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Play Crime Scene Casino slot for free

Slot machine online Crime Scene cannot be called very exciting and unusual. If not for his bonus game, it would not be interesting to play, and there are good reasons for that. It's not even about the gray graphics and mediocre sounds, but the main game. Depressing is the fact that in the main game the slot brings very little, prize combinations are very rare, and if they do, they bring very small amounts, even wild symbols do not save, because they have nothing to replace. But on the other hand, everything pays off with interest in the bonus round, it is really interesting and brings a good win.

Imagine yourself in the role of a real police officer and find yourself in the thick of an investigation similar to spy games is now available to everyone.

We present to your attention the Crime Scene online slot from NetEntertainment. The slot features a large number of active paylines, an interesting bonus game and a wild symbol that can be delayed by several reels. Thanks to this interesting function, frequent winning combinations with the participation of the wild symbol are achieved. According to the developers of the slot, the percentage of refund is about 96.7, and for one spin you can get a maximum of 22.5 thousand coins.

Description of the slot machine and its characteristics

Before you start to the game, you need to configure the slot for optimal parameters. To do this, you should turn to the control panel, where you can set up not only comfortable bets, etc., but also the quality of graphics, sounds and the speed of rotation of the reels. In order to start the game, press the central, largest button, next to it there is an autoplay button and a button for activating the maximum bet. On the right, there is a button for selecting the value of one game coin, a minimum of 0.01 credits and a maximum of 0.50 credits. On the left, there is a button for choosing the size of the bet, the amount that is debited for one spin will depend on it, the maximum bet is 150 euros. To learn more about the rules and see the paytable tables, press the paytable button.

Crime Scene slot machine suggests trying to become a police detective for a while and find yourself at a real crime scene. There is a lot of work to be done, you need to conduct a thorough search and find the traces and fingerprints of the criminals at the crime scene, and then find out what type of weapon the attackers used. This is a hundred of the storyline, otherwise everything is appropriate. For example, the graphic design is not to say that it is bright and colorful, but rather the opposite, everything is gray and faded, but at the same time it is understandable, the work of the police cannot be called a Brazilian carnival. The same situation is with the musical accompaniment, but nevertheless everything fits together. The only symbol that somehow stands out against the general background is the wild, although it is not surprising, because almost every appearance of it is accompanied by a monetary reward.

Game Symbols

Slot machine online Crime Scene does not have the ability to select the number of lines on which combinations are made. But there is a special wild symbol. In terms of its main functions, it is still the same wild, i.e. can, if necessary, replace the missing symbol, with the exception of the symbol with the inscription bonus. The wild symbol is a picture in the form of a police token and its peculiarity is that when it appears on the playing field, a number from 2 to 5 is displayed on it. place and will perform its main functions. To put it more simply, if, for example, the number 3 is on the token, then this means that the wild participates in etrm and the next three spins, remaining in the same place. The trick is that if another wild appears, then they begin to make winning sequences together, and so on, with subsequent occurrences of wild symbols. Such an accumulation of wilds can bring a good profit, in addition, the winnings with their participation will be tripled.

There are also ordinary symbols in the game, which basically bring winnings, with the exception of the bonus game, of course. Traditionally, the most inexpensive are pictures from playing cards. So the number 10 and the jack increase the winnings from 3 to 30 credits, the queen and king from 4 to 40, and the ace from 5 to 50, for three and five symbols on the line, respectively. Thematic symbols bring in more. So the pistol will bring a maximum coefficient of 200, like the picture with the case, glasses with a lamp up to 450, and the trail of a criminal maximum 750.

Bonus round

Play Crime Scene slot for free in the bonus round is quite an interesting activity, largely due to the fact that the additional game is unusual and looks like an episode of some computer game about detectives or spies. The game involves several stages, in which the main task is to open the desired folder, but this is also the risk, in the folders you can find not only a win, but also a red cross, which means the end of the game. The blue folders contain not only cash prizes, but also fingerprints with a certain amount, after which subsequent rewards will increase by this amount. For example, you open a folder with prints and the amount of 270, in the next folder you find the amount 90, which means that your final winnings will be 360. Thus, you can open up to 4 folders with prints, and all of them will increase the cash prizes. But not everything is so simple, you won't be able to open folders without risk, because one of them contains a cross that will end the bonus round. True, if you find a green check mark in the folders, you will not be afraid of this cross, but if it appears again, the game will end.


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