Myths about casinos and gambling

Myths about casinos and gambling

Before starting a substantive conversation, it is worth making a lyrical digression and focusing readers ' attention on whether some of the myths or prejudices against gambling establishments, especially those related to the fraudulent advantage of gambling houses, have objective grounds.

The fact is that the tradition of organizing gambling, especially on the European continent, has a long and sometimes not very bright history. If the immediate birth of gambling was a progressive step, the temporary bans on them that existed in almost all countries of Europe and even in America, left a negative imprint on the reputation of the industry.

The ban on official gambling operations is almost always accompanied by the appearance of underground institutions. This is evidenced not only by historical facts, but also by current situations. Despite the fact that most underground institutions, at least hundreds of years ago, used a closed system, without uniform rules of operation, developed and controlled by the state, a transparent market could not be obtained.

It turned out that the shadow gambling business discredited the work of already legalized gambling houses for many years. This is the reason for the main myth-everything is rigged in the casino. Read about him and the others below.

Casino games-rigged

The main guarantee of fair gaming in the casino is the legal grounds on which the operator offers services to visitors. In this case, its activities are under the watchful eye of the gambling regulator. The latter, as a rule, conducts a special examination of gambling equipment and certifies it. As a result, the operator does not have any opportunities for fraud.

If an online casino is legalized in a jurisdiction, the latter offer services with the mandatory use of a random number generator (RNG). The technology ensures that what happens on a computer monitor or smartphone screen displays exactly the same thing that would happen in real life. This computer algorithm ensures that all spins of the reels, card deals, or dice rolls are completely random.

In order to convince players that the online casino works fairly, as well as to recreate the work of land-based gambling establishments, operators began to implement the option of live casinos, or casinos with live dealers. Read more in our article.

The winner is the one who catches good luck by the tail

Fatalism about luck in gambling establishments is overstated. A gambling house is a place in which mathematics is, if not the dominant position, then it is definitely very important.
It is worth noting here that from a mathematical point of view, a gambling establishment always has a slight statistical advantage. It is formed separately for each gambling game. The bottom line is that in the long run, the casino will receive more funds than it paid out to players as a prize. This fact ensures the profitability of gambling houses. In the short term, various options are possible. To protect themselves, players can choose to play games of chance in which the casino advantage is least noticeable, or participate in those where the result depends not only on fortune, but also on personal skills, for example, in poker or baccarat.

Situation analysis

It is believed that when playing roulette, the chances of red and black falling out are 50/50, but this is not true. The game has two green cells-zero and double zero. Their presence reduces the chances of falling out of a particular color to 47.4%.

Many players believe that they will be able to see the pattern where it is not. The point is to draw attention to the fact, which the gambling equipment was won or lost. However, it should be understood that even if the last 20 winning numbers in roulette were black, it is not a fact that the same color will fall on the 21st. In this respect, the advantage is entirely given to luck and to his Majesty chance.

To calculate the odds, you need a huge time period, almost no player spends such a number of hours in a gambling establishment.


The Internet often offers "one hundred percent profitable systems" that are nothing more than fraud. In fact, it is difficult to imagine a more or less coherent system that captures the features of the gsch. The only thing that can be really useful for the player is a clear setting of limits on money and time spent. The latter will also ensure a responsible approach to gambling and avoid addiction. Read our separate article on how to recognize the first signs of gambling addiction.

Players are under the control of the casino security service

casino security service

Gambling houses do take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of visitors. For this purpose, there are General and private rules that regulate the list of items that can not be entered in the casino under any circumstances. However, there are no conditions under which the guard lets the dealer know that the player, taking into account the peculiarities of his facial expressions, loses interest, is ready to leave the hall and it is necessary to "organize" a winning round. Any interference with the operation of gambling equipment in a casino is illegal.

If you suffer for a long time…  

There is a myth that if you sit at the table for a long time, you will definitely win. As mentioned earlier, we are talking about time intervals that are many times higher than the average game sessions. In addition, each individual game presented in the casino is a statistically independent system.

It is illegal to count cards

count cards

Gambling houses do not welcome card counting, but this does not make the latter a fraudulent or illegal action. In fact, the player can use any strategy that does not interfere with the gameplay. But the classic example of fraud in a casino is the marking or marking of cards.

Repetition is very important thing

Life teaches us to believe that the hard work leads to the honing of skills. This is true in many aspects. This often happens when learning a language, mastering driving skills, or any other skills necessary for professional activity. Indeed, it is possible to study the strategy of poker game or competent to play blackjack. However, in the case of a gambling game like roulette, the amount of time spent on it does not matter at all. Practice will not help with slot machines, baccarat, lottery draws, or dice games.

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