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Play online at Dragon Island slot

Dragon Island online slot machine is not something special. Yes, he has a very interesting golden dragon mode that can really bring some pretty good sums. But still, you shouldn't play the slot for real money at once, it will be enough to start trying it and how to study it. Moreover, you should not play at maximum rates, you can drop everything very quickly, since Dragon Island loves to play around the available amount, i.e. you can win a little, then lose and so on in a circle until you start betting more or you can not win more in the free spins mode. Be that as it may, the machine is definitely not greedy and will give players not only positive emotions, but also a solid win. In this sense, the slot is fair and this is what attracts players.

Many manufacturers of slot machines, when creating their slots, turn to mythical themes, so the developers of Net Entertainment decided not to stand aside and also used one of the most popular themes. This is how the Dragon Island online slot machine was born dedicated to one of the most mysterious mythical creatures, dragons. Many books and feature films have been devoted to these creatures, about what they were, there are also many opinions. Someone considers them good-natured and mulpvmi animals, while others, on the contrary, are scary and mysterious. They will also be profitable in Dragon Island video slot. The company NetEntertainment decided to time the release of Dragon Island to the year of the Dragon, so to speak, once again before the start of the new year to remind of the power of these creatures.

Players will have to go to a distant unknown island and find a statue of a golden dragon on it. But the problem is that finding this mysterious island is only half the battle, along the way you will have to fight several representatives of huge lizards at once. Further, full information about the Dragon Island video slot will be presented, from the design to the description of the symbols. It is necessary to figure out whether the slot is actually able to return to players 96.6% of the funds used for betting, as well as to figure out how realistic it is to get the maximum win in one spin, equal to 400,000 credits.

Description of the slot machine

Immediately after the end of the introductory video, the player enters the playing field, where mysterious and powerful creatures live. They will now and then appear in the background, reminding of their presence. The graphic design is done in shades of green and gray-blue, which mask dragons. Right behind the reels, it is fashionable to see the vague outlines of the very island of dragons, on which untold riches await players, because as you know, dragons value only riches.

Well, what an island without tropical plants, and here on drums lianas, hung with tropical flowers, stretch. Of course, the main goal of the players is to get those very riches, in the form of substantial amounts of winnings. But you must admit that it is better to strive for this, playing on an interesting and beautiful device, than to die of boredom playing a monotonous game. Graphic design implies some kind of realism of everything that happens in order to captivate players for a long time. In addition, the musical accompaniment is also impressive, the background is the noise of a waterfall in the distance, which is now and then interrupted by loud sounds announcing the winning combination of symbols. All this is the island of dragons and it is waiting for treasure seekers right now.

Technical characteristics of the machine

The online slot machine Dragon Island offers to play on the standard five reels, on which 15 pay lines are located. According to these parameters, the slot is average, and in every sense. This is evidenced even by the number of active lines, not to mention the average cycle length and average variance. By the way, unlike other slots, Dragon Island by RTP can really return 96.6% of the bets, so it is quite possible to get a positive mathematical expectation. Average rates should be adhered to in the size of the rates.

But he can boast of not average indicators. The developers of NetEnt perfectly understand that the slot machine has average performance, so they decided to make not only beautiful graphics, but also a special game mode. The fact is that with rare exceptions, here you can choose one of two game modes.

The first of them is "win both ways and golden wild" for better understanding it is translated as "winning in both directions, including the wild symbol". This mode is activated using the "activated" button located on the control panel in the lower right corner. This mode is characterized, first of all, by doubling the rates, in addition, the player receives expanded opportunities.

A winning combination is counted even if the symbols are located from the rightmost reel, and not just from the left. In addition to the wild symbol, another symbol with the image of a golden dragon appears, appearing on the playing field, it can randomly increase the win from 2 to 8 times.

In normal mode, there is no golden dragon, and the game is played according to the standard rules. As for the control panel, it is standard and provides standard features. So here you can choose the rate of the game currency within 1 or 50 cents, as well as select the maximum bet, which is 150 credits, in the mode with the golden dragon the bet will be 300. The developers did not foresee any additional games or the opportunity to win a jackpot, with the exception of free ones. reel spins that start after three or more scatter symbols appear on the game reels.

Free spins

As soon as three scatters appear, free spins will start. Their peculiarity is that each such spin is accompanied by the appearance of a special wild symbol, which stretches across the entire reel. It can appear anywhere, on any of the five reels. The best option is in the middle, since in this case there will be more chances of winning, because combinations are counted both from left to right and from right to left.

Free spins of the reels are made at the same rates as at the time of their beginning, in addition, if scatters fall again, the player receives additional free spins, although in practice this happens extremely rarely.

Special symbols

Before playing on the Dragon Island slot machine for free or for real money, it is recommended that you first read the rules and the symbols of the game as well. Without this, it will be difficult to determine what is going on at all. The simplest symbols are, of course, card symbols ranging from 10 to ace. More expensive symbols correspond to the theme of the machine, these pictures will be dragons of different colors, you can find green, brown, blue, red and others. As a rule, it is unlikely that it will be possible to get the maximum winnings in the normal game mode. To do this, you must definitely choose the mode with the golden dragon and get free spins, only then you can count on winning 400,000 coins. If the rate is 50 cents, then the real winnings will be 200 thousand dollars.


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