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The Dracula online slot machine evokes mixed feelings. On the one hand, the graphic design with animation effects is really impressive, as is the soundtrack. On the other hand, the gameplay begins to get boring after a while. Even a flock of bats flying over the playing field and turning many symbols into one will not save the situation, and the spin goes empty. Of course, this is not felt when playing with virtual credits, but what if it was real money? In general, you need to play for real money with great care, and even then, only after playing for a long time in demo mode, in order to develop your own strategy. The fact is that the Dracula slot can bring really large sums only in the free spins mode, but first you need to catch them.

This slot was released by the standards of slot machines quite recently, on April 23, 2015, so it cannot be called modern. The developers of the NetEntertainment company do not use outdated themes in their slots, on the contrary, each video slot is distinguished by its unusualness and its own storyline, which is not found anywhere else. Slot machine online Dracula offers to play for real money or in free mode on 40 active lines, if they are lucky, players will be able to decently increase their winnings thanks to additional free games with unusual features. The developers claim that their Dracula slot machine will return the funds used for bets to the players with a probability of 96.58%, and, of course, you will have an unforgettable gameplay.

Description of the Dracula slot < / h3>

Welcome to the Middle Ages, during the time of the great and terrible Count Dracula. From the very beginning, the player finds himself in a dark and gloomy castle in Transylvania, where his equally gloomy master lives. Dracula will always closely follow the gameplay, sitting in an antique chair opposite the player. His gaze is so piercing that goosebumps involuntarily run through the body. Watching you carefully, he will impatiently tap his fingers on the armrest of the chair, as if hinting that you need to spin the drums, there is nothing to delay with this. No matter how scary from his presence, he is not here to sit and scare the players with his appearance, from time to time it will be he who will launch a special option called "bats". We will dwell on this function later, one thing is clear for sure, their main task is to make the winnings even more, while their action extends to both regular and bonus games.

The Dracula slot does not have the usual prize pool distribution. To be precise, there are two of them at once, one for the main game, and the second is saved and used during the function with bats. At first glance, everything is complicated, but in fact, everything is very simple. These prize savings funds resemble jackpots with different amounts, such as, for example, used in some machines (Mini, middle, gran, max). When the symbol with Dracula stretches over the entire reel, or the same happens with the wild symbol, the player has the opportunity to take the entire amount of the prize fund. At the same time, when the free spins of the reels start, it becomes much easier to win a prize from this fund, this is due to the fact that the function with bats will be triggered every free spin.

Slot characteristics

< p> Since recently, literally less than a year, the company NetEntertainment is increasingly using non-standard sizes for its slots. So the online slot machine Dracula has become smaller in size, relative to the vertical. Although the changes are hard not to notice, this did not particularly affect the functionality and popularity among the players.

As for the control panel, there are no major changes in the arrangement of the buttons, except that there is no button for selecting the number of active lines, however, this button is absent on many slots from NetEnt. Accordingly, all 40 lines are initially active by default, so you have to take into account that you need to place bets on all lines.

The buttons on the panel are standard for NetEnt. The most important spin, it is located exactly in the center and starts the reels. You can also select the nominal value of each credit in the game using the coin value button, and the max bet button sets the maximum bet. The bet level button is used to select the bet level from 1 to 10, and the game currency rate varies from 0.01 to 1 euro. Slot machine online Dracula has an average return rate of RTP bets, no more than 96.58%, and a one-time maximum payout per spin is 80,000 credits.

The video slot does not differ from others in the number of special symbols, in fact, there is only one here and it is a wild in the form of the letter W, in addition, it can stretch to the entire reel. The scatter as such is not present in the game. Instead of scatters, a slightly different principle is used to trigger free spins. When a full-length portrait of Count Dracula appears on the entire second reel, and a portrait of his bride appears on the fourth reel as well, then in this case the player receives 10 free spins of the reels. During Free Spin, each spin of the reels will be accompanied by a flight of bats, increasing the chances of winning many times over. Unlike free spins, in the normal game mode, bats are launched absolutely randomly at any spin, flying in front of the screen, they also randomly turn different symbols into the same.

Game symbols

Like in any other slot machine, the Dracula slot has the most inexpensive symbols - pictures with cards of various denominations. The only difference is that there is no difference here which symbol made up a winning combination, no matter whether it is jack or ace, the maximum multiplier will be 40. All other symbols, except for Dracula and his bride, will bring a maximum of 60. The graph itself will bring 200 bets. if there are 5 symbols on one line, like his fiancee. At first glance, it may seem that the gain is very small, but this is only in appearance. The fact is that there are not so many symbols in the game and the same symbols make up winning combinations quite often, especially since 40 lines give the right to count on a good win every successful spin.

In addition to winning, symbols with Dracula and his bride trigger free spins if they appear together on the 2nd and 4th reels. As soon as you see their full-length images on the reels, an animated cuddle will start. By the way, a player can get 2 more free spins if he catches this symbol during free spins.

Free spins

The bonus round runs at the same rates as at the time of the start of the free spins. The peculiarity of this mode, except that money is not debited from the account, is that the appearance of Dracula and his bride on the third reel adds 2 more spins. In addition, each spin Dracula will turn into bats, providing players with additional opportunities to win.


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