How to choose an online casino

How to choose an online casino

Opening an online casino is considered to be quite an attractive type of business. Dozens of gambling establishments open and close on the Internet every week, or even every day.When choosing a casino, you need to pay attention to a number of important factors, as a rule, inexperienced players do not know about them.

Methods for choosing the best online casino

If you need to choose the best online casino, first of all you need to pay attention to one of the most important factors, namely the possibility of accepting players from the country where the gamer is located, as well as read reviews about payments (what documents are needed for financial transactions, what is the minimum withdrawal amount, etc.). Only then can you learn about the work of the customer support service, the attractiveness of the institution, choose the design and other factors that do not affect the game. In fact, there are relatively few important factors.

The casino serves players from the right country

First of all, even before the registration procedure, you need to find out from which countries the casino accepts players. In many countries, gambling is severely restricted or banned on their territory. But, as practice has shown, not all countries close their casinos completely. In addition, not all countries can somehow influence online gambling business if the site is not registered in their territory. However, in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts, many gambling establishments made concessions and stopped accepting players from countries with restrictions on gambling.

If a player registers on a gambling site that is prohibited in their country, and their administration gives them the opportunity to play, then it is necessary to take into account that in case of winning, the security service may require not only documents confirming their identity, but also information about their place of residence for the withdrawal operation. As a result, in most cases, the casino refuses to pay and has every right to do so.

Impeccable online casino reputation

Online casinos can be compared to an insurance company. Any person, before choosing an insurance company, is interested in how various expenses are compensated in the event of an insurance event. The only way to find out is to get compensation without unnecessary conflicts. The same situation is with online casinos, the reputation of the institution will be confirmed only when the player wins a large sum and withdraws it as soon as possible, and the administration will not create additional obstacles for this. If the cashout is implemented without problems, then this casino can be dealt with. But statistics say that not everything is so simple and many gaming sites sin by simply deceiving their customers. 

The list of the main ways to cheat a player has long been known to experienced players.

  • The casino's refusal to pay the player a win.
  • Representatives of the casino report that the prize is invalid, as it occurred as a result of a software failure. As a "consolation", the casino can "generously" reward the player with an amount of 10 or 20% of the winnings.
  • The payment conditions are created in such a way that it is more profitable for the player to continue playing with the won funds.
  • The introduction of low limits on the withdrawal of winnings, so players can not withdraw large amounts (perhaps one of the most harmless ways to deceive a player).
  • The delay in withdrawing money for no apparent reason, can be carried out periodic verification of the player's identity and its confirmation, as a result, the payment may be delayed for several days, weeks or even months.
  • Refusal to pay out winnings in other ways.
  • Use of unlicensed gambling games with a low payout ratio. As a rule, these games do not differ much from the licensed versions, and it is incredibly difficult for the player to distinguish a fake.
  • If you attempt to withdraw bonus funds, the casino may cancel them.

For these and some other, more rare, reasons, it is very important to make inquiries about the reputation of an online casino in advance and only then open a gaming account on the site. The GamblingKing team does this work for the players, checking the reputation of the online casinos presented on the site. If the user still decides to check the reputation of the casino in person, go through a bunch of thematic forums and read reviews, visit the casino on a special Internet resource even in this case, it is necessary to take into account that small and little-known casinos very rarely boast reviews of real players, however, the same applies to complaints, because it is not difficult to deceive the user. Although on the other hand, you can become the first customer to leave a complaint, or Vice versa, a positive review that someone may need in the future. It is also worth noting that a large and well-known casino can have a huge number of different reviews, a small part of which will be negative, but the institution really works honestly and openly.



