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Hall of Gods online slot machine is one of the few video slots by NetEnt that combines several additional games at once. Usually everything is limited only to free games, and Hall of Gods also has a bonus round with the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot, and even not one, but three. Meanwhile, the slot has a very long cycle, but at the same time, a very high variance of the winnings, but the return rate of 95.5 does not allow getting the mathematical expectation of a win in the black. It is possible that everyone, without exception, should not count on getting the Mega Jack Pot, but it is quite possible to win the other two. So, first of all, test the slot in demo mode, and then switch to real money, if you see that the slot begins to suck money, then know that this is the norm for it, wait for a bonus or free round, in addition, in the normal game mode, you can also count on average payments.

At the dawn of the development of modern science, any event in the life of mankind was explained by the intervention of the gods. Their life has interested people at all times, which is why there are many myths and legends dedicated to the gods and their environment. The developers of NetEnt could not help but pay attention to this topic when they created the Hall of Gods online slot machine . It is known that each nation had its own deities, the Swedish developers chose the video slot of the gods of their northern people for the plot of the video slot, the Hall of Gods slot is dedicated to the Scandinavian gods. On the drums you will meet a variety of deities, they are all powerful, but not all of them are good-natured. One way or another, regardless of their nature, they all came together to help the players get the maximum winnings. You just have to pay tribute to the great gods and go on a journey through the famous myths and legends. Players will have a mandatory return of rates of at least 95.5%, and unlike other slots, the Hall of Gods slot machine has a progressive jackpot function, and to be precise, three main prizes at once, the largest of which is Mega Jack Pot.

Description of the slot machine

It should be noted that choosing the soundtrack in accordance with the theme of the gods is, to put it mildly, difficult, because something epic is most suitable for this, and this will distract from the game and in general it will not suitable for a slot machine. Therefore, the developers chose the sounds of sea waves beating against the side of the ship. The ship, or rather the Viking drakkar, was not chosen by chance, it is the symbol of Scandinavia, as it should be its bow, it is the head of a powerful dragon that frightens enemies. Drakkar cuts the waves in the background of the slot, the background of which is a dark and blue haze. The game screen itself is made in a golden frame, more reminiscent of the deck of a drakkar, and since the Vikings lived in a harsh climate, snowdrifts in the design are quite expected. Actually, the control panel is located on them.

You will say a huge number of slot machines dedicated to the Scandinavian gods and Vikings, and you will be right, but no other manufacturer, only NetEntertainment, has such high-quality graphics and music, as well as unusual gameplay. The gameplay of Hall of Gods is intense and feels more like a historical movie, so join in and enjoy the game.


Hall of Gods online slot popular not at all because of the Scandinavian deities, but because of its wide capabilities and excellent technical characteristics. But the gods are not only present here, they also help to manage the slot with the help of five game reels and 20 pay lines, which, by the way, will always be active according to the developers' intention. Otherwise, in terms of functionality, the control panel and the game screen are made in a standard form. The control panel contains standard buttons for slot machines from NetEnt. So, in order to start the slot, press the central button, it will start the reels. The size of the bet is regulated by two keys, this is level, which adjusts the size of the bet on each line from 1 to 10 credits, and the key coin value, which adjusts the cost of one credit in the game, it ranges from 1 to 50 cents. If you wish, you can use the button to automatically start the reels by pressing auto play, and also press the max bet button if you want to play at the maximum stakes.

The control panel also contains several scoreboards on which the current situation in the game is displayed. The balance, the size of the current bet and the winnings for one spin are displayed there. The game has a progressive jackpot, but there is no bonus game, but there are free spins of the reels. If the gods turn out to be generous in gifts, they can give up to 20 Free Spins. By the way, although there is no special bonus round in the game, there is an opportunity to get a jackpot in a special additional game. In this game you need to guess three out of fifteen symbols, after which there will be a chance to get the jackpot. Do not upset the gods and if they are in a good mood, the players will be guaranteed a good jackpot.

Game Symbols

The Hall of Gods online slot machine has the most common and predictable symbolism for such machines, and, of course, these are images of various Scandinavian deities. As always, it is better to start the description of all characters with the lowest ones and end with the most expensive ones, as well as special ones.

Pictures with a chest with apples, a necklace of the goddess Freya, a sword of the Vikings, the famous hammer of the main god Thor and a magic ring will bring less of all, for which you can get a multiplier coefficient from three to 120 credits for each bet. The amount of the winning will depend on the symbol and the amount on one of the lines.

Different deities also differ in the amount of payments. The goddess of wisdom can help win up to 150 bets, and the god Loki, who became famous for his skill of reincarnation, can bring up to 1000 bets, while only two symbols with the image of Loki are enough to get a win.

The son of Odin, the great Thor, as well as the goddess of all lovers Freya can increase the player's account up to 2000 bets, and the powerful and most important god Odin will increase the account by 4000 bets when five symbols appear.

If the deities bring only winnings, then special symbols can help win even more. So the wild symbol is presented in the form of a picture with a dragon, it can replace any symbol in the game and make winning combinations. Its peculiarity is that it appears only on the middle reels, excluding the extreme ones, and then expands to neighboring cells. Only the scatter symbol and the bonus symbol are not subject to it.

The picture in the form of two black ravens on the background of the moon is a scatter symbol. Three or more of these symbols bring free spins on the reels with multiplier 3, i.e. during free spins, all winnings are tripled. A bonus symbol that opens the door to the opportunity to win one of the main prizes is a picture of a shield with Thor's hammer and the inscription bonus.


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