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Domestic cats should be respected. Cat Queen Slot Review

Bast - or Bastet - was one of the most respected and beloved goddesses of the ancient Egyptian pantheon. And, in principle, very deserved. Bastet was the patroness of joy, love and fun. Fertility depended on her. And women considered Bastet also their own patroness - since she was the goddess of the hearth and beauty.

Bastet was portrayed as a woman with a cat's head. But she could also turn into a cat. So these four-legged pets were highly revered in Ancient Egypt - you never know if this is an ordinary "purr" or a reincarnated goddess of fertility, joy and female beauty.

Bastet is also one of the most recognizable goddesses of the ancient Egyptian pantheon. That is why it often appears in the design of slots made in the historical style. And the development studio Playtech has dedicated a whole separate Cat Queen slot machine to it. No, of course, other gods are also present in it. But Bastet is the most important symbol that brings the greatest payouts and has special capabilities.

And on our site you can play for free in the Cat Queen slot machine. The presented demo version brings as much fun as those that are installed in online casinos. Only the game is free - for fans, not real money.

Meeting with the cat queen

The playing field of the Cat Queen slot machine is somewhat larger than the classic one. It consists of 5 drums with 4 rows each. This space is crossed by 40 prize lines. Their number is fixed, so if you want to play at the minimum bet, then you should reduce the stake. Prize lines are calculated in the traditional way - from left to right, starting from the first outer reel.

The set of basic symbols is quite small - only 7 pieces. It includes the head of Anubis, the figure of a lion, the sacred scarab, the falcon, the Egyptian cross-ankh, the eye of Horus and the face of the pharaoh. The first six are priced the same (which is quite unusual for slots). Also, two special symbols appear on the reels:

  • Wild. The picture shows the very queen cat. It drops out on all reels and brings quite large payouts. In addition, the wild is able to replace any base symbol on the payline to form a winning sequence;
  • Scatter. Pictured is an Egyptian pyramid. Drops on all reels, is paid depending on the number of scatters dropped on the field - it doesn't matter if they are on the same payline or not. Five of these symbols bring the maximum payout.

There is no bonus game here. But even without it, the slot turned out to be very interesting and unusual, especially if you take into account the same payouts for most of the basic symbols.

The Cat Queen slot machine will delight fans of the ancient Egyptian setting and somewhat unusual gameplay. In addition, it is characterized by a low level of variance, which means frequent payments. And on our site you can play for free in the Cat Queen slot machine.


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