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Why not go beetle hunting? Beetle Frenzy Slot Review

For some reason, catching beetles is a pleasure only in childhood. Having matured, we acquire some disgust and try to bypass insects by the tenth way - to avoid meeting them, and if they are accidentally found in our apartment - to crush or throw them away. And it is not even clear why the beetles were so guilty - in most cases they do not bite, are not poisonous and are completely safe.

The Beetle Frenzy slot machine from the developer studio NetEnt returns the desire to hunt beetles. After all, they bring payments here, and quite good ones! And they also launch various bonuses. In general, they are quite capable of giving pleasure and please with addictive gameplay.

And on our site you can play the Beetle Frenzy slot for free. The presented demo version brings as much fun as the slots that are installed in online casinos. Only the game is played for fans, not real money, and therefore it is absolutely free.

Ladybug, fly to heaven

The playing field of the classic Beetle Frenzy slot consists of 5 reels with 3 rows each. It is crossed by 5 prize lines - three horizontal and two diagonal ones. This number is fixed and does not change.

The assortment of basic symbols is quite large and includes eight pieces. It includes a ladybug, green beetle, blue, purple mushroom, striped beetle, three flowers - orange, pink and blue. There are also two special characters:

  • Wild. The image shows a firefly beetle. It drops out on all reels, but does not bring any payouts by itself. But it can replace any base symbol on the payline to create a winning sequence;
  • Scatter. The picture shows a golden apple. Drops on all reels. It is paid depending on the number of symbols that appear on the field - the more, the better. They can even be in more than one prize line.

The symbol with a glass jar containing a firefly beetle is the trigger of the Insect Collector bonus game. Three such symbols on a line start the corresponding round. The field is reduced to a size of 2x2. A roulette wheel with symbols appears around it. The player makes a spin. If the same symbol appears on the roulette wheel as on the field, then an instant payout is awarded. The player has several attempts (usually five).

If three symbols of flowers of the same color appear on one prize line, the bonus game "Flower Madness" will start. Nine cards appear on the field. Several of them need to be opened. The instant payout amount will be displayed below them.

If the same symbol appears in the four corners of the playing field or in the central cells of the four sides, the "Lucky Spin" bonus will start. The second reel will spin in such a way as to form the maximum winning sequences.

The Beetle Frenzy slot machine is distinguished by very diverse and unusual bonuses. But he will please not only this. Also, the slot is characterized by a theoretical long-term RTP of 94% and an average level of variance, which guarantees an addictive gameplay. And on our site you can play the Beetle Frenzy slot for free.

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