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Play Ghost Pirates casino slot for free

Slot machine online Ghost pirates turned out to be very colorful and atmospheric, with a very original idea in terms of technical characteristics. The sound accompaniment is also at a decent level and, above all, complements the overall picture. Everything would be fine, but the developers were too clever with the paylines, or rather with their absence. When you start playing, you simply don’t understand what’s going on in general and you constantly have to be distracted and look at the pay tables, trying to understand by what principle the prize combination is actually counted. Well, okay, you can figure it out, but another question immediately arises, why, with such a large maximum bet, and this is 1500 coins, such a long cycle and average variance, because if you calculate using the in-game rate, it turns out $ 750 per spin ... This is a lot and even the most experienced player cannot afford to play at such rates, especially since the slot often sins with numerous spins with small wins or completely empty. Therefore, if you to play on the Ghost pirates slot , then first test it in free mode, and only then play for real money, but even then at a minimum bet of no more than $ 5.

As soon as you launch the Ghost pirates slot machine , you will immediately feel what pirate romance is all about. This is the smell of the sea and salty spray flying in the face, sails full of wind and, of course, the crests of waves that from time to time roll right onto the deck of the ship. Ghost pirates was developed by NetEntertainment and we must pay tribute to the developers, because thanks to their imagination, the slot can convey the spirit of adventure and passion for adventurism with all realism, and all this on a regular slot machine screen. Players can count on a 96.7% return on their bets, the game has a free spins mode, during which you can win a maximum win of 120 thousand credits.

Description of the slot machine

We all know that pirates were not famous for their virtue, on the contrary, they are known for becoming the most famous robbers on the seas. In addition, they were well prepared and could easily capture almost any ship, taking it on board and defeating all opponents on board. Their purpose is also known, these are valuable cargoes transported by ships, this is what the pirates hunted for. Their time has passed, now is your time, start the Ghost pirates online slot machine , become a brave pirate and grab all the loot.

The first thing that the player will see when launching the Ghost pirates slot is the skeletons of ships sunk by pirates, which have already been covered with a thick blanket of seaweed, sea inhabitants have long settled in its holds, considering it their home. The background is presented in the form of the gloomy sea depths, who knows what is hiding there. As an addition to the overall picture, flames from torches, shadows of fallen robbers, ghost pirates and, of course, the main pirate symbol, Jolly Roger, a skull with a grin and crossed revolvers have been added.

In many ways, one can note a great resemblance to the Hollywood blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean, and in part it is, online slot machine Ghost pirates really repeats the picture of the film. This can be seen at least by the sound of the deck, which now and then creaks, and you can also see the tentacles of a giant octopus and pirates with a predatory grin. As for the sounds, they are certainly well chosen and in the theme. If you look closely, you can notice a special trend, almost all slot machines from NetEnt are made with high quality and competently, there are no major drawbacks in them, if we take into account the design of the slot. Judge for yourself, closing your eyes you may not even realize that this is a video slot, rather an excerpt from a movie about pirates, because you can enjoy the sounds of the ocean, the creak of the ship, the sound of the surf. I would like to immediately become the captain of a pirate ship and go to distant shores in search of luck.


The developers of NetEnt and their imagination are very unpredictable, so here not only the plot is original in its development, but the functionality here is completely different. In terms of technical characteristics, Ghost pirates slot machine differs even from its brothers in the company, developer NetEntertainment.

The slot has a standard number of game reels, there are five of them here, but as far as the paylines are concerned, they have undergone major changes. In Ghost pirates, there is a bet ways button on the control panel, with its help you can select the number of potential prize options for winning, whereas before, a similar button was used to select the number of active paylines. Like many other machines from NetEnt, here you can select the number of coins per revolution of the reels, for this you need to press the bet level button, and you can also determine how much one game coin will cost, using the coin value button you can adjust the nominal value of one credit in the game from 1 to 50 cents. In total, you can choose up to 243 winning options, with all five reels involved. With each decrease in the number of options, one game reel will be unavailable.

The Ghost pirates slot machine also has the highest maximum bet, so if you select all 243 winning options, your bet will be 1500 credits, which will be deducted for one spin of the reels. Players can also expect to receive free spins of the reels, they can be won up to 30 pieces, and each win will be multiplied three times.

Game symbols

What kind of slot machine does without its own symbolism. All of them are associated with piracy and you will not find such common symbols as cards here. The most inexpensive symbols in the game are an anchor, a map and a compass, a container of rum, two crossed revolvers, a death mark and a cannon. For them, the player receives up to 200 bets, of course, the size depends on the number of winning options you have chosen and the number of identical symbols dropped out.

In contrast to them, the more expensive symbols with the image of a monkey, pirates and a parrot do not depend on the selected winnings, the final win will depend on the number of dropped symbols. The maximum multiplier for them is 1500.

The wild symbol is predictable here, because it is the wild inscription on the skull in the black cocked hat. The wild symbol can replace any other symbol in the game, and besides, its capabilities are so great that it will not be difficult to replace even a scatter. By the way, a treasure chest was chosen as a scatter symbol, its task is to launch Free Spin.

Free Spins

When three or more symbols with a chest fall on the playing field, the free spins function is activated drums. To do this, they must line up one after the other, and not, as in other slots, appear anywhere. Since the maximum win in the game is 120,000 coins, it is quite logical that it is realized in the free spins mode, since any win will be multiplied three times. If during the Free Spin a combination of three or more scatters again appears, then additional spins will be added to the existing ones.


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