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Icy Wonders slot machine

Slot machine online Icy Wonders is not outstanding, even in terms of graphics, let alone the gameplay. It is highly discouraged to play for real money at large rates, the best option for playing at rates below average, and even then with preliminary testing in free mode. At the same time, players are attracted not so much by the graphics or recommendations, but by the abundance of additional games, and even with two jackpots. Therefore, Icy Wonders has a very large and long cycle, but also a very high variance. Of course, the claim for a 93.2% return sounds funny, you will definitely not get a positive mathematical expectation of a win. In general, the online slot machine Icy Wonders is quite a decent machine and is able to please both beginners and experienced players, because it is simple and understandable.

We were all small at one time and many of us mothers and grandmothers read fairy tales before going to bed, and we, closing our eyes, imagined how we go to the fantastic worlds of fairy tales, finding ourselves in the place of the main characters. Unfortunately, childhood has long passed and it cannot be returned, how not to return those very dreams, alas, remained childhood dreams. But do not be sad, the developers of the NetEntertainment company again delighted their fans by creating an online slot machine Jack and the beanstalk that can once again transfer anyone to the world of a fairy tale, because it is dedicated to one of the most famous fairy tales, perhaps every person on the planet knows it. Feel like a child and be transported into the fairy-tale world of children's fantasies, only this time you can not only take part in the main events of the fairy tale, but also get fabulously rich. Just imagine, with a stated theoretical return of rates of 96.3%, you can get a huge maximum win of 600 thousand coins.

Description of the slot machine

As you probably already guessed, the plot of the slot is built around a boy named Jack, he planted several beans that turned out to be magical. A huge legume tree grew out of them, it was so big that its top was in the clouds. Jack could not think of anything smarter than climbing to the very top of the tree, jumping from branch to branch. There he found a magical golden chicken and, of course, took it with him to earth, but he did not imagine that he had invaded the possession of a giant with two heads. As always, these events are not just described, but shown, the developers of NetEnt necessarily create a video that tells the background of the game's events. The very same story of Jack and the magic tree will be told as if you were playing the role of Jack. A magical journey into a fairy tale awaits you, where a golden bag and a golden harp are already waiting for you in a special bonus game.


Judging by the graphic design, Jack has already settled under the magic tree for a long time. This is evidenced by the presence of a small house with a pipe in the corner, a small neat fence and a path to the very trunk of the tree. The game screen is made in greenish tones, ideally complementing the dynamic, but at the same time calm atmosphere. Why calm? Because it looks like an idyll, birds fly in the sky, and butterflies flutter around. It seems like a calm bustle, but it does not distract from the gameplay at all. The sound accompaniment is also at a height, for each event there is a sound, including for each spin, and birds not only fly, but also sing around, and the foliage of a magic tree rustles against the background. Well, well, there is little left to do, make yourself comfortable and go in search of the magic chicken with Jack to the top of the bean tree.


The Jack and the beanstalk online slot machine has five reels and 20 paylines that remain active at all times. On the one hand, you will have to place bets on them, on the other hand, there are much more chances of winning. The size of the potential win depends on the size of the bet, the larger it is, the greater the win. The rate is adjusted using two buttons. Coin value regulates the rate of credits, the denomination of one coin varies from 1 to 50 cents, and with the help of the level button the player selects how many coins are placed on one line, minimum 1 coin and maximum 10. In order to learn more about the payout tables and opportunities slot just click paytable. Like any other video slot, Jack and the beanstalk slot machine is offered in two modes, a regular game mode and a demo mode. If you are not familiar with this video slot, then be sure to use the free demo mode, after understanding the rules and settings, you will have a better chance of getting the maximum win of 600,000 credits. The game does not have the risk of playing and any other bonus game, but there are free spins of the reels and a special function of the wild symbol.

Walking wild wild symbol with offset function

The wild symbol has a very interesting feature, when the wild appears on the playing field, the player receives an additional spin, while the wild symbol is shifted to the left side by one cell. At the same time, as long as there is a wild symbol on the field, all spins for the player remain free. The walking wild option applies to both the normal game mode and the Free Spins mode, i.e. in the free spins reels mode.

It is also interesting that the function of the shifting wild symbol helps a lot during free spins. During free games, it is tedious to collect a certain number of keys on the fifth reel, and if we take into account that the walking wild option also applies to free spins, then the chances of collecting these keys increase as much as possible. The fact is that the action of this symbol works in the same way, if there is a wild on the field, free spins are not debited.

Special symbols

Card symbols are presented in the form of tree branches, they help Jack climb the tree, and they will bring the player a profit in the amount of three to one hundred bets. Pictures with a watering can or an ax are a maximum of 250 credits for each bet, and a goat, a giant with two heads and Jack himself bring from ten bets to 1000.

Special symbols are, of course, wild with the function of shifting to the side (the ideal variant is the appearance of a wild symbol on the far right reel) and a symbol with a key. It is the key that can help win the main prize.

Free Spins

Free spins of the reels start after three or more symbols with a chest appear on the playing field. By the way, before the launch of Free Spins players will see a video clip. During free spins, you need to collect keys that appear only on the fifth reel.

Three keys give additional free spins, in addition, a double wild appears, which is called Stacked wild, after collecting six keys the player gets the transformation of the Stacked wild into a golden chicken. But nine keys activate the Expanding symbol, its function is that it is able to close the entire reel with itself and begins to move to the right, like a walking wild.

If during Free Spins again it turns out to catch three or more scatter symbols, the player is given ten more spins. The free spin mode and payments are carried out at the rates valid at that time, the only difference is the multiplication of any winnings by three times.

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