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Those who go for the bonuses greet you! Gladiators slot machine review

Gladiator fights are one of the most brutal entertainments in ancient Rome. To satisfy the base ambitions of dictators and elites, criminals and slaves were forced to fight to the death. Moreover, the winner was promised freedom and money. And while the gladiators killed and maimed each other, the patricians looked at them and received some base pleasure.

The Gladiators slot machine is not so cruel, of course. Yes, it is inspired by the ancient Roman gladiatorial battles. But at the same time, the studio Endorphina transferred its action into a cartoon underwater setting. Yes, there are gladiators here - but these are surprisingly "courageous" fish with nets and hooks. So no blood and cruelty.

And there are, of course, very good payouts (long-term RTP is 96%) and nice bonuses. And on our site you can play for free the Gladiators slot machine from the Endorphina studio. The demo version is as functional as the slots installed in online casinos. Only the game is not played for real money, but for "credits".

Gladiator fights between fish? Why not

The Gladiators slot machine meets the classic field, which consists of 5 reels with 3 rows each. It is crossed by 21 prize lines. This number can be reduced to one - then the total bet on the field will decrease, but the chance of winning will also decrease. Prize lines are calculated, as usual, from left to right, starting from the very first reel.

The set of basic symbols includes card denominations from ten to ace, as well as five gladiator fish - with pitchfork, with a hook on the line, with a butterfly net, with a knife and on seahorses. Despite their finned weapons, they don't look too fierce. There are two special characters:

  • Wild ("wild symbol"). The image shows a laurel wreath with the inscription Joker. Drops on all reels. It can replace any base symbol to form a winning combination on the payline;
  • Scatter ("scatter symbol"). On the image - a chained shark with the Bonus signature. Drops on all reels. If three or more of these symbols appear on the field, a bonus game with 10-50 free spins will start.

For three scatters 10 free spins are given, for four - 20, for five - 50.

If during the free spin a winning combination of gladiator fish "cards" is formed, the character depicted will be named the winner and awarded with a laurel crown. Payments for it are doubled.

The Gladiators slot machine attracts not only with its unusual setting, but also with a thoughtful bonus level, where gladiators are really gladiators. However, even during normal spins, it is very exciting. And on our site you can play for free in the Gladiators slot machine.


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