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Play Attraction casino slot for free

Don't say so, but the Attraction online slot has good potential. This slot is a bright representative of the NetEnt company, with its concept of innovation. You shouldn't make maximum bets after every successful spin. The most optimal variant of the game on this slot is a game at small or medium stakes, because only in this case Attraction can reveal all its possibilities.

The developers of the NetEntertainment company do not sit idle, each of their slots is always distinguished by quality and good returns. One of them is the online slot Attraction, released quite recently in 2014. This article will provide a detailed description of the gameplay and controls, as well as consider the maximum payouts. The online slot Attraction, according to the developers, has a high, more than 96, percentage of return, and the maximum winning is 50,000.

Attraction online slot machine or, if in Russian, Attraction is arranged in a peculiar way, yes, of course, outwardly it looks like the most ordinary classic slot, but this is not entirely true. Here the tasks are slightly different, here the player must catch the wild symbol, the size of the win will depend on this. The slot machine consists of standard five reels, symbols appear horizontally on three lines, and a maximum of 10 paylines can be selected. In essence, there is only one rule, or rather one main rule. A wild will appear on the playing field and the essence is that it must be caught on the line, horizontal or vertical, on which the magnet acts. Which line exactly will be clear, since it will glow. If the wild symbol is on the line that is in the field of the magnet, then the wild symbol fills the part of the line that is between the wild and the magnet. After that, the reels make one free spin. The most ideal alignment for a player is when, during the free spin, the second magnet also gets wild symbols, which stretch for an even larger number of symbols, and so on, in theory, you can fill the entire field with wild symbols and get the maximum win.

< h2> Attraction slot machine interface

Actually, there is nothing new here for experienced players. Yes, despite the fact that the slot was released quite recently, it cannot boast of modern graphics, controls, and so on. The only thing that commands respect in terms of the interface is the graphic design, which is made in the style of a cartoon and is made very high quality. The musical accompaniment deserves the same words, where each sound corresponds to its own event in the game.

Of the advantages, first of all, a small number of active lines can be distinguished, which, in principle, is not surprising, because wild symbols appear quite often, and the magnet appears absolutely randomly on any line, while its appearance is not at all annoying and annoying. One cannot expect something extraordinary from the Attraction slot. This is an ordinary emulator from the NetEnt company, naturally executed with high quality, with excellent graphics and musical accompaniment.

Basic rules of the game

Attraction online slot machine has at its disposal there are not very many lines, there are 10 of them in total. The developers decided to make a few paylines initially for a reason. If you start playing, you will understand that theoretically, and in practice, including wild symbols, or rather their appearance, there are a lot, so a small number of lines is quite reasonable.

So, when you start the reels, you will be able to see a magnet that highlights the line on which it appeared. It can appear both horizontally and vertically chaotically and randomly. If a wild symbol brings a spin on this line, the magnet will attract it to itself in such a way that the wild will multiply by several pieces, filling all the cells between it and the magnet. This is followed by a free spin with an already increased number of wilds, with the first magnet remaining in place and another layout appearing elsewhere. If the wild again gets hit by the magnets, it will multiply again, and all the wilds will make up even more winning combinations. This can continue until the field is completely filled with wilds. But this is in theory, in practice, the entire field will not be filled.

This fact is the main highlight of the Attraction emulator. After all, even if not the entire field is filled with wild symbols, but even half, the winnings can still be impressive. The main feature of the slot is free spins and multiplying wilds. Here you can also adjust the value of one coin of the game, the minimum rate is 0.10, and the maximum is 1 credit. With such a maximum rate, the amount of bets will be 100 credits, and the maximum winning can be 50,000 credits. As a rule, in the emulators of this company there is no risk game, and in Attraction there is no bonus game either, they are replaced by the frequent falling of free spins and stretching wild symbols.

Game symbols

Slot the online slot Attraction has at its disposal not only the most common card symbols stylized as the theme of a slot machine, but also thematic symbols that relate to the topic of magnetic fields and means of measuring it.

Consider the maximum multiplier factors for 5 symbols on one line. So, a red scanner can increase the rate by 500 times, the computer screen will bring 300 credits for each delivered one, a vibration meter 250, a pressure meter 200, and an analyzer 150.

As usual, the combination that consists of the same symbols and starts from the leftmost reel is counted. And if there are several matches with a wild, stretched magnet, only the combination that is more expensive will be counted.

The whole point of the game is waiting for the wild to get hit by the magnets. The most successful combination will be if the magnet captures the wild symbol along the horizontal line, while the wild will be on the outermost reel itself. In this case, wild symbols will be stretched over the entire line, and the winning will be the maximum. This is probably why such fallouts are the least common.


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