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Fruit Shop Christmas Edition slot

Playing for free on the Fruit Shop Christmas Edition slot , of course, is not forbidden, especially on the eve of the new year this slot is especially relevant. The only disappointing thing is that the emulator has changed only externally, otherwise everything is the same. Here you will also not be able to get a positive mathematical expectation of a win, because RTP 96.7% does not allow this. The game cycle is very long and the variance is low. It is recommended to use only in demo mode, like its predecessor, Fruit Shop slot. You will not see any difference that on the first and on the second slot you can play for money using the minimum bets, raising them more is impractical and costly. Why spoil your New Year's mood, play for fun for your own pleasure, maybe you will like it, and you will decide on real bets.

December is already in the yard, as you know, this month is a real anticipation of future holidays and hardly knows anything what else this month is famous for. Everyone counts the days until the day is 31 on the calendar and the main holiday of the year, New Year, begins on the night of January 1. The closest and dearest people gather at the festive table, give gifts to each other and say warm words. That's why it's nice that not only the closest people care about gifts. Developers of slot machines also prepare gifts for their fans, those who like to play in online casinos. The developers of NetEntertainment are preparing a lot of surprises, one of which is an updated version of Fruit Shop slot, Fruit Shop Christmas Edition online slot machine . The emulator remained with the same functions, but the graphic design was improved, now it is not summer, but winter and is dedicated to the new year.

Although this device does not have any serious differences from its predecessor, it still differs from it, first of all, in its novelty, because the symbols here, although summer, are covered with a snow cap, as if the stall was covered with a blizzard. It will be especially interesting to spend free time from work in the company of a long-familiar updated slot machine in a pre-holiday atmosphere. He will be able to give players not only a great time spent, but also a feeling of real excitement and, of course, if you are lucky, you can cheer up thanks to a good amount of winnings. The New Year is already on the doorstep and is knocking on the door, it's time to play Fruit Shop Christmas Edition for free or for real money, especially since it is able to return 96.7% of the stakes to the players.

Description of the slot machine

The slot machine Fruit Shop Christmas Edition is presented in the form of a noisy New Year market and a festive shop decorated with green spruce branches, and green evening on the sides of the shop ate prepared for the New Year. Next to them is one of the main symbols of the New Year, a snowman-dude in a bowler hat. And this whole picture looks spectacular against the background of the winter night sky, dotted with numerous stars. NoEnts could not do without animation effects, such as, for example, a fountain of coins when a prize combination falls out. At the same time, it may seem that this fountain of splashes of money is coming out of an ordinary snowdrift under your feet. But not only the emulator can boast of the originality of the graphics, but also its musical accompaniment. It can be different, depending on the situation, but most of all it is noticeable during the free spins of the reels, during this free game music from childhood sounds, this is how the sounds of the New Year mood can be characterized. You can play Fruit Shop Christmas Edition slot for free and without registration in any online casino, give yourself a festive mood at any time of the year.


You can There are a lot of things to ask of the kind Santa Claus, but what you shouldn't ask for sure is to help you figure out how to manage the slot. The control panel is simple and straightforward, even if you have never played the Fruit Shop Christmas Edition slot before, figuring out what and how will be easy not only for experienced players, but also for beginners. First of all, press the "I" button and see what symbols are in the game and how much they cost, in other words, check out the pay tables. If you are afraid of the presence of a foreign language instead of the usual Russian, then you should immediately say that this will not cause inconvenience, because everything is understandable without knowledge of the language.

As for the control panel itself, it is still simpler here, and all because it does not differ much from other machines of the NetEnt company. As always, the start button is the large round key in the middle. With the max bet button, players can count on the biggest winnings, as it activates the maximum bet. You can also select the number of automatic spins using the auto play button, by choosing autoplay you can go do your own thing. In principle, these buttons do not affect the final result, it mainly depends on the settings of the bet parameters. Two buttons are responsible for this. The first is responsible for the cost of one loan, by clicking the coin value button, you can select the currency rate from 1 cent to 2 dollars. The second button is level, with the help of the level you can select the number of credits for each line, from 1 to 10 coins.

In total, there are 15 paylines in the game, which are always active, they are located on the standard five reels. The maximum winnings that a player can get for one successful turn is 2000 coins. The Fruit Shop Christmas Edition online slot machine has at its disposal two special symbols and a round with free spins of the reels. Unfortunately, no other additional bonuses are provided, including progressive jackpot.

Game Symbols

The Fruit Shop Christmas Edition online slot machine has the average number of characters, there are 11 types in total. As always, the most common and inexpensive are card pictures, for them the maximum coefficient does not exceed 150 bets in the best case scenario. For thematic symbols, the winnings are already much higher, the maximum coefficient reaches 750 credits, of course, depending on the value of the symbol.

As in its predecessor slot, the online slot machine Fruit Shop Christmas Edition has the same wild symbol, the Fruit Shop inscription, or rather a sign with this inscription, but now it is covered with snow. Wild cannot create its own combinations, but if it can replace any of the symbols, except for the scatter, by building a prize sequence, the winnings will be doubled.

As for the scatter symbol, its main task is to trigger free spins. The scatter symbol is a cherry on ice. You can get up to 5 free spins, for this you need to get five cherries on the reels, or less, at least three, then you get 1 free spin. The peculiarity of this mode is that if a prize combination falls out during free spins, a few more spins are added. You can find out more about the rules of the free game in the paytable.

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