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Play without registration in a casino slot Football: Champions Cup

The Football Champions Cup online slot machine has every chance of success among the most diverse categories of players, thanks to the fact that the developers have implemented the possibility of accessing the slot, both on the PC platform and on the mobile platform. So you can play the Football Champions Cup slot for free and without registration anytime, anywhere. It is also important that the slot is quite modern, not only in terms of graphics, but also in terms of its features of the gameplay. The Football Champions Cup boasts a bunch of original little things, such as the bonus round and wild symbols that make up the big picture of one of NetEnt's most popular slots.

Layers have a relatively fast cycle, only some 400 or a little more spins, so anyone can count on a solid win. Another thing is that a big win as such is not provided here, even in additional games it will not be possible to get a big jackpot, and therefore the variance is at a very low level. Although the declared return, 96.82%, fully justifies itself, and it is quite possible to get a positive mathematical expectation of a win. In general, if you are a big fan of football, then you will definitely like this slot, but you should not count on large amounts of profit.

On June 10, 2016, the opening of the European Football Championship took place, and while the fans were preparing for this event, anticipating a visit to French stadiums and, of course, beer bars, the developers of the NetEntertainment company did not sit idly by either. Shortly before the opening of the championship, NetEnt provided fans with the opportunity to have fun plunging into the atmosphere of a sports event, so on May 23, 2016 the online slot Football Champions Cup was released. Fans of this sports competition could enjoy their favorite moments of football in advance, because the slot is entirely dedicated to football. Below will be presented to your attention a full description of this video slot, so that the player has the opportunity to get acquainted with the emulator and try to play, especially since the developers claim to return 96.82% of the bets.

Description of the slot machine

The developers of the NetEnt company have never had a meager imagination, therefore, the Football Champions Cup slot was created by real professionals, filled with bright and rich colors, which is not surprising because the theme of the slot is one of the most popular sports events. The creators tried as realistic and colorful as possible, of course, based on the format's capabilities, to convey the atmosphere and intensity of passions on the football field during the match. At the same time, players will be able to act as real football stars. Football fans will surely appreciate the opportunity to play for their favorite team, and not just play, but be the main participant, influencing the final result of a football match. It so happens that the team loses, and the favorites of the game seem to be more pensioners than professional footballers, there is no getting away from this. The Football Champions Cup online slot machine invites ardent fans to independently influence the course of the game and score as many goals as possible into the opponent's goal.

The Football Champions Cup slot will appeal even to gamblers who do not understand anything about football, and all thanks to the colorful and well-chosen graphics with no less realistic and dynamic animation effects that convey the atmosphere of a responsible match. The musical accompaniment did not disappoint, completely complementing the overall picture, representing the noise and clamor of a jam-packed football stadium. If you make the sound to the maximum, then it is quite possible to feel like among the crowd of fans in the stands. Well, and, of course, there is a complete set of all the main symbols of football, from the ball to the cup. You should not wait for the game of your favorite team, you can be the most that is not the main player, for this simply launch the Football Champions Cup online slot machine and the holiday of sports will explode with a storm of emotions.


Cheering, as well as playing for your favorites, will not work without perfect knowledge of the control panel. There is nothing complicated here, and experienced players will quickly notice that it is identical to other machines from the NetEnt company. The most important button in the game is the big round arrow key, it launches spins. There are five reels in the game, and 20 paylines, the number of which cannot be changed. Credits are regulated by two buttons, the first sets the rate of the game currency, this is the coin value, and the second determines the number of coins for each of the lines. The rate varies from 1 cent to 1 dollar, and the size of the bet ranges from 1 to 10. The maximum amount of bets will be 200 dollars, and in addition, players are given the opportunity to set the maximum size of bets by clicking the max bet button or select the mode of automatic start of spins, for this press auto play and select the required number of automatic spins. The game does not have a risk game and a progressive jackpot, but there is a bonus round and a game with free spins of the reels. The maximum winnings that a player can get in one spin of the reels is 2000 credits, and the return percentage is 96.82. In order to familiarize yourself with the rules and view the pay tables, press the "I" button at any time during the game.

Game symbols

Most of the combinations will be with the symbols of playing cards, although if a more expensive prize combination with thematic symbols falls out, the most expensive will be counted. So, playing cards will bring the player a maximum of 200 coins, depending on the value of the cards. More expensive thematic symbols can bring anywhere from 20 to 1000 wins. This can be a whistle, a glove, a T-shirt, boots, and a footballer's outline.

There are also special symbols in the game, for example wild. This symbol is presented in the form of a ball, it can replace any symbols of the game and make winning combinations, excluding scatter and bonus. In addition, during the game, a special symbol called overlay wild can appear, there can be from two to five of them and they turn any image into wild symbols. Wild also makes his own winning combinations, for him the maximum multiplier is from 50 to 2000.

A special symbol, which is called the scatter symbol, appears only on three reels, excluding the extreme ones, this is an image of a cup and its main task is to trigger free spins.

Bonus games

The bonus round starts after the bonus symbol appears anywhere on the playing field. This game consists of two parts, in the first round the player will shoot a penalty, and then in the second round he will hit the balls, playing the role of the goalkeeper. Your winnings will depend on how many goals you score and how many balls you don’t miss into the goal.

Another bonus round is called Free Spin. In order to get these spins, you need to catch three scatter symbols. Meanwhile, this mode is quite original and represents a real standings. So, first of all, we choose a team of any country, then the match begins, during which a blue or red ball will appear, corresponding to a goal for one or another team. If you manage to get out of your group and subgroup, being among the winners, you can increase your winnings up to 500 times. In addition, balls are wild symbols, so they will also be profitable.


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