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Play online at Fisticuffs slot machine

Slot machine online Fisticuffs is primarily created as an entertainment slot and it fully justifies it, playing is really very interesting and exciting, thanks to the dynamism of the process. It is somewhat depressing that the slot does not have a single additional game, the developers did not even provide for the free spins feature. Although it is stated that the slot machine returns 96.7% of the bets, a positive mathematical expectation of a win is impossible. The Fisticuffs slot machine has an average variance, which is not surprising, especially since it is realized only using wild symbols. The cycle length is also average, in principle, you can count on large payments even after 500 spins. Despite the dynamism, the slot begins to age morally. Otherwise, one cannot say that the slot is bad, no, it is quite possible to get a good win on it if you play wisely. Be sure to test the slot machine in demo mode, then you can play for real money at small rates, although you can try large ones until the first serious payout.

Any self-respecting man should be able to stand up for himself and for his life partner, as it has been the custom from time immemorial. But, unfortunately, many men think that this statement obliges them to be able to explain to their opponent that they are right with their fists. Although, instead, it was possible to resolve the dispute more diplomatically, through simple conversation. Just for those who like to wave their fists, NetEnt developers have created a online slot machine Fisticuffs . This slot is made in a funny and original form, as if showing all fight lovers what they really look like. I would like to think so, but if you look at the official version, then the Fisticuffs slot machine is dedicated to fist fights that appeared long before professional boxing. The developers' statements are also cocky, because they promise that their slot is able to return 96.7% of the bets to the players, and the winnings that can be received is a maximum of 100,000 credits.

Description of the slot machine

Slot machine Fisticuffs welcomes players with beautiful graphic design, and although it is made in brown and orange colors, the slot looks bright and challenging. If you urgently need to get rid of stress or you have always wanted to personally enter the boxing ring and fight an opponent, or maybe you just want to watch fistfight, the predecessor of boxing, then you urgently need to discover the online slot machine Fisticuffs < / strong>. The peculiarity of this slot is not only in special features, but in the accrual of the winnings that are received, it is not so difficult, because the prize combinations of symbols are added from left to right and from right to left. The soundtrack corresponds to the given theme, so each new spin is sounded with a special effect, and each successful drop of symbols is loud applause. To feel like a winner and hear the fanfare, you need to launch the Fisticuffs slot, you don't need to wait long, it's time to enter the ring.

Interface and control

There is nothing special in terms of control, everything is, in principle, standard for video slots from NetEntertainment. In the center there is the main button, which is responsible for the beginning of the spins. There is also a coin value button, with which you can adjust the cost of one credit in the game, as well as level, which adjusts the number of credits for each of the lines. In addition, for those who are used to playing at the same rates, without changing them often, the mode of automatic reel start is suitable, using the auto play button, you can also use the bet max button if you decide to play at a high price, because after pressing it, the rates will become maximum ...


The most important feature of this video slot is, of course, the wild symbol. The functionality of the game emulator will appeal to all players without exception. It provides an original and extremely unusual system for the appearance of wild symbols. The bottom line is this. When pictures with boxers appear on the reels, and on the neighboring ones, in addition, the boxers must touch each other on one of the paylines, in this situation there are three wild symbols and already for these three symbols the counting of prize combinations begins based on their ability to replace any symbol ... But that's not all, after the accrual of the winnings on these wild symbols, they remain in their place in the reels and spin again without removing the bet from the player's account. These two boxers appear in certain places, they can appear both horizontally and diagonally, but always on adjacent cells.

Game symbols

Naturally, these are not the only symbols in the game, the developers of the NetEnt company cannot tolerate such discrimination. All the symbols of the game are dedicated to the theme of boxing and everything connected with it. For example, the object without which the fight will not begin is, of course, the gong. Boxing gloves, without which it is impossible to imagine a fight, the winner's cup and the champion's belt, these symbols, by the way, are the most expensive, for them you can get up to 500 credits for each bet. But a stool, a decanter of water and a towel, attributes of the corner of each boxer, bring much less, only a maximum of 60 bets.

But the most expensive and generous payouts are special symbols, this time they are wild symbols, of which there are three varieties in the game at once.

And so, the first of them is straight wild, its peculiarity is that it appears exclusively on the third reel. He looks like a big and fat boxer, he throws a blow melancholy and all the neighboring cells turn into wild symbols.

The second one is diagonal wild, it can appear only on the second and fourth reels, as a rule, the difference between these symbols is visible to the naked eye. A frail boxer easily jumps up and starts pounding a big belly straight wild with thin handles, after which all cells in the formed triangle become wild symbols.

In addition, there is also a stacked wild, it is formed if the boxers start their fight. Then adjacent cells are filled with wild symbols, after which a free reel spin is made.

In order for wild symbols to replace others and make prize combinations, they do not have to appear together. One wild is enough to perform its main functions, and if we take into account that winning combinations add up to both sides, then the chances of winning in players are really high.


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