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Play online at Fortune Teller slot

Fortune Teller online slot machine leaves only negative emotions. It does not mean that it does not allow you to win, it takes the player into a deep minus, no matter how you play with your bets. Getting free spins of the reels is problematic, and sometimes it seems that it is completely impossible. Arguably one of the worst NetEnt slots, it comes as no surprise that it does not suffer from popularity among players. The extremely low variance, long cycle and return rate of bets of 93.3% do not allow you to get a positive mathematical expectation of a win in an online casino. In my opinion, there is no point in testing in free mode, and playing for money is sheer madness. It is not recommended to play this slot even in free mode, as the gameplay is boring and not a bit gambling.

Who at least once in his life has not dreamed of looking into the future, and for this there are many ways. For example, all kinds of fortune-telling, omens, prophecies, etc. It is another matter that a reasonable question arises in their veracity, but sometimes the desire to know the future excites the consciousness of absolutely any person. Even if he is completely skeptical about such events and claims that he does not believe in predictions and fortune-telling. For those who have already tried all the methods, the developers of Net Entertainment have prepared a online slot machine Fortune Teller to clarify the mysterious facets of the upcoming events. Here they managed to combine youthful adventurism, the sound of falling ringing coins on the account and, of course, magic rituals that have come down to us from time immemorial. It's time to look into the crystal ball and find out what lies ahead in the near future. One thing is for sure, the Fortune Teller online slot machine is set to return on bets made at 93.3%, with a maximum win of 7,500 coins.

Description and appearance

Be that as it may, it is foolish to deny that some of the prophecies come true. All the more so if you are expected to receive sums of money in the future and a meeting with the Fortune Teller slot machine and its mysterious fortune-teller. As soon as the game screen is loaded, the player immediately finds himself in a real gypsy camp, which never lingers in one place for a long time and wanders from place to place. Looking closely, you can imagine the colorful representatives of the gypsy people, black-eyed and charming gypsies, who every now and then offer to tell fortunes on their hands and tell the whole truth. Next to him are daring handsome men from a gypsy tribe, colorful gypsy wagons and, of course, horses, invariable attributes of any gypsy camp.

The sound design here is appropriate, you probably already hear the cheerful ringing of bells and tambourines, and the sound of castanets just strives to send your feet to dance. As for the graphic design, the Fortune Teller online slot is dominated by red and brown shades. The symbolism is all entirely bright colors and, as if laid out cards for fortune-telling, which the gypsy laid out on a blue cloth, with a mysterious smile, began to reveal the secrets of the future. What can I say, even if the payline numbers look like bright coins. The gem of the slot is a symbol with a fortune teller holding the same crystal ball.


Fortune Teller Online Slot Machine is a five reel video slot with 30 active paylines. As additional games, there is a bonus game and free spins of the reels with an additional x3 multiplier. The combination of five reels and 30 paylines is considered one of the most successful and can bring considerable profit. These are the main technical characteristics that the developers decided to equip the slot with. Now it's time to get familiar with the main buttons on the control panel.

It should be noted that the control panel here is practically no different from other Net Entertainment video slots, it is just as simple and straightforward. To start spinning the reels, use the round arrow button located in the middle of the panel. As additional functions, the game has two game modes. You can click on the start yourself, or you can use the automatic drum start mode. This mode is convenient if you do not plan to change the bet parameters for a long time; to activate autoplay, press the auto play button. There is also a max bet button on the panel, by clicking on it, you will start the reels with the highest possible rates in the same second.

You can independently select the number of active paylines, for this use the bet lines button and select the required number of lines. Of course, each of the lines must be provided with bets, for this there is a bet level button, with which you can bet from one to four coins on each line. Alternatively, you can select the value of each coin by clicking the coin value button and choosing a face value from one cent to fifty.

The game boasts not only a mysterious regular game, but also a bonus round. There is nothing difficult here, you just need to turn over the Tarot cards, you do not risk your money, and the winnings depend only on your intuition. The game ends only if an old woman with a scythe is depicted on the card. To get acquainted with the gameplay of the bonus game, you do not have to wait until it starts, just click the feauture preview button and see everything in advance.

There is no progressive jackpot in the game, there is no risk of a game for doubling the winnings, and the maximum winnings can reach 7500x bets.

Game symbols

For players, the most important element in a slot machine is not graphics and sounds, but symbolism, because the winnings mainly depend on the symbols. In our case, symbols are not just pictures, but the embodiment of magical abilities that turn ordinary symbols into cash payments.

As usual, the developers attributed the cards from the playing deck to the lowest-paid category of symbols, only here they are presented in the form of tarot pictures and tambourines with decorations in the form of monograms. For them, you can get from two to 125 bets per line, depending on the seniority of the dropped symbols and their number on one of the active paylines.

A rearing horse, a gypsy wagon, a black cat are themed symbols of the Fortune Teller slot and they are more generous in payouts, so they can replenish their wallet from five to 500 bets.

But the most generous and the most desirable are the special symbols, with the help of which additional possibilities of the slot open up. A crystal ball is used as a scatter symbol and you can't do without it, because it starts free spins of the reels. Three such symbols not only give players the opportunity to receive free spins, but also triple the payouts at this time.

But the wild symbol is the so-called eye of fate, i.e. image of a palm with an eye and the inscription wild. Its main functions include replacing any symbols in the game, if they are not enough to make a winning combination. There is also a bonus symbol in the game, this is a portrait of a gypsy fortune-teller. Three such symbols and you will get the opportunity to play in the bonus game.

As for the maximum win, it will be available during the free spins mode, where the most successful payout will be tripled.

Additional games

If you manage to catch three symbols with a crystal ball, you get 12 free spins on the reels with an additional multiplier. In addition to the fact that you can get additional free spins for scattering scatters during the free spins mode, free games are played at the same rates that were in effect at the start of the additional game.

To start the bonus game, you need to catch three or more fortune-teller symbols on the playing field. In it, you need to open Tarot cards, behind which payments are hidden, but if you run into an old woman with a scythe, the bonus game ends, and all the winnings are summed up and credited to the general account.

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