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Play online at Excalibur slot machine

Despite not very good reviews, it is still recommended to get acquainted with this video slot. Moreover, the Excalibur online slot machine has a rather favorable cycle length, which actually does not exceed 500 spins, plus a high variance awaits you, which is achieved through frequent free spins. But at the same time, the slot has a rather mediocre RTP of only 95.1%, for a game emulator with such indicators this is very small, so you should definitely not expect a positive mathematical expectation of a win. It is quite risky to play for real money, but you are always welcome to play in demo mode, especially since it is also interesting. Getting real winnings when playing for real money seems like a dubious undertaking. But as an entertainment device, it is a really worthy slot, all thanks to the colorfulness and interesting features.

The past holds a lot of secrets, which are no longer destined to comprehend. Legends have been formed over the centuries, many of them have already been forgotten, but the most interesting and mysterious ones still live and do not lose their relevance to this day. One of these mysterious legends became the main theme for the Excalibur slot machine. This slot was created by the developers of the NetEnt company, and the legends and stories about King Arthur were taken as the basis of the plot. Perhaps, the king himself could hardly have thought that someday in the distant future, the story of his life and legends about his exploits, together with his best friend sword Excalibr, would form the basis of the plot for slot machines unseen at that time, and even more so he would not I could have imagined that there would be such a company NetEntertainment, which would become famous for him once again. Players will embark on a dangerous journey during the Middle Ages and find the legendary sword of King Arthur, overcoming all dangers and sweeping away all enemies in their path. You will find a solid maximum win for one revolution of the reels, it is 120 thousand coins, and the Excalibur slot machine can return up to 96.2 percent of the bets.

Description of the Excalibur slot machine

For any of us I want to relax and forget for a while about business and everyday hustle and bustle, not think about problems and relax. To spend this time with benefit, the developers of the company NetEntertainment offer to play on one of the many emulators, this will not only allow you to relax, but also possibly make you richer. Excalibur slot machine will take you to a medieval castle, in which many centuries of legends and traditions about fearless knights of the round table were formed, and also will open before you the veil of secrets that envelop the walls of the ancient castle.

The graphic design matches the main theme of the slot and is made in dark and brown colors, reminiscent of the walls of a castle, around you can see the inscriptions, clearly made by the master in golden letters, in which the dim light from numerous candles is reflected. The symbols of the game are colorful and animated in the event of a winning combination of symbols. All this is complemented by musical accompaniment, while the soundtracks are selected for each event and the overall picture becomes complete, acquiring an unforgettable atmosphere of chivalry and the Middle Ages. You can try yourself in the role of a real knight, dressed in heavy armor, but you will not fight with enemies, but with lady luck.


Embark on a dangerous journey into the distant past , in the days of distant ancestors, it is offered using the standard five game reels, on which there are 9 paylines, by the way, their number changes on the control panel, not all slots of the NetEnt company have such a function.

Before starting a knightly duel, you need to prepare for it. So, first we select the denomination of each credit in the game, its value ranges from 1 cent to 1 dollar. You can bet from 1 to 4 credits on one line, thus the maximum bet is 36 credits. All these actions are performed using the control panel located at the bottom of the screen. In principle, it is not difficult to set up a slot for comfortable conditions, after that you can start the reels using one of the launch options, either manually by pressing the central button, or using the automatic reels start button. The only disadvantage of autorun is the impossibility of changing the previously set parameters.

Special characters

Any, even the simplest video slot from NetEntertainment has its own unique and memorable symbols. Even the simplest card symbols in these slots are decorated in different ways. So online slot machine Excalibur has card symbols in the form of pictures with knightly shields. They are the most expensive in the game and you can get a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 150 bets for them. Of course, it all depends on which symbols make up the combinations and in what quantity.

Thematic symbols here are correspondingly more expensive. These symbols are the portraits of the heroes of this story. This is King Arthur himself, and the sorcerer Merlin, and Sir Lancelot and, of course, the charming Guinevere, about the passion that other legends go about. Depending on the number of dropped symbols, you can get up to 750 credits for each bet.

Of course, the most powerful symbol is also present in the game, this is a picture with a sword called Excalibre. This sword can not only strike enemies, but also heal the most severe wounds. It is no coincidence that it was he who became a wild symbol. He is able not only to line up in any combination of symbols and replace any symbol, but also to double the winnings with his participation.

The Holy Grail, or rather a picture with it, has become a scatter or a scatter symbol. This symbol is perhaps the most long-awaited, because it can trigger up to 30 free spins of the reels, and during the free spins the winnings will be multiplied three times.


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