Multiplayer slots. What is the difference from the usual ones


Multiplayer slots (MS) appeared much later than traditional online games. However, they have gained a lot of popularity among gamblers. The collective game gives you the opportunity not only to get good cash prizes, but also to plunge into the spiritual gambling atmosphere with like-minded people like you.

Multiplayer games in online casinos: what are the differences from regular slots

Multiplayer online games, first of all, differ in gameplay. If in the user mode, the entire game process, bonuses and jackpot go to one person, then in MS-all participants are equal.

What does it look like? Usually, an online casino has a special virtual room with MS. Up to 6 people can participate in these games at the same time. During the game process, participants can communicate with each other using a special chat.

Here you can write not only comments on the game, but also discuss the gameplay itself, decide what to do with the accrued bonuses, which card to open in the risk game, and so on. In addition, to share impressions, encourage, instruct, in General, to interact in every way with the so-called team.
Some online casinos offer free multiplayer games with virtual chips. This means that you can play online slots without a Deposit. Free games are a good opportunity to learn how to play, understand the mechanics of the slot machine, practice making spins and correct moves in risk games.

However, it is worth considering that the MS mechanism is the same as in regular online slots-it works on a random number generator (RNG). What does it mean? You can't influence the slot machine to give you a bigger win or give you a better combination when you spin again. But in the free versions of MS, you can, as they say, fill your hand and prepare to play multiplayer games for money.

Rules of online gaming in online casinos

Rules of online gaming

A gambler enters an online casino and goes to a virtual room to play POKER. If you want to play with friends, you need to make sure that you get to the institution at the same time and at the same time were in the same room.

The game is similar to the one in the traditional online slot. In the same way, when starting spins, winning chains of basic and special symbols are formed on the screen. They are paid according to the specified amounts in the information window of the slot machine.

Participants of the online game receive all winnings in equal parts at all. It does not matter the Deposit amount, the winning amount, the jackpot, etc. In addition, during the free spins rounds, each participant has the right to spin the wheel.

As always, standard icons cost less, special symbols cost more, bonus symbols trigger additional rounds, free spins, respins, and so on. it all depends on what the multiplayer slot machine is equipped with.

Tournaments and slot games: differences

Playing multiplayer games and taking part in multiplayer tournaments are completely different things. In the first case, this is a team game, the goal of which is to get the maximum win on the same conditions for all.

In the second case, you and the team fight with other teams for the first place with the corresponding win. Online multiplayer slots are selected privately for each tournament.

Buy-ins and jackpots are provided, including accumulative ones. The amount of entry fees and the amount of winnings are also determined independently in each individual tournament.

Developers of slots for multiplayer games


Microgaming offers the largest line of multiplayer slots. Some of them were developed initially in the standard-user version, and only later modified the multi-user version.

Developers of slots for multiplayer games

In the list of games of the provider for collective games in online casinos:

Centre Cort;
Sure Win;
No Worries;
Wheel of Wealth.

The following multi-player slots are popular in many well-known online casinos:

Sex and the City;
The Dark Knight Rises;
Wheel of Fortune;
The Avatar;
American Idol.
The games are available on the official websites of Ladbrokes and Betfair. In addition, these slot machines are widely distributed in Las Vegas casinos. In gambling establishments, they look like this: one large screen, 5 seats for players. At each landing place is the layout for control of the gaming machine.


Multiplayer slots are not just slot machines with spins and bonuses. This category of games includes poker, blackjack, and roulette. The gameplay principle in MS is similar to the standard rules except for a few nuances:

you don't play for yourself, in MS you are a team;
in the tournaments of any multiplayer game, you don't play for yourself, but for the team;
the goal of the MS is to beat the artificial intelligence that is built into the slot machine, not each other.

Before playing multiplayer games, you should practice on regular slot machines. You can read about how they work, how to place bets, and what to pay attention to during gameplay here.

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