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Slot machine Alien Robots

During the free spins, the wild symbol acquires a new function, appearing on active lines, it acquires new advanced features. Wild symbols with advanced features can expand and fill the adjacent fields vertically, and most importantly, they remain there until the free spins run out. During this time, a lot of winning combinations with the participation of the wild can appear. After the spin of the reels, the extended wild symbols take on the functions of a regular wild.

Now imagine that the distant future has come and the world is no longer ruled by people, but by a wide variety of robots of all types, colors and sizes. The names of such a plot were chosen by the developers of the NetEnt company, creating a online slot machine Alien Robots. All these works perform a certain task, of course, in terms of the gameplay. Some of them can stretch out, while others can start free spins of the reels. The Alien Robots slot machine has a wide range of possibilities, let's start with the fact that the slot has 243 paylines. In addition, players will be pleasantly surprised by the presence of a wild symbol that can stretch, as well as the opportunity to get free spins of the reels. The creators provided the emulator with a maximum win of 50 thousand credits, as well as the rate of the game currency, so even if one credit costs 50 cents, the maximum winnings will be 25 thousand, and the maximum amount that can be wagered in the game is 150 credits.

Features of the game emulator Alien Robots

The slot machine Alien Robots belongs to the most real video slots. The history of its creation is very simple, and in general the machine is quite young, it was created not so long ago in 2012. At that time, a lot of emulators had more than two hundred paylines, so there are a lot of them in Alien Robots, too. The peculiarity of such a large number of lines is that the winning combinations consist of the same symbols and, adding up from the rightmost reel, one way or another, bring a win. Another difference of the slot is that credits are paid in two ways. The first system of payments implies the game and wins on 30 pay lines, the second system uses 243 lines at once.

Game rules

So how are the winnings accrued, you ask. And everything is actually simple and clear.

The most important symbol here is a red robot. If, when playing on 30 lines, a red robot appears on any of them, then your bet will be multiplied by 10,000.

Otherwise, if a red robot appears on the extreme reels from the left edge to the right, regardless of the lines involved, excluding 30, then in this situation your bet will be multiplied by 1500.

This system has one peculiarity. You will be credited only with the amount that turns out to be the largest for payment, or to be more precise, only the winning combination that will bring the maximum win is counted. Here's a simple example. If it happens that red robots will appear simultaneously on 30 active lines and on the rest of the reels, even if on all five at once, then only the payout on the playing 30 lines will go in favor of the player, i.e. you will get your bet multiplied by 10,000, and there will be no payout of the 1,500 bet. Simply put, the payout amounts do not add up in the end.

Or here's another example. Four red robots are on one of the active 30 lines, and the fifth robot is outside these lines, then you will receive a bet multiplied by 1500 on lines with four symbols, as well as a bet multiplied by the coefficient calculated for the payoffs of the game on 243 lines.

As for the game with a large number of lines, then there are also rules. Only one symbol is counted here if it is on the reel. That is, if there are several identical symbols on one of the reels vertically, then only one of them will be counted, respectively, and only this symbol will be paid out.

Additional games

The online slot machine Alien Robots cannot offer players its own bonus game, but there is a good alternative in the form of additional free games, during which the wild symbol can stretch across the entire reel, in the form of a vertical bar. This feature of the wild symbol allows you to get even more prize matches of symbols.

Additional games, as in many other slots, trigger scatter symbols here, for this three or more scatters must appear. The number of free spins depends on the number of dropped symbols. For example, three symbols trigger 10 free games, and 4 or 5 triggers 20 and 50, respectively. In addition, during these rounds, scatters may appear again, after which the free spins of the reels will start.


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