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Slot machine Aloha! Cluster Pays

Unfortunately, there is no risk of gambling and progressive jackpot, but this is not so important. The online slot machine Aloha Cluster Pays is interesting without it, because it has a whole set of functions and options that are unique in their role.

So the vacation season has passed, but the developers of NetEnt have prepared for the players a very original online slot machine Aloha Cluster Pays . The original is putting it mildly, because it looks like a slot machine familiar to many only in general terms, otherwise it is a completely different machine. To begin with, you will not see the usual paylines here, since they simply are not here. Instead, a different system of accrual of winnings is in effect, so instead of the symbols falling on the line, here the combinations are collected in stages, made up of identical symbols located vertically and horizontally next to each other. Identical symbols on the diagonal are not counted, and to get a win you need to collect at least nine identical icons. If you look closely, the online slot machine Aloha Cluster Pays is very similar to the popular computer game in the past, in which you had to collect identical ones in one line. If what distinguishes them is that the symbols are located on the reels, and do not fall from above as in the similar game tetris. So if you are familiar with this old computer game, then there will be no problems, especially since the developers have simplified the game process as much as possible, moreover, a large percentage of recoil is initially included in the machine.

Description of the emulator

Have you decided to play? Great, then welcome to the paradise tropical island, or to be more precise, to the Hawaiian islands, where flowers bloom all year round, trees are bursting with ripe fruits, the warm gentle sea invites you to plunge and sail along the waves, and the sounds of ukulele are heard around. All this is available to everyone, if you want, you can play for free on the Aloha Cluster Pays slot machine without registration . The locals no longer look like their bloodthirsty ancestors, on the contrary, they are very glad to see you and will definitely give you a necklace of flowers, all this against the background of idols also with beads, and when you win, even the music will sound even faster.

Slot machine interface

Are you ready to travel to tropical islands right now? Then let's get acquainted with the control panel soon. The online slot machine Aloha Cluster Pays has at its disposal 6 reels at once, as there are no lines, instead, a field with 6 cells horizontally and five vertically. So, let's move on to the game parameters and their management. First, you need to place a bet on each spin, for this there is a level button, it is with its help that the player changes the bet from a minimum of 1 credit to a maximum of 10 credits. In addition, you can set the cost of one credit in the game, the rate varies from 0.01 to 2 bucks, you can change it using the coin value button. Thus, based on the size of the bet and its course, the minimum amount of bets from all spins can be 0.10, and the maximum can be debited from the account 200 $. If you are not used to playing on trifles, then immediately press max bet, after which your bet will immediately become the maximum. To start the impromptu reels, click the green arrow that says spin. And if you are not going to change the set parameters, then you can use the automatic start of the reels using the auto play button.

Game symbols

In this emulator, different rules for composing symbol combinations apply, so the minimum number of identical icons should be at least nine, and a maximum of 30. Depending on the number of symbols in a combination, from 5 to 2000 credits for each placed can bring pictures with the image of a flower, shell, pineapple or coconut. The most common symbol in the game is the idol, it can be of different colors. For example, blue and green idols can occupy two cells at once, and the maximum coefficient for 30 symbols will be 5000 credits. At the same time, the red idol will bring twice as much, its maximum coefficient is 10,000.

There is also a wild symbol, a box with an exclamation mark. By the way, single symbols in the form of idols can peep out of this box during repeated spins. Although in this slot the wild symbol is called a substitution symbol, it has the same functions. It replaces any other symbol as needed, with the exception of the scatter symbol. This symbol is also called the scatter and its functions are, in principle, appropriate. Three of these symbols trigger free spins of the reels, by the way, the postage stamp with a view of the islands is the scatter.

Free Spins

The online slot machine Aloha Cluster Pays even boasts free spins that start after the scatter symbols appear, the number of free spins will depend on how many of these symbols appear. Three scatters give 9 spins, four 10, five 11, and six 12. An interesting feature is that if scatters appear again during the free spins, the slot will add a few more spins for free, from 1 to 4 depending on the number of dropped symbols scatter.

Bonus round

In its essence, it is more like an additional function with elements of a bonus game and it is called Sticky Win Re-Spins. There will not be a separate window, everything will take place on the main playing field. The essence of this option is that it can be activated at any time, during any spin. When this happens, all prize icons will remain in place, and the rest will change. If new symbols add a bonus combination, the bonus option is repeated.

Unfortunately, there is no risk of gambling and progressive jackpot, but this is not so important. The online slot machine Aloha Cluster Pays is interesting without it, because it has a whole set of functions and options that are unique in their role.


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