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I don’t know, what is the opinion of the majority, but I liked the slot. First of all, I liked that it has a fairly small cycle, if you do not get to its beginning, then a good win is real, the cycle is no more than 500 spins, if you wish, you can first test it a little. True, it is better to test for virtual loans, and not for virtual ones. In addition, the slot has a good percentage of variance. In general terms, in terms of its characteristics, this is an average device, if you do not take its design, which can only be envied. Basically, the level is average, according to the developers, the return on rates will be 96.5 percent, which, frankly, is not enough with such dispersion and cycle figures, although it is still quite possible to get a positive mathematical expectation of a win. If you get to the beginning or the middle of the cycle and play EggOMatic for money , you can quickly figure it out, because he really doesn't want to pay, so you shouldn't play at high stakes. Otherwise, this is a good machine, somewhat funny, somewhat interesting, but in order to understand this, be sure to try it, maybe you are the very lucky one, because EggOMatic slot machine is quite playable.

We present you another masterpiece from the popular company, the development of slot machines Net Entertainment. EggOMatic online slot machine has gained popularity among thousands of players around the globe due to its originality. But not only originality won popularity, to a greater extent it became possible due to good chances of winning, allowing you to become richer without making any special efforts. And this is not fiction, because the developers claim a 96.5% return on funds, i.e. the slot has a good return, and a one-time win of 10,000 coins only confirms this.

Description of the slot machine

EggOMatic is one of the few video slots that are very popular and at the same time it does not matter in which mode to play, for free or for real money. In fact, the secret of success is quite simple, it is a slot machine with a standard 5 reel, on which there are 20 pay lines, in addition, there is a bonus game and free spins of the reels, as well as special symbols. This time the developers of the NetEnt company jumped over their own heads, creating a very unusual machine, even for themselves. According to the plot, players will have to visit a poultry farm, but it is not quite ordinary, because not real chickens are spinning on the drums, but their robotic clones. However, this is not surprising, because their task is not to carry ordinary eggs, but exclusively gold ones, which bring players a good profit. EggOMatic slot machine will appeal to everyone, from beginners to experienced players. Who knows, maybe the plot of the terminator and doomsday doesn't really come from the future, maybe it's the hens who are going to take over the world.

Interface and controls

Many players noted that despite the fact that online slot machine EggOMatic has quite beautiful graphics with animation effects, the interface remains very simple and understandable for all players. This is not surprising, because the developers first of all try to make their slot accessible, making a minimum of changes to the interface and management, which is why most of the company's slots have the same control panel. Therefore, even if you are a beginner and see the automatic control panel for the first time, it will not be difficult to figure out what is here and how.

So, the largest button is in the very center, it serves to start the reels. The bet key is responsible for the size of the bet, the size of which is determined only by the player personally and depends only on his wallet, in fact, like the balance. The level key and coin value determine how many coins will be debited for each spin and the desired rate of the game currency is selected.

These are the main keys, but there are also additional ones, for example, auto play is used to trigger the spins on their own without your participation at the current rates. And if you suddenly get tired of playing for small amounts, you can use the max bet button and set the maximum bet in one click.

As you can see at first glance, the developers have tried their best. So the slot has quite new parameters, for example, the size of the bet on the maximum parameters is $ 200, and the maximum winnings are 10,000, and the maximum payout for one spin can reach 95 thousand.

Free spins

The online slot machine has an unusual bonus round called the conveyer belt. The bottom line is that a conveyor belt can be seen above the reels, on which special eggs appear from time to time, giving players additional chances to win. It can be an egg with an additional win, with a wild symbol that can expand, as well as an egg with free spins of the reels and a special egg with a surprise.

But at the same time, not only do the eggs appear on the conveyor, they will only work if a wild symbol appears on the drum over which the egg is currently located. Only in this case the player will receive a reward, which of them will be easier to understand by studying the actions of each.

An egg with a wild symbol turns absolutely all pictures in the vicinity of the wild symbol into wilds. Accordingly, the player has much more chances to win a decent amount, because they will all be able to replace any symbol in the game to make a winning combination.

An egg with a prize payout can bring a player a different number of coins, from 50 to 2500, each time this number is different.

The free spins egg gives you the opportunity to get a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 50 free spins. And the egg with a surprise, that's why it is called that, because it can bring any of these three bonuses, and by chance.

Moreover, during the free spins obtained thanks to the egg, the player gets even more opportunities to win. This is because eggs are located above all the reels, and theoretically, if each spin brings a wild symbol, then every spin of the reels will be guaranteed as well. Most often, you can get some more free spins.

Game symbols

EggOMatic online slot machine has a specific theme, so the main theme of the symbolism is chicken, but not simple , but mechanical. By the way, this is one of the few slots where the cost of symbols is determined by the size, the larger the chicken, the more you can get for it. For example, chickens of different sizes can bring the maximum multiplier coefficient for five characters no more than 75, but for large chickens the coefficient is much higher, for five adult chickens you can get up to 1000 credits for each bet.

But it should be said right away that the main profit is accrued thanks to the eggs on the conveyor, which bring additional opportunities. The most ideal option is to activate two eggs at once, with a wild expanding symbol and free spins of the reels. The best option for dropping a wild symbol under an egg with a wild is the first two reels, but so that there are adult chickens in the other part of the field. In these two cases, you can safely count on a huge win. By the way, the maximum you can get at once is 95,000 coins.


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