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Play for free at Elements the Awakening casino slot

Slot machine online Elements is quite controversial in the issue of winnings. Behind the bright and beautiful outer shell is a very peculiar and not always profitable machine. Of course, such a high variance can be the envy of any other emulator. Such a large percentage is achieved primarily due to additional games with various possibilities, in addition, free spins can often fall out almost one after another. But not everything is so rosy and beautiful, the euphoria from high variance is quickly replaced by disappointment after you find out the cycle length, but it is simply not really large. For comparison, if for some people the cycle lasts up to 1,000 spins on average, then the Elements: Awakening slot machine extends the cycle to 10,000 spins. Despite the fact that the RTP of 96% declared by the developers allows you to get the mathematical expectation of a win, it is highly discouraged to play at high rates. It is imperative to play in demo mode and play for real money, which is highly undesirable in personal opinion. With such a monstrous cycle, you can not wait for the bonus games, ending the game for a trivial reason: the funds on the account have run out.

Since the creation of the world to this day, all events on Earth are associated with four main elements, these are water, earth, fire and air. Since ancient times, sages have tried to comprehend their nature, many scientific and fantastic teachings are devoted to these elements, and among the famous scientists of antiquity, who considered them fundamental in the creation of the universe, were Aristotle and Plato. Now is the time for you to solve their riddle and find out why the four main elements are credited with the birth of such an ancient science as alchemy. In order to find out all the secrets of the universe, you will have to launch the online slot machine Elements , another bright and colorful masterpiece from the developers of the NetEntertainment company. It is not for nothing that this video slot is considered a unique development, and the point is not in the return of rates of 96 percent and not in the maximum winnings of 300 thousand credits, but in the original system of free reels spins, which is not found anywhere else.

Description Elements slot machine

If you want to know what a real video slot should be, then pay attention to the Elements slot machine , other manufacturers of slot machines should be equal to it. If we make a rating of the most beautiful and interesting emulators, then the Element slot will take one of the first places, and not only among all developer companies, but also among the creations of NetEntertainment. And all because, before there was not such a fascinating emulator that could cause delight and admiration among the players.

In many ways, the rave reviews are associated with the stunning graphic design of the device, just take a look at the fantastic creature that looks like a lion engulfed in flames, it will appear only during free spins. And how do you like the bright and colorful design of each successful spin in the form of bright bursts of light? The background of the slot is made in dark colors and that makes the bright symbols look even more colorful, especially if you look behind them, because there you can see a stunning picture of a volcanic eruption, still covered with a snow cap. To match the graphics and music in the game, complemented by sound effects of every event in the game. Four elements await their heroes, go on a journey with Elements, the virtual world of adventure is just around the corner.


Elements online slot is no different , any variety in terms of the device. There are standard five reels and, as has already become traditional, 20 paylines, which are initially active and their number cannot be changed.

A distinctive feature of this slot is that the reels do not spin here, and all the symbols seem to spill out onto the field. This feature even has its own name "Avalanche" and if the reels, having made a turn, stop, then the avalanche stops if it does not bring winning combinations, as well as if there were 4 consecutive prize avalanches at once. In this case, the combination of winning pictures is transformed into a dazzling comet of the color of one of the elements, and then it flies off to a kind of counter of the elements, which is called "Energy Meter". At the same time, it does not just move, the flight of the comet is accompanied by bright and colorful animation effects, in addition, four avalanches start free spins of the reels.

On each of the available lines, you can put a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 credits, at an adjustable rate from 1 to 50 cents. The maximum bet amount is $ 100.

Like many other machines from this company, the Elements slot machine does not provide a progressive jackpot and a bonus game to increase winnings, but it has excellent animated graphics and lucrative free reel spins.

Free reel spins

Players receive free spins after four winning avalanches turn into comets in succession. Depending on which symbols prevailed during the four wins, a special system of wild symbols will be selected and placed on the field during the 10 free spins. Thus, you can get one of four wild symbols, namely:

  • fire storm or fire wild;
  • air storm;
  • water storm;
  • earth storm.

These symbols appear in a certain place, depending on which of the elements they represent, and also differ from each other in capabilities.

The fire symbol appears only on the three middle reels, excluding the extreme ones, to which they can switch in certain situations. The air wild appears at the very beginning of free spins and can move around the field, standing in those places where it can replace another symbol to make up a winning combination. The symbols of the earth, when they appear on the field, will remain in one place until they can fulfill their functions. And finally, the symbol of water can turn the adjacent symbols on the reel into wild ones.

Symbols of the game

The developers of the NetEnt company decided to diversify the symbols and completely excluded card symbols. Here you will find only images of the four elements, water, earth, fire and air, they will be either in a dormant state or already awake. In this case, they will form combinations and parallel avalanches. So, Elements online slot has the following set of symbols.

Your winnings will be multiplied from three to a hundred times for the dormant minor element element symbols, of course, depending on the number of dropped symbols. If these symbols are so, say, awake, then you can count on a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 1500 bets. Of course, there is also a special symbol here, this is a wild, presented in the form of a picture, which depicts a cube made of stone, it appears on all reels, except for the first one, and replaces absolutely all symbols, making advantageous combinations and strengthening the existing ones.

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