach astronomical values. In Playtech casino, the betting requirements reach up to x99. To successfully recapture 100 euros of no-Deposit, you need to place bets in the amount of 9900 euros. It is quite bold and almost impossible. There are also good conditions with the X25-x35 wager, which are much more common. The probability of their wagering is much higher. It is also worth remembering that in all games, the percentage of bets that go to the offset is not always equal to 100%. For example, almost everywhere bets in slot machines mean that 100% of all bets are credited to the bonus wagering. But bets in roulette are 1%, poker is 3% and blackjack is 2%. That is, you can play these games, but it will not be useful. With the exception of the method discussed below.

Types of no Deposit bonuses

By their nature, no Deposit bonuses were created solely as a marketing tool and were not intended for anyone to make money from it. Contrary to everything, a number of experienced users used their knowledge and omissions in the rules of wagering bonuses in order to live at the expense of no-bets. However, that time has passed, the rules have tightened so much that to win back the bonus is like a lottery, one chance in a million. No-Deposit bonuses are given to those slot machines that are already "pressed" or to those games where it is simply impossible to increase the amount. There is one life hack, so to speak, for the more intelligent. If you find an online casino that offers no Deposit, please read the wagering rules. It happens sometimes that playing other games is not prohibited. And now it's time for the board games. If bets are allowed in table games, you can try to place several bets in roulette or card games to increase the bonus amount. Many bonus hunters do this. At first they take the bonus. Then they go to roulette and win the amount that they do not mind losing and launch slot machines where they win back part of the Deposit. If the total amount on the balance is less than necessary, then everything is repeated.

You can classify no Deposit bonuses as follows:

  • Free spins. A fairly common type of no Deposit bonus. Its popularity does not mean that it is effective. As a rule, it is issued for registration in an online casino, as a marketing tool using a special code that the player enters, as a Deposit bonus or for participating in tournaments. How does it work? The player performs the required action to get the bonus. Then it gets a fixed number of spins on a certain slot machine. After that, he spins all his spins and receives money to the account in the institution. But, it's not so simple. First, slot machines that are given free spins are either completely empty (that is, there will be no win or there will be a minimum of a couple of dollars), or a wager will also apply to the win. It happens that a player gets a win from free spins and the amount won is subject to betting requirements. Most likely this is the most draconian bonus
  • No Deposit bonus with real money. It's much easier. The basic principle of obtaining and fulfilling the bid requirement has already been considered. However, it is worth noting the fact that previously the no Deposit bonus was issued not only in the form of an amount to an account with a wager. It was a bonus for an hour. That is, the player is charged, for example, $ 1000 during registration and is given 60 minutes to place bets. After the timer expires, the amount that remains on the balance goes to the player's account in the casino. Then, a wager was applied to this amount. But, not so ruthless. Sometimes such bonuses attracted players who wanted to earn on no Deposit bonuses

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