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Play free online slot Boom Brothers

Boom Brothers Online Slot Machine belongs to the category of the most memorable video slots. And it's not about bombs and explosions, but about the very real uncommonness of what is happening on the screen, the uniqueness of the gameplay down to the smallest detail. The slot machine boasts convenient controls, beautiful graphics and well-chosen, atmospheric soundtrack. In addition, judging by the reviews of many players, the slot turned out to be really interesting and gambling. Do not postpone the matter indefinitely, start the reels and go into the dungeon with the Boom Brothers.

If you are one of those who are not averse to what is called having fun with a risk to their health, tickling their nerves and loving big explosions, and jewelry and treasures even more, the Boom Brothers online slot machine has been created. To many players, it is known as the Boom Brothers or the Blasting Brothers. Although, from the name change, the three-dimensional high-quality graphics, high-quality soundtrack and a well-thought-out plot cannot be changed, so more and more players, from beginners to real aces, choose Boom Brothers as their priority. It cannot be otherwise, because the best specialists of the NetEnt company, known for its unusual and high-quality video slots, worked on the development of the emulator. As has become traditional for this company, the declared return is at least 96 percent. This can only be verified by experience, so we stock up on equipment and go for jewelry with our brothers, the main prize is promised to us at least 120,000 credits.

Description of the video slot

As soon as you start play on the Boom Brothers machine , you will immediately find yourself in the mine, where everything, right down to the sounds, is appropriate. The atmosphere should be noted rather gloomy, and the sounds here are what should be in the mines, this is the clatter of hammers, the rumble of mine cars, the clang of chains and so on. But at the same time, the graphic design is at a very high level, the background of the slot is made in dark blue and gray shades.

Your main task is to get to the treasures that are in the fairy cave by any means. There are hidden mountains of shiny gold bars and shimmering diamonds, and that's not counting the huge amount of gemstones. But how do you do this, you ask? It's very simple, three brothers, red, blue and white, will help you in this, and all together they make up the team of Brothers Boom. They know a lot about explosives and will be happy to help the player blow up any rubble and obstacles on the way to wealth.

Brothers will appear on the playing field in the form of symbols, each of them has not only its own denomination, but when hitting a winning combination, they will certainly not miss the opportunity to show what it is worth. White Brother is the wisest and kindest, if he appears, he will lean out and smile and hold out a sparkling diamond in his hand. Blue is the complete opposite of White, on the contrary, instead of a diamond, he will ominously wave his fist at you. But Red can be called the most reckless in this team, he will not stretch out a diamond or a fist, but a bomb, which will immediately explode, demonstrating his dementia. The Boom Brothers online slot machine can also delight you with a bonus game consisting of two stages, free spins of the reels and a special "Second Chance" round that allows you to make a second free spin, if nothing comes out in the first.

Technical characteristics

Not only are NetEnt slot machines famous for their uniqueness, but also the company's developers have tried to create a video slot as unlike all the others.

With regard to the design. There are peculiar game reels, which are presented in the form of metal chains, which, while moving, bring symbols, they can appear and create prize combinations on 20 lines.

The control panel practically does not differ from other slots of the company. The same large key for starting the reels in the very center, and on the sides of the buttons for setting parameters, from the denomination of each credit, to the inclusion of the function of automatically starting the reels. The denomination or exchange rate is chosen by the player, you can choose the cost of one loan equal to 1 euro or dollar. The one-time maximum bet is 100 credits and the maximum winning amount is at least 120 thousand coins.

Bonus Round

Boom Brothers Online Slot Machine offers a bonus round consisting of of two stages, each of them is interesting and exciting in its own way. By the way, this game is called "RailTrack". But first things first, let's start with the description of the first stage.

To start the first stage, it is necessary that the symbol with the inscription RailTrack appears on one of the lines, necessarily, in the amount of at least three reels starting from the left reel. After that, these three drums turn into three pieces of rail and form a railroad track. Now the remaining two reels begin to rotate and if rails fall out on them, the rate is multiplied by 4 times, and the rail track takes up all five reels. This means the end of the first stage and the beginning of the second bonus game. If only one symbol with rails appears on the remaining two reels, the bet is multiplied three times and the bonus round ends. And if nothing falls out, then the game also ends, and the bet is doubled.

The second stage of the bonus game is much more interesting. It is more interesting to play here and you can win a lot more, the main prize will fall into your hands right here. The second stage begins with the fact that three trolleys appear in front of the player, in which our Brothers are already sitting. The essence of the game boils down to the fact that which of the brothers reaches the end first, the player will receive that prize. The task is very simple, you need to choose one of three trolleys at the bottom of the screen, they contain stones, with the color corresponding to each brother. As soon as one of the brothers gets to the end, he will blow up the blockage and the reward will go to the player's account.

Free Spins

This mode starts after three or more symbols with the inscription "Free Spins" appear. , three such symbols will start 10 free spins of the reels, although this number may be different, depending on the inscription on this symbol. During these spins, any winnings will immediately be multiplied three times, with the exception of the prize received in the bonus game.

Game symbols

It's time to deal with the symbols of the slot, because it is from them in fact, the size of payments depends.

Let's start with the most common and most inexpensive symbols, which bring up to 100 credits, depending on the number of dropped pictures. These are symbols with the image of a pickaxe, helmet, lantern, bucket and caliper. By the way, five symbols with a lantern multiply the winnings by 100 times.

The keeper of all miners and prospectors will bring the player a multiplier coefficient from 2 to 125, for 3 or 5 symbols, respectively. Dropping symbols with brothers brings much more. Three symbols with Red or Blue on one of the lines give 250 credits, but White is the oldest 500.

There are also special symbols in the game, for example, the wild symbol in the form of a picture with a bomb, it replaces any other symbol in the game, except for scatters. The wild symbol can also activate free spins of the reels if it falls out in the right place, but this is not all the usefulness of the wild. Five wild symbols on one line bring 7,500 credits at once for each bet.


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