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Jungle Games slot machine

The online slot machine Jungle Games is distinguished primarily by its dynamism, or, as it is fashionable to say now, action. The possibility of choosing the reward hidden behind the scatter in the bonus round was invented in a rather original way. It is also important that the slot is made in bright colors, and the characters of the slot are really funny, and even each with its own animation effect. Of course, Jungle Games cannot be called an outstanding emulator in terms of monetary profit, but it is clearly not an outsider in this regard, rather a strong average. Its theoretical return of 96.6% clearly falls short of the best results, and the average cycle and small variance only confirm the above. However, this will not prevent him from gaining popularity and gaining his fans. The tactics of the game are very simple and standard. First, we play in free mode, and then for real money at average rates, no more than 10-20 euros per spin.

Wild jungle hiding many secrets and wild animals are already waiting for you on the reels of the Jungle Games slot machine. Finding yourself alone in the wilds of the jungle, you can play the slot, immersed in the atmosphere of the wild. 5 reels and 20 always active paylines await you, in addition, players can increase their account by taking part in the bonus game or by getting free games with an increased multiplier coefficient. You can play even at maximum stakes, since the largest bet does not exceed 40 euros, with the maximum winnings for all this being 50,000 euros per spin. The developers declare a 96.6% return on stakes, and the maximum payout in game credits will be 200,000.

Description of the slot machine

Players will not only be able to go on an exciting journey through the jungle, but also will be able to meet different wild animals, which, according to the plot, have more fun, arranging a real sports competition for the right to be considered the most agile and strong. Such a plot can only be born in the minds of people with great imagination, and it can only be the developers of NetEntertainment. After all, what is a slot with a jungle plot, it is usually a trip through the jungle, hunting wild animals and returning with prey, this is how most slot machine manufacturers see this plot, but not NetEnt.

The Jungle Games online slot machine is created on a completely different principle. Here you don't have to wander through the jungle, hunt down and kill animals, on the contrary, having met them, they will begin to entertain you. Players will not only be able to attend the animal sports competition as a spectator, but also compete for the title of the most agile, taking direct part in the competition. The mass passion for a healthy lifestyle and sports has reached the jungle, but the developers of NetEnt went even further and showed their sense of humor, making the main characters also funny.

Slot machine online Jungle Games is more similar in composition of its characters to the famous cartoon "Madagascar". Starting to play on the Jungle Games slot, you will find yourself in a colorful animation world, these are huge expanses of the immense savannah, and the game screen is under the crowns of branchy trees. But even such virgin wilderness has been phased out into a playground. Look, the entire savannah is lined with straight treadmills, and as soon as you hit the drum start button, you hear a victory cry. Beautiful graphics and music are certainly good, but this is not at all the most important thing in a slot machine, it was not without financial well-being. The developers of NetEnt had high hopes for the Jungle Games slot machine , according to their plan, it is simply bound to become a popular slot in online casinos.


In gaming In the Jungle Game machine, you have to take part in competitions on 20 treadmills located on standard five reels. Unlike other slots from NetEnt, here you can choose how many paylines will be used. Also, the player can independently choose how many coins will be debited from one payline, from one to four, and also independently choose the appropriate rate of the game currency from 1 to 50 cents. In principle, you can change these parameters at least every spin, or you can even make the maximum possible bet of 80 credits.

The peculiarity of the Jungle Games slot machine is also that the player, one way or another, still remains in the black, since in case of a successful scenario, you can choose either bonus rewards or use free spins of the reels. Playing on the Jungle Games video slot, you can get 200,000 coins at once in one spin, and if you recalculate the exchange rate, then it comes out to 100,000 euros.

Game symbols

Absolutely all symbols in the game , in one way or another, are associated with sports, even if the athletes are wild animals here. As a rule, the most inexpensive symbols are pictures with sports equipment, without which it is difficult to imagine not only a competition, but also a simple training session. A whistle, swimming goggles, a towel, a barbell, boxing gloves, a table tennis racket and a ball will be able to make prize combinations of three or more symbols, the maximum payout for these symbols is 150 bets, depending on the number of dropped pictures.

The highest paid are, of course, the main characters of the slot, the athletes. For example, a swimmer, a hippo, a basketball star, a giraffe, a monkey, a weightlifter, a boxer, a lion, and a rhino, a tennis player, who, making up prize sequences, bring from 15 to 1000 credits for each bet. Well, and, of course, special characters. The wild symbol is a golden cup, and every player's dream to get it. With its help, you can replace missing symbols and double your winnings.

A gold medal is a scatter symbol, appearing on the screen in the amount of at least three pieces, the medal will start a bonus round called "Pick win", the trick of which is that you can choose the reward yourself.

Pick win

Having caught three scatter symbols on the playing field, the player gets the opportunity to choose from two prizes, this is a cash payment or free spins of the reels. By clicking on the scatter, you can see how many free spins are given and with what multiplier and how much the cash payout is. Free spins will run at the same rates as they were at that time, in addition, you can also get additional spins if three or more scatters appear during the free spins. Depending on your luck, a different multiplier can be applied, maximum x5.

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