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Flowers slot machine. play for free, no registration

To be honest, the online slot machine Flowers can be called a good slot, but at a stretch. First, it has a very long cycle, from one big win to another, you can spin the reels up to 2000 times without much result, not to mention the variance, which is realized exclusively in free spins, which, in turn, are activated by the machine very reluctantly. The stated percentage of return of 96.4 will obviously not be impressive, so it is not surprising that you will not be able to get a positive mathematical expectation of a win. The main profit from cycle to cycle comes during normal play. Maybe that's why the developers tried to make it more fun, endowing with special double symbols and colorful design. In general, this is an average slot with average winning opportunities. Although it cannot be ruled out that playing is very interesting and exciting, so try to play, at least in demo mode, it is recommended for everyone.

Especially for those who have already been waiting for the arrival of spring, for those who are tired of the cold of winter and for those who already smell the spring, the developers of NetEntertainment have created a online slot machine Flowers . Spring is associated with flowers, that's why they were chosen as the main characters of the video slot. Everyone loves flowers, and you shouldn't believe a person who says he doesn't like bouquets of flowers. Well, how can you not admire the snow-white lily, which is reflected on the water surface in the light of the evening crimson sunset, or not look with admiration at the whole field, dotted with blue cornflowers. Despite its appearance and name, the online slot Flowers cannot be called suitable only for women, because the parameters declared by the developers are very serious, and this is a 96.4% refund and a maximum one-time win of 75,000 credits.

Description of the slot machine

After the introductory intro, the main screen of the slot machine appears in front of the players. And there is something to admire here, I must admit, the developers have tried seriously over the graphic design. Players from the gray boring everyday life find themselves in a sunlit clearing, literally dotted with all kinds of flowers of all shades, about which the eyes simply run up. The blue sky was chosen as the main background, and on the sides you can see not simple columns of numbers that denote payline numbers, but green vines, the leaves of which serve as platforms for these numbers. All this beauty is in a wooden frame, which flaunts a huge inscription on top of Flowers. Agree, wooden frames fit much more into the general background of the flower slot. Music does not lag behind the graphics, the background is the chirping of birds flying across the lawn with flowers. You can really look at the appearance of the device for a very long time, without daring to press the button to start the drums, so as not to spoil the fragile idyll. But you will have to press and the flowers from the calm inhabitants of the meadow will turn into dynamic symbols, spinning like a carousel on the reels of the Flowers slot machine

Technical characteristics

Any slot machine from NetEnt is created first of all , so that the players are attracted not only by the fact of winning, but also by the indescribable atmosphere in which you can completely immerse yourself and be impressed. Flowers online slot machine is also created on a similar principle. Moreover, Flowers slot turned out to be even more successful among NetEnt's developments. It combines a bright and colorful design with positive technical characteristics, for example, with a large number of active lines, there are 30 of them in total.

Here you can also see no less colorful game reels in the amount of five pieces, on which the paylines are located. The player can customize the device to suit the comfortable conditions of the game. To do this, you can use the coin value button, which adjusts the game currency rate, it ranges from 1 cent to 1 dollar. You can also set the required number of coins on each line using the "level" button. The device has a function to automatically start the reels, for this press the "auto play" button and select the required number of automatic spins. If you need a maximum bet, click on "Max Bet". Well, and, of course, the main button is in the center, it will launch the spins

The Flowers online slot machine is also made in a positive way, and not only in a colorful, flavored portion of good animation effects. In addition, in the very bottom left corner there is a panel where you can turn off sounds, select auto mode, as well as adjust graphics settings and use a high speed of rotation of the reels. In this game you will not find such popular add-ons as bonus games or risk games, there is no progressive jackpot here either, but this does not mean that it will be boring to play.

Game Symbols

Now now is the time to take a closer look at the symbols of the Flowers machine. Traditionally, like most slots, ours has the lowest pictures corresponding to card symbols, starting with jack and ending with ace. They, like other symbols, are bright and colorful, however, they bring the least, the maximum coefficient will not exceed 200 credits, and even then for five aces on one line, the rest are even less.

But with other symbols, the situation is more interesting, because each symbol has a special paired symbol. The whole point is that one hundred picture with two colors counts as two separate symbols. These can be sunflowers, roses, bells, peonies and others, for them the multiplier coefficient ranges from 10 to 2000, depending on the number and type of symbols on one payline. Double symbols allow you to win even more, because in fact there can be more than five symbols on the lines.

Even more interesting are the special characters. For example, a wild symbol depicted as a smiling sun. The sun can not only replace any symbol in the game, with the exception of the scatter, but also in Free Spin mode, the wild can stretch to full screen. As for the scatter, it launches free spins of the reels. The scatter or scatter symbol is a picture with a cloud, depending on the number of dropped symbols, it can give from 10 to 30 free spins, moreover, any win will be multiplied three times.

Free spins

During free spins, the wild symbol can be placed on the entire row at once, this leads to a large amount of winnings. By the way, this is 75 thousand credits and this win is realized during free spins. To activate this mode, you need at least three identical scatters and they can also be double and single. If during the free spins the scatter symbols appear again, the player gets additional spins to the existing ones.


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