Any online casino that is officially registered operates in accordance with the laws of a particular country or jurisdiction (a territory with a special status). In order to manage an online casino, gambling on the Internet must be legalized in this country. Licenses can be issued either by the government of a country to regulate taxes on gambling of its citizens (Great Britain, Belgium, Romania, etc.), or by a jurisdiction that seeks to expand its business to an international one, such as Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, and others. If an online casino refuses to pay out winnings, you can file a complaint with the regulator that issued the license to the institution. Just in this case, it is possible to clearly see how important it is to choose an online casino based on the license issued to it. A bona fide regulator will almost always protect the casino's side, but at the same time it needs to objectively assess the situation with each officially filed complaint. If serious violations are found, the regulator can revoke the license, depriving the casino of its custody and the ability to continue working.

In practice, there are cases when the official website of the regulator does not have any form for filing a complaint. Regulators such as the Seychelles, Anjouan, Panama and Costa Rica are guilty of this disadvantage. In case of disputes, players have no chance to do anything and protect themselves if the casino license is issued by these jurisdictions. There are also regulators who, in principle, can help, but their influence is so insignificant that it will not be possible to achieve justice. Such regulators include the jurisdictions of Curacao and Gibraltar. The most stringent and authoritative regulators are the gambling control commissions of Malta, the Isle of man, the UK and Alderney. It is possible to achieve justice with such organizations without problems, since they objectively and honestly evaluate controversial issues.

Withdrawal of large amounts when playing at high stakes

Withdrawal of large amounts

Again, an example with an insurance company will be useful. It is unlikely that there will be a person who will choose an insurance company to insure their property or home for less than the market value. Such people are not found, at least in a sober mind and memory. If you choose a similar insurance company, then in the event of an insurance event (a house burned down, for example), the company's accounts simply will not have the necessary amount to pay and long-term litigation will begin. This is at best, at worst, the company may be declared bankrupt, and the client will not see any money at all.

The situation is identical with online casinos. Sooner or later, it may happen that a player wins a large amount in a small casino, but this does not mean that he will withdraw this money. This is not good for the casino, and most likely the player will try to cheat and not pay money. Also, there are often cases when the casino simply does not have the necessary amount. However, this case can not say whether the casino is honest or dishonest, it does not have the opportunity to pay the winnings.

Experienced players know that certain models of slot machines have a fairly high variance, which makes it possible to increase the bet by 5 000 times if there is a win. For example, if the initial bet is 40 euros, the prize will be 200,000 euros. It is not profitable for some casinos to set betting limits, since in this case it is not possible to get large amounts from wealthy clients. Bona fide establishments set a cashout limit, thereby bypassing this point. At least, this is fair to the players, it is possible to immediately understand that the casino does not have a large amount, and the withdrawal of funds can be significantly delayed, in some cases for a year or more. But with unscrupulous casinos, the situation is different, since such gambling establishments do not solve such problems at all, their principle of operation is simple: hope and wait that no one will ever hit the jackpot in their casino, and also contribute to this in every possible way.

It is always necessary to assess the financial stability of the casino before registering on a particular site. You should not rely solely on the worst case scenario, you should hope for the best and even better know that if luck smiles in a 5 000 increase in the bet on the slot machine, the casino will be able to pay such a win. Also, before starting the game, you need to know and understand that in the event of a win that the casino does not want to pay, the mental state will remain normal.

Also, before playing, you need to know what the casino's withdrawal limit is. Otherwise, if the winnings amount to, for example, several hundred thousand dollars, then in the case of restrictions on withdrawal, say several thousand per month, the withdrawal period may be delayed for several years. During these years, the casino may be declared bankrupt and most of the winnings may not be received at all. To facilitate such a difficult choice, the GamblingKing team evaluates the financial stability of the casino on the site, presenting all the restrictions on withdrawal.

Favorite casino games

For sure, many players have some specific, most favorite games or one game. This means that the choice of casino will be determined largely by the presence of this game in the list of content. On the site you can find a list of manufacturers whose games are represented by a particular online casino. Players have different tastes and preferences in games. Many people prefer more classic casino games, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and some others. If you like table games of this type, it is best to choose a casino that can offer different versions of these games. If classic table games are not a priority, many casinos offer other games in a wide range. For example, in addition to the classic variants, the casino offers a roulette with two balls and a jackpot, a roulette with two balls and additional bets. Some people may like games with live dealers.

