What licenses are currently offered in different countries

What licenses are currently offered in different countries

The current legislation of various States has a direct link to whether a work permit will be issued. As a rule, this issue is directly related to the relevant state Agency of a particular country.

Today, we can identify some countries with a non-standard approach to regulation. We are talking about a long list of license types, as well as conditions for protecting businesses and players directly. For example:

  1. The UK gambling industry operates under the gambling act 2005. Here you can get three types of licenses: Operating license, a Personal management license and a Premises license. The latter is issued at the operator's place of registration. License types are defined depending on the type of business. Also, the current rules ensure the safety of players, since operators are required to store winning money in separate accounts from operating funds.
  2. When obtaining a license in Belgium, one of the conditions for opening an online casino is the presence of a physical land-based casino. The average casino tax rate is 11% on profits.
  3. When obtaining a license in Gibraltar, no fees are required, but there is an important condition: if customers have received complaints, the company must store this data. Thus, Gibraltar is great for players, as local laws are designed to ensure the integrity and reliability of the operator. Most often, they apply for an online gambling license. Corporate persons are allowed to hold the position of Director.
  4. In Costa Rica, according to market participants, regulation of the industry is minimal. But when entering the market, it is important to remember the unstable economic situation.

Next, let's look at licensing using examples of specific jurisdictions.



Malta offers several license options:

  • Games where you can predict the outcome: lotteries, poker, online casinos, as well as fixed-rate betting and poker sites.
  • Companies that offer hosting and SOFTWARE for online games.
  • To platforms that offer remote work to other operators.
  • Sports betting operators.

The main advantage of local licenses is the five-year validity period, Malta's membership in the EU, the ability to issue tax benefits and open accounts in any Bank in Europe, the country's absence from black lists, and advanced infrastructure.

The receipt procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Registering a legal entity and opening a Bank account, applying for a specific class of license.
  • Verification of the financial and management component of the applicant company. At this stage, it is determined whether the company participated in money laundering schemes, etc.
  • Evaluation of the business plan, which includes the elaboration of forecasts and description of plans in the field of marketing and distribution.
  • Informing about whether the application was accepted or not. If inconsistencies are found, two months are given to correct the errors. If you reject again, you will have to go through the entire procedure again.



Alderney has had a Gambling Control Commission (GCC) since 2000. The GCC issues licenses that exempt companies from paying income tax, instead of which they must pay an approved annual fee.

You can get these types of licenses from GCC:

  • Hosting certificate.
  • Online gambling.
  • The associated certificate.



Of particular interest is Kahnawake, where licenses are issued without high taxes. Granting licenses in offshore jurisdictions allows the jurisdiction to cooperate with young companies, which is beneficial for both parties. Kahnawake is quite an exotic territory, it is a canadian Indian reservation. The gambling Commission consists of three representatives which change every two years.

The following types of licenses are issued here:

  • Inter-Judicial Authorization - for operators who successfully operate under a license from another Commission. Suitable for those who want to start a business on the territory of Kahnawake.
  • Interactive Gaming License. One such license is issued specifically for the registration of one hosting on this territory.
  • Key Persons license-for companies that have a cooperation agreement with SRA licensees and control their work.
  • Client Provider Authorization-required for authorization of an operator who has expressed an intention to open an online casino with any type of games in an unlimited number. The cost of this license is considered the highest.

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