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Play free online slot machine Evolution

Slot machine online Evolution differs from others in the first place in its graphics and plot, this combination is quite rare. In addition, the musical accompaniment is made competently and will not make the players get bored or, on the contrary, nervous. This is something in between, while the sounds are rather relaxing. But frankly, all the advantages end on the external unusual and undeniably beautiful shell. The cycle length in the game is small, and the variance is low, at least as the developers say. For a relatively short cycle, a maximum of 500 spins, you still can't get a solid win, no matter how hard you try. In general, big winnings are rare here. The device is designed in such a way that it was very difficult to get a big win, it is not difficult to understand just by looking at the paytable. The declared return of rates of 96.3% does not even justify the minimum mathematical expectation, it will rather go into a deep minus, no matter what strategy the player chooses. To be honest, the Evolution slot machine is very, very mediocre and greedy, its only plus is graphics and music, otherwise it is far from being popular, however, this is not surprising, testing in demo mode quickly shows that it is nothing special from the Evolution slot.

The first mention of the fact that all living things did not come about by the will of the gods, but thanks to the natural process of evolution, appeared in ancient scriptures dating back to the fourth century BC. In particular, it mentions that living things evolved for millions of years before they became what they are. This statement was formed and overgrown with new irrefutable facts, which ultimately led to the fact that in the 19th century at that time little-known scientist anthropologist Charles Darwin presented his famous theory of the evolution of living organisms. It was he who was the first in modern history to declare that the development of all organisms on Earth became possible due to the processes of evolution. The developers of the NetEntertainment company do not claim, but do not refute this theory, but nevertheless they offer to get acquainted with the online slot machine Evolution, in which players will have the opportunity to independently imagine the process of evolutionary development.

Players will be able to become real natural scientists for a while, find creatures yet unknown to scientists, and also win good money. If you are interested in this idea, feel free to go to the vastness of the worldwide network to one of the online casinos, where there is a online slot machine Evolution . You can be sure that you will return 96.3% of your bets, and the maximum winning per spin is 44,000 credits.

Description of Evolution slot machine

NetEnt presents its own the history of the development of living organisms, players will meet with the most incredible creatures that are simply unknown to modern science. They will help the players, every now and then, appearing on the playing field and adding up in prize combinations.

The graphic design of the slot is made in dark blue colors that resemble the depths of the sea, the developers seem to hint that their unseen animals also evolved from marine life. The soundtrack also speaks of the depths of the sea, as the drums stop with the characteristic sounds of air popping in the water column.

But even when the reels stop, the symbols on them will continue to float, while the winning combination will be accompanied not only by animation and highlighting, but also by a sound that is characteristic of this or that event. To visit this mysterious world, it is not at all necessary to go to the lost and unknown islands, it is enough to launch the online slot machine Evolution .


In this video slot, even the rotation of the reels is not quite ordinary, the fact is that 5 reels rotate from bottom to top, and not vice versa, as is usually the case. There are 25 paylines on the playing field, which will always be active. As a rule, before starting the reels, you should set up the slot for a comfortable game. You can put from 1 to 10 credits on each line, as well as select the desired rate of the game currency from the minimum 1 cent to the maximum 50 cents. As a rule, these parameters are the same for the majority of NetEnt slots. To get a win, it is necessary that at least three identical symbols appear on one of the lines in a row. If there are several such sequences, then only the most profitable for him is counted to the player.

As for bonus games and other additional rounds, they will not be here. But you definitely shouldn't be upset in advance, because there is an opportunity to get free reel spins quite often, there can be from 10 to 20, depending on the number of symbols that start free games.

But this is not all the bonuses of the device. A distinctive feature of this slot is a special Evolution mode, which is activated during free spins. The essence of this option is that when winning combinations are formed during free spins, the symbols will evolve and reach a new level of the development branch. After that, the player has even more chances of a decent win. This option has become an excellent substitute for risk games and other bonus rounds, so if you think that the lack of additional games negatively affects the size of your winnings, you can safely put these thoughts out of your head.

Special game symbols

The developers tried to dream up and present to the players their version of the evolution of living organisms, so the topic is completely devoted to these creatures. In total, there will be 15 of the most different unseen animals here. Although they cannot be called animals, they are rather unicellular organisms and their more developed multicellular individuals.

Not without card symbols, they are traditionally the most inexpensive here and, depending on the denomination and quantity on one line, they can bring from 2 to 100 credits for each bet.

Thematic symbols are more attractive in all respects, they are better not only in appearance, but also in their cost, because they bring much more than their single-celled counterparts. Depending on their number and value according to the paytable, winning combinations with their participation will help to increase the total account up to 500 bets.

Unlike other machines, the Evolution slot machine cannot boast of a bright and colorful wild symbol that stands out from the others. But, nevertheless, its functionality is quite interesting. It can appear only on four reels, excluding the first one, and make winning combinations either by replacing a symbol, or complementing an existing sequence of symbols.

Another special symbol is the scatter and is not covered by the wild symbol. This symbol is a picture with the inscription Free Spin, so it becomes clear why it is needed, the scatter launches free spins of the reels.

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