But the most popular category of games that most users prefer are slot machines. By and large, the difference between online casinos comes down to the number of games they offer. The casino can also offer various instant lotteries called scratch cards. for some reason, they are not particularly popular with casino operators. If the player does not have their favorite game, then the free demo mode of any slot or table game will help to decide on the choice, except for games with live dealers. For each game, there is a list of casinos where you can find this content.

Communication in the casino in your native language

Many online casino operators translate the site into many languages. Of course, the exception is for country-specific establishments, in which case support is provided in a specific language. This is especially true for players who do not speak English, for such users, support for their native language will be very useful. In addition, it is much easier to understand the terms of service and casino rules in the user agreement in your native language. In your native language, you can easily find or get answers to important questions, resolve disputes, and do not need to use the services of friends or an online translator.

Qualified support service

Visiting a casino sometimes there are questions related to bonuses, rules, site conditions, etc.and you need to get answers to them. To do this, almost any casino has a support service, whose professionalism is often characterized as "the faster the better". Ideally, the live chat support service works without weekends and holidays, around the clock. We do not recommend choosing a casino that uses email or phone numbers to contact support staff. In the first case, after writing your message, the player can wait for several days for a response, in the second case, you can not get through at all.

Attractive and generous bonuses


Online casinos can't do without using all sorts of promotions and bonuses, thereby attracting new customers. In addition, the correct use of the received bonuses can help save a certain amount that is spent on gambling. Some users manage to carry out various frauds with bonuses, getting additional profit. It is great when the player is not new to the online casino, in this case, when new bonuses appear, you can demand them, even if it is not about abuse. There is a wide variety of bonuses, depending on their variety, they can limit the cashout, or they will be credited only after the account is replenished (an excellent example is the welcome Deposit bonus, which is awarded immediately after the player registers and makes a Deposit). As a rule, for the most part, the welcome bonus is the full amount of the Deposit to the account. In General, bonuses will be limited in bets, in addition, it will not be possible to take and simply withdraw bonus funds as a normal win, before this you need to fulfill the wager conditions, i.e. win back this amount a certain number of times.

Easy site navigation and nice design

As the saying goes: meet on clothes. So with online casinos, the first visit to the casino creates a General impression. This will determine whether the user will continue to visit this gambling establishment. Moreover, even if the site does not function well, the player may not pay attention to it, if the site is nicely decorated. As a rule, large online casinos are almost always high-tech and highly developed websites. Therefore, web page design is often one of the ways to successfully compete between operators. An example of what a modern gambling site should look like is MrGreen casino, a great place with a modern design and easy navigation, adapted for both large and small screens of mobile devices. In contrast to professionally developed sites, smaller casinos with Amateur sites are set up. they are often developed by the same Amateur team of programmers using a low budget. Be that as it may, it is not necessary to draw conclusions about online casinos based only on the first impression of the website design.

Games for mobile devices

The online gambling industry does not stand still and develops as technology develops. Now, in an era when smartphones and tablets have become indispensable human assistants, fans of gambling entertainment also prefer mobile devices to a personal computer, because you can play your favorite games literally anywhere, without having to depend on wires and a stationary PC. Why sit behind it if you can lie on the sofa and play on your smartphone. Thus, games will always be at hand, you can play on trips, and breaks at school or work. That is why the availability of mobile games for online casinos has already become a standard that characterizes the quality of a gambling establishment.

Depositing and withdrawing funds

Depositing and withdrawing funds

Before choosing an online casino, you also need to pay attention to the situation with the possibility of withdrawing winnings and adding funds to your account. What fees are charged for a transfer to a debit card, and how long it takes to make a withdrawal on average. In any case, please note that Bank transfers are the slowest and can take up to seven business days. Players, even beginners, already understand that the fastest way to cash out is to use electronic payment systems, so-called e-wallets. 

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