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Eyes of the Kraken game: look into the eyes of the Kraken

The Eye Of The Kraken or Eye of the Kraken slot plays a story about the mythical monster Kraken from Scandinavian legends, this game was created in the Play N Go laboratory by a team of experienced developers. They love provocative mystical plots, they know how to draw pictures beautifully, and the slot mechanism is filled with many useful and potential functions. Therefore, the Kraken from the depths of the sea became the main hero of the machine, and functional improvements made the game as high-quality and interesting as possible.

In more detail about the Kraken, let's say the following: an enormous sea monster, similar to a squid, is an individual up to 50 pounds in length, it has a rounded body, a predatory mouth and long powerful tentacles. This character was seen by the sailors of the northern seas, they wrote about him in books, made films, and it was he who became the hero of the Eye Of The Kraken slot. We would like to thank Play 'N Go for the new development and analyze in detail the rules and capabilities of the new gaming software.

Eye of The Kraken game: slot symbols

By launching the game on the device screen, the casino client gets to the very bottom of the ocean waters. Around the dark blue expanse, schools of small fish, fragments of underwater rocks. It is here that the drums of the machine will be located, more similar to the elements of a deep-sea bathyscaphe. The technical side of the slot assumes that Eye of The Kraken has a 3x3 playing field, where 9 symbols and 8 lines work for the game. All positions are collected in three directions: diagonal, vertical and horizontal. Play 'N Go always adapts its software for any gaming device, from smartphones to tablets. The main symbols of the slot were the following meanings: a brave captain, a girl mechanic, an experienced sailor, as well as an image of a harpoon, a nautical compass, a diving helmet, an oxygen tank, and special boots for divers. The symbolism of the Eye of The Kraken slot follows the plot of sea adventures. The game has a scatter symbol in the form of a diving helmet, for 5 such pictures the player will receive free spins and a 150-fold increase in the bet! Let's look at other bonus features of the slot to better understand its potential.

Eye Of The Kraken: bonus features

A feature called Wild Kraken Tentacles works as follows: any spin of the reels can be accompanied the Kraken approaches them, while the monster wraps around 1 of the reels with tentacles, adding wild symbols to the screen, 1 or more. As a result, the player can get a winning combination.

The Conquer The Kraken feature is linked to the counter to the right of the screen. This counter fills up when a torpedo appears, a torpedo gives 1 point on the counter and can appear anywhere on the screen. After collecting all 50 pieces of rockets, you can activate this round of the bonus function. You will also need to select 1 of 3 Kraken Treasure Chests to receive the amount of cash prize due to you.

A feature called Dive Mode Free Spins will be triggered when 5 symbols appear in the form of a diving helmet. The helmet can drop out in any part of the machine and give the player 9 free spins. In the process of playing this option, a wild symbol in the form of a giant squid's eye will appear on the reels of the slot, and give the player the chances of the maximum number of profitable winning combinations.

Summarizing the above, the Eye Of The Kraken slot machine is a fun, interesting, high-quality software, which has a lot of useful options, bonuses and chances. The minimum bet in the slot is 0.2 game coins for 1 spin, harpoons, boots and air cylinders will give the player 40 coins, for a compass - 60 coins, for a diving helmet - 80 coins, for a submarine scientist - 150 coins, for a sailor 500 coins and 1000 coins for the captain.


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