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Jolly Roger: Pirates Again

A heroic pirate-themed slot machine called Jolly Roger was created by Play'n GO and has no complicated graphics. Drawings in the slot look flat, which looks very unusual, but not bad. Sometimes vintage can revive pleasant moments in memory and fills the game with more meaning than any modern stuff. Agree that pirate slots are very good, they are always popular, and every manufacturer of gaming software has created a pirate-themed slot at least once. As for the team behind Play N Go's Jolly Roger, or Play N Go's Jolly Roger, the big powerhouse manufacturer decided not to rely on super graphics, but simplified it and focused on other winning details: features, symbols and rules. The slot has two bonus rounds, wild symbols and a scatter symbol. The symbols of the machine are clearly traced; when turning, the drum makes a mechanical sound and clicks. The minimum bet per line is $ 18.75. for every turn of the drum.

Play Jolly Roger slot for free

The machine called Jolly Roger or Jolly Roger has a fairly clear structure. He has 5 reels, 15 lines to create profitable winning combinations. The external background for the game reels is a seascape, a ship, sails and ropes, it all looks fabulous, but pleasant. A pirate ship is exactly what you need for a good money trip. Very cool game symbols work on the reels of the slot machine, very on the topic: a pirate saber-dagger, a ship's cannon, the pirate ship itself, as well as a gold coin, a ring with a red precious stone and an image of a precious diamond crystal for the most courageous sailors. The one-eyed pirate is another symbol of the slot, it has a wild symbol in the form of a black pirate flag with the image of the Jolly Roger, the wild will replace all symbols in the game, except for the scatter. As for the scatter symbol, it looks like a large bright parrot wearing a cocked hat. The slot also has a bonus symbol in the form of a chest, it is called the Chest Bonus, as well as a symbol depicting an ancient pirate card or Map Bonus. Both of the last symbols will serve as a start for bonus rounds. The most expensive symbol of the slot gives 10 thousand coins when 5 such values ​​are dropped, as well as 1 thousand coins when 4 images are dropped. The diamond brings 1250 coins for 5 drops.

Jolly Roger slot machine: bonus slot features

There are a number of bonus functions in the game, this needs to be discussed separately, in more detail. The bonus symbol called Map Bonus has the following role: if a piece of the map appears on the reels numbered 1-3, this function is triggered. Connected into a single whole, the pieces of the map form a single field, and makes it possible to search for the most expensive treasures. On the map, their locations will be marked with red crosses, you can click on them, this will allow you to see the amount of bonus that you will receive in the process of implementing this option. The player will have only 3 chances to make a choice, this must be remembered.

A function called Chest Bonus or Chest Bonus will work from the moment you drop 3 chests on the reels of the slot, which contain insane treasures. The player sees 5 chests, from them you need to select 2, this will form the final winning of the slot.

Of course, this slot can be classified as very interesting, high-quality and in demand. Jolly Roger is all about functions, although the animation and graphics of the slot are far from ideal. It really doesn't matter, and it even looks very interesting. The slot does not have free spins, but the functions compensate for this too. Simple, fast, straightforward functions are a treasure trove of financial chances. If you are tired of super-graphic slots, then welcome to the Jolly Roger ship.


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