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Find your desert rose with Desert Treasure slot machine

Mysterious and enigmatic countries of the East have always attracted travelers and adventurers. Arab and Persian sheikhs kept countless treasures in their luxurious palaces, and incredible danger emanated from the enchanting black eyes of local beauties. Show a little carelessness - and now your heart belongs to the East forever ...

But even the risk of ending their life with the splendor of a sharply sharpened scimitar did not stop the adventurers. After all, the reward, the reward has always been incalculable. Tons of gold, the most delicate fabrics, mysterious artifacts and centuries of wisdom - this is what awaited the adventurers at the end of their journey.

And now you too can go in search of untold treasures. To do this, you don't even have to get up from behind a computer: the Desert Treasure slot machine from BGaming studio is imbued with the spirit of the East. And the luckiest ones will take those very mountains of gold out of it ... However, even if you play for free, you will still enjoy it! Try it and see for yourself. Just be careful: the black eyes of the Arab princess instantly drive you crazy.

The attractive beauty of the East

The Desert Treasure slot machine "captivates" already by the fact that it is fully adapted for modern computers. High resolution images, sophisticated animation and deep, rich sound - all this delights the eyes and ears. Desert Treasure looks like an outlet after the fist-sized pixel slots released in the last decade.

Overall, Desert Treasure doesn't offer any special mechanics. This is a classic slot machine, understandable for both beginners and experienced players. The field consists of five reels with three symbols on each and is crossed by 9 prize lines. Their number can be reduced - in order to reduce the bet as much as possible (but at the same time reduce the chance of winning to the minimum).

Bets here, as in many other video slots, are made per line. For example, if 9 lines are active and the bet for each is 0.1 fan (in-game currency in the free demo mode), then the total bet on the field is 0.9 fan. In a casino, when it comes to real money, the numbers are about the same. By the way, the maximum bet per line is 1 fan, and on the field it turns out to be 9 fans.

The symbol with a charming oriental princess is a wild. It can take any value required to fill the prize line. There is also a scatter depicting an Arab warrior. If three such symbols appear, the player gets 10 free spins, and for five - as much as 50 bonus free rounds!

Every detail of the interface matches the style. Even the basic symbols are not card denominations, but Arabic symbols. And thanks to this, Desert Treasure instantly immerses you in the atmosphere of the East. Try it yourself - you can play on our site for free!

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