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Play the Incredible Balloon Machine slot machine

Meet the Incredible Balloon Machine slot machine developed by Crazy Tooth for Microgaming casinos.

Do you like balloons? If so, then Incredible Balloon Machine is definitely what you need, because everything in this slot machine is connected with inflating balloons. Incredible Balloon Machine is one of the most unique games that appeared in the portfolio of Microgaming, which was developed for them by a small Studio called Crazy Tooth. It is not clear how Incredible Balloon Machine got into the slot section, because it has nothing in common with a slot machine. However, this has already happened, which means it's time to tell us more about what is waiting for you in the Incredible Balloon Machine slot.

Play the Incredible Balloon Machine slot machine for free

The design of the Incredible Balloon slot machine is very simple, but at the same time interesting. The main action takes place in the open air, as we understand the blue sky with fast-moving white clouds. In the center of the game screen is a Balloon Machine, ready for action, it is with its help that you will inflate balloons. Please note that there are no reels or lines in the Incredible Balloon Machine slot,because you will get winnings by inflating balloons. By the way, there are no images in the Incredible Balloon slot, except for multi-colored balloons. But in order to ensure that the gameplay is not just about inflating balloons, the developers of Crazy Tooth added multipliers and a bonus game to the Incredible Balloon Machine slot machine.

Features of the gameplay of the Incredible Balloon Machine slot

So, the main gameplay is to inflate the balls, you can do it manually or automatically. To start, you need to select the bet you want to play, then if the manual mode is selected, you need to click on the button in the center of the device and follow the special scale, it consists of three parts (red, yellow and green).

  • The red part shows the beginning of the balloon inflating process, at this time you do not get any winnings and if you release the button, the balloon will deflate.
  • Yellow part — when you reach it, the bet will be debited from your balance, after which the ball will either burst or continue to inflate bringing minimal winnings.
  • The green part-continues to inflate the ball, but now at any time you can stop this process by clicking the Collect button or try to reach the end and get more valuable prizes, provided that the ball does not burst.

A nice point is that the Incredible Balloon Machine slot has two additional features. The first one is a multiplier for winning. It is activated randomly and if the balloon is inflated successfully, one of the multipliers x2, x3, x4, x5, x7 and x10 shown on the screen will be selected, after which it will be applied to your winnings.

The second feature is called Bonus Game — it can be activated using a gold-black ball, which just like the others will need to inflate. If you can inflate it to the desired size, a bonus game in the style of Pick Me will start consisting of several levels, but if the ball bursts, you will be left with nothing.

At each level of the bonus game, you will see five balls that hide cash prizes, multipliers, an inscription indicating the transition to the next level or an inscription indicating the completion of the function. The further you manage to go, the bigger your prizes will be.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Incredible Balloon Machine can hardly be attributed to slot machines, but it is exactly what it is. At first glance, it may seem boring, but as soon as you start playing, you will realize that inflating balloons can be not only fun, but also profitable.

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