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The online slot machine Go Bananas is quite good in all respects, although the declared return of the slot in 96.9% still does not allow you to get a positive mathematical expectation of a win. However, its advantage is also in a very fast cycle, sometimes a maximum of 150-300 spins are enough to complete a full circle, but because of this, the slot has a low variance, which does not allow you to get a very large win. It is not known how things are with the maximum winnings, but the fact that you can count on large sums has been confirmed more than once by many players in different casinos. If you want to play on the Go Bananas slot machine , then first play in free mode and test it a little, only after that you can play for real money, and even then, the best option is to play at medium stakes not exceeding 3-4 euros.

If you were looking for information about the Go Bananas slot machine, then you have found it, here you will find a detailed description of the video slot. In addition, you will learn about all the functionality of Go Bananas and the ability to quickly win large sums in additional games. Moreover, it will be possible to get acquainted with the reviews of real players and find out recommendations for the strategy of the gameplay, which includes the optimal setting of the control parameters. All this so that ordinary players can have a better chance of winning. As stated by the developers, the return rate of bids is 96.9%, this is one of the best indicators on average, there are more, but there are some nuances. The maximum one-time winning amount is not less than 140,000 credits.

Description of the slot machine

The developers of NetEntertainment could safely leave if the online slot Go Bananas were not distinguished by its uniqueness and originality, like all slots from NetEnt. In this case, the creators chose funny monkeys as the theme of the video slot. But they are not at all as simple as they seem at first glance, they differ from each other in species and even belonging to one or another genus. This difference will determine the ability to activate wild symbols in different places of the paylines. You will definitely like both the graphic design of the emulator and the process of the game itself, so the five funny monkeys will definitely make friends with you for a long time. This is not surprising, because each of their appearance on the reels means getting a win, which means that the mood will only be good. Great mood and good profit, what else is needed for gamblers.


The screen of the video slot consists of five standard reels, on which, as usual, according to the paytable, 20 paylines are placed. The main distinguishing feature of Go Bananas is five different monkeys, they are not quite simple, since they are able to activate wild symbols around their position, the only difference is that each of the monkeys can activate only in those directions for which they are configured by the program of the device.

Externally, the slot is made in a tropical theme, i.e. graphics match bright and green tones. The name translates as 'We are going for bananas', so it is not hard to guess what the gameplay actually consists of, you need to get as many bananas as possible.

As for the management, everything is quite simple and straightforward. To start the game, you should select the denomination of each of the credits in the game, use the coin value button to select the desired rate in the range from 1 cent to 1 dollar. The minimum bet on all lines is $ 2 and the maximum is $ 200. The slot machine has a rather interesting percentage of the possibility of winning, for example, any win will necessarily fall on the reels with a frequency of 31.72%, and the appearance of any kind of monkeys and the launch of a special function with a frequency of 24.1%. If we do not take into account the profit obtained using the bonus option with wild symbols, then the maximum payout in a regular game is 7000 coins.

Game symbols

Let's start with special symbols, which are wild symbols with five different possibilities. Wild symbols appear only after one of the monkeys, which you can get to know better, appears on the reels.

So, the first monkey is a gorilla, it activates one square of wild symbols, diagonally. In total, thanks to the gorilla, five wild symbols can appear and replace any other. If it works out, then several wild symbols make up the combination that is as profitable for the player as possible.

The orangutan fills all positions of the square with wild symbols. In fact, the square remains the same, but not 5, but four wild symbols are activated. Baboon and Langur only activate three wild symbols horizontally or vertically. Tarzir brings all the fewer wild icons, only two in a random direction, except for the diagonal.

The rest of the theme is dedicated to the jungle and everything that can be found or found there. It looks like the developers overdid it a bit, providing the slot with numerous fruits presented in the game. Why they are needed is incomprehensible, because there is also paper money, and even jewelry. Apparently, this amount of fruits is necessary for feeding the monkeys. Judge for yourself, a gorilla or an orangutan is a rather large animal, so they can eat a whole bunch of fruits. It is clear that they will not have money or jewelry. It is worth taking a closer look at the symbols.

The most expensive symbol in the game is a large red gem. Apparently, it weighs a lot, since the maximum amount of winning is provided for it, 7000 bets for 5 symbols on a line. The next most expensive statuette is a golden statuette, although it is rather strange, it has no eyes, the third eye also disappeared and, even a navel, she has precious stones instead, 350 bets are paid for a successful combination with it. But a pack of money with a monkey-shaped clip will bring 250. The maximum multiplier for monkeys on the lines is 180, and for a delicacy in the form of ice cream 140. Pictures in the form of fruits apparently serve as card symbols, since they bring everyone less, for example, pineapple 60, orange 70, coconut 50, mango 40, and plum 30, although it is not clear where the plum is in the jungle.

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