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Play Aliens Casino slot for free

Despite the fact that almost all slots of the NetEnt company are quite complicated at first glance, it is still possible to master them in practice, even for beginners, and at the same time quickly. The interface of the slot machine is simple and straightforward, any player will quickly understand where the boundaries of the game line are, where all the controls are located and their direct purpose. As mentioned above, the gameplay is accompanied by fantastic animation that fits perfectly into the combination of a traditional video slot and elements of a computer game. The drums do not rotate very fast, but not very slow either. If you like to spend time in an online casino, then be sure to try the aliens online slot machine, here you will see not only beautiful graphics, but also feel the atmosphere of a real thriller. And, of course, do not forget why this video slot was originally created. Start the game and good payouts will not be long in coming.

Perhaps, it will not be a discovery for anyone that the developers of NetEnt have an original approach to the development of video slots. So online slot machine Aliens was no exception to their rule. This is a completely modern slot, unlike most other slots. Moreover, the NetEntertainment company went further and the slot is distributed adapted for all mainstream operating systems. These are such popular platforms as Mac, Windows, Linux, as well as iOS and Android mobile operating systems. So you can play the online slot machine Aliens for free on any device that supports these platforms. This slot machine is not quite ordinary, as it has a standard 5 reels, 15 lines to play, a cumulative multiplayer function, a wild symbol, recovery spins, as well as atmospheric and beautiful 3D graphics.

Description of the Aliens slot

This video slot is also distinguished by the fact that it was created under the leadership of the well-known 20th Century Fox, which actually shot the blockbuster "Aliens", the plot of which was incorporated into the online slot machine Aliens . As in the film from the distant 1986, according to the plot, the player will have to make his way to the hive of the queen of these monsters, simultaneously destroying hordes of extraterrestrial beings.

The slot machine ideally combines the classic device of a slot machine with modern 3D animated graphics. As in the film of the same name, during the game you will find a tense and gloomy atmosphere that perfectly conveys the plot twists, however, the musical accompaniment also did not disappoint, complementing the atmosphere of the thriller.

All the symbols of the game, of course, consist of thematic pictures. These are various aliens of all stripes, as well as eggs. The cost of these symbols depends on the seniority hierarchy. Adults will bring the most, in contrast to eggs, for which they give the smallest multiplier.

Features of the slot

The whole process of playing the online slot machine Aliens consists of three levels. After the game starts, you will need to go through the first level. Here, after each winning combination, a multiplier is given, which fills the Aliens Activity Meter scale. After this scale is filled, you will receive a win in the form of a special bonus of this level, and in addition, you can adjust the game parameters in case of large payouts. After filling the upper scale and passing the first level, the second part begins. This level is called "Collisions". The peculiarity of this level is that you get a guarantee of winning even in the very first spin. The essence of this part of the slot is that you have to shoot back from hordes of ferocious monsters, you need to do this so that before the ammo runs out, not a single alien remains. After you pass the second level, the final stage begins, this part of the game is called the "Hive". This level literally repeats the storyline of the feature film. Here the player is given five spins, during which he must try and destroy the queen of the aliens using one grenade. You can get the maximum win for this.

Bonus rounds

Bonus games, unfortunately, are not available here. Additional conditions for winning are presented here in the form of using the wild symbol. This symbol is a picture with the inscription Weyland-Yutani Corporation, its functions are the same as that of any other wild, it replaces all symbols in the game, if necessary. The only condition is that at the first level the wild symbol can appear not on all reels, but only on 2 and 5. But, starting from the second level, the wild symbol works on the entire playing field.

Slot payouts

The first thing I would like to note is the regulation of the game currency rate, i.e. the player himself chooses how much 1 credit will cost, the minimum amount is $ 0.01, and the maximum amount is $ 1. The bet level also varies up to ten categories, thus the maximum bet amount is 150 credits. Unfortunately, like many of NetEntertainment's slot machines, aliens online slot machine cannot offer you to try to win a progressive jackpot. But, despite this, the device has a good percentage of payments, the maximum winning from one line is 10,000 coins, and the main prize is 570 thousand credits.

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