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Ji Xiang's Golden Eight. Ji Xiang 8 slot machine review

In Chinese "life mysticism" (feng shui traditions and other everyday rituals), gold plays a special role. It is a symbol of good luck, prosperity and prosperity. It is not for nothing that even iPhones were successfully repainted in gold before entering the Chinese market.

Gold in Chinese mythology is not only a symbol of wealth. This is precisely the color of prosperity, when you have everything you want, and even a little more. And what your desires extend to is a slightly different question. Someone wants to have a lot of money, someone needs a quiet house with an endless supply of food in the refrigerator so that they don't have to go to stores, and someone dreams of being on top of the world.

That is why most of the slot machines, made in the Chinese style, are decorated in gold color. In the rotation of slots, everything also depends on luck, and it is important to stop in time when you achieve prosperity. The Ji Xiang 8 slot machine developed by Playtech studio is no exception. Painted in gold and red, it offers a beautiful Asian touch.

But the Ji Xiang 8 slot pleases not only the eye, but also the wallet. Higher payouts, a long-term RTP of 95.99% and a low level of variance - all this will help to get more gambling pleasure. Check it out for yourself - you can play Ji Xiang 8 slot machine for free on our website.

The subtle beauty of traditional art

The Ji Xiang 8 slot machine meets with a field consisting of 3 reels with 3 rows each. At the same time, it is crossed by 8 prize lines, which are calculated not only from left to right, but also from top to bottom. This amount can be reduced - then the total bet on the game will decrease, however, the chance of receiving a payout for the combination will also decrease.

The set of basic characters is made in Chinese style. It includes a red diamond amulet, a hieroglyph, a gold boat, a round flashlight, a coin with a square hole in the center, a three-legged toad, a gold carp on a blue background, a lion with a ball, and a dragon's head. All these symbols, according to Chinese beliefs, bring good luck.

The payout occurs when three identical symbols are collected on one line. Except for the scatter. This symbol, which depicts a golden eight in an octagon, is paid depending on how much it fell on the field.

The maximum payouts are for three dragon heads or nine scatters, they are 8888 coins.

There are no additional functions in the Ji Xiang 8 slot machine. No wild symbols, no bonus rounds. Even the risk game is absent. All in all, this is a classic slot machine to the core. Simple, straightforward, but very beautiful. And therefore, if you want to rest and relax a little, then on our website you can play Ji Xiang 8 slot machine for free.


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