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Once upon a time in the Wild West. Gunsmoke Slot Review

In the middle of the last century, such a genre of films as the western came into vogue. Inspired by the morals of the Wild West, he showed a somewhat romanticized and therefore infinitely far from reality picture of the world with courageous and free cowboys, sheriffs guarding the law and unambiguously evil bandits. In history - as far as it was possible to preserve it - everything was a little more "blurred".

Nonetheless, westerns continue to inspire creators today. These are directors like Quentin Tarantino with his "Django Unchained", and the developers of slot machines from the studio 2 By 2 Gaming. Their Gunsmoke slot is inspired by the westerns we're used to.

And that makes it quite fun. And there is also an unusual gameplay with many interesting bonuses, beautiful graphics and large payouts. And for the sake of access to it, you don't even need to kill anyone - on our site you can play the Gunsmoke slot for free.

Several bonuses more

The playing field of the Gunsmoke machine consists of 5 reels, each of which has 4 rows. It is crossed by 40 prize lines, which are calculated, as usual, from left to right. Their number is fixed, and it will not be possible to reduce it.

The set of basic symbols includes card denominations from jack to ace, a metal vase, a sheriff's star, pistols with a harness, a cowboy, a woman and, in fact, the sheriff himself. The last pair is paid when two pieces are dropped on the prize line. There are also special characters:

  • Wild. The image shows a "Wanted" sign. Able to replace any base symbol on the payline to create a winning combination. Participates in the Wanted mini-game;
  • Scatter. On the image - a casino table with cards and chips, the signature Bonus. If three or more of these symbols appear on the field, a bonus round will start.

Above each of the reels is a multiplier announcement. They are inactive. If a wild appears in the third (central) reel, then one of these announcements will be activated. Which one is chosen at random. The coefficient indicated on the announcement will be applied to the payments in which the wild took part.

In addition, if the central announcement (Wanted reel 3 wild reward) is activated, the wild in the third reel will unfold to all four rows.

The bonus game starts with a randomly selected modifier for it. There are two mechanisms:

  • Wanted Free Spin. Free spins start immediately. Three scatters give 8 free spins, four - 12, and 5 - 16. The multipliers above the reels also increase and amount to 6x, 7x, 8x and 10x. The rest of the mechanism is the same as for standard spins;
  • Shootout Bonus. 12 cards appear in front of the player, lying face down. It will be possible to open 3-5 of them (according to the number of scatters). If two have the same denomination, then 2 free spins will be added to the base number of spins, three - 4 free spins, four - 6 free spins. The base number of spins is 6 for three scatters, 10 for four, and 15 for five.

Increased modifiers are not applied to free spins in the Shootout Bonus. But the third (central) drum is always covered with wilds.

The rules of the Gunsmoke slot machine can seem confusing. But this is not so - in fact, they are very simple, understandable and, most importantly, very profitable. Try it yourself, moreover, on our site you can play the Gunsmoke slot for free.


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