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Play for free at Kings of Chicago casino slot machine

The Kings of Chicago online slot machine is very peculiar. Nevertheless, this is its zest, besides, it has decent potential. For a reason, the developers announced a large return percentage of 97.8 percent, thanks to the good amounts of profit in the round with free spins, it will not take long to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino. The only drawback is a rather long cycle, but this should not alienate players, especially since you can choose small bets so as not to waste a lot of coins. Before betting real money, try testing the slot in free mode. The slot is also good because its theme is secondary, it is more attracted by the high pressure, the quality of graphics and sounds, which, coupled with an interesting gameplay, really exciting and gambling, make the slot one of the most popular. Moreover, big wins are credited much more often than in other emulators, and this will definitely provide a great mood.

The main plot of the online slot machine Kings of Chicago is the events of the 20s of the last century, the action takes place in an underground, but luxurious gambling establishment in the then large city of Chicago. Everything is the same as the players imagine, jazz sounds softly, men are sitting at the gambling tables, and charming ladies in hats and expensive furs stand behind them, closely watching the game and rejoicing every time their companion makes a successful bet. But in this casino you can meet not only charming women and players, but also other representatives of the stronger sex. Chicago was a crime capital, and therefore gangsters were easy to meet. Here is one of them in a strict, ironed black suit, a hat black as night, and a smoking expensive cigar in his hand. All this is not a fiction, but a real story, this is how casinos looked at the beginning of the last century. The developers of the NetEntertainment company decided to make a present for those who know and love history and created the online slot machine Kings of Chicago , which in translation sounds like the Kings of Chicago. Well, let's see if it's real to become a king, maybe it's just a big name and nothing else.

Kings of Chicago slot machine was designed so that every player could feel like a gangster. Be brave, and impudence is not punished with good prizes here. Moreover, do not forget that you are a gangster and no one dares to argue with you, and who dares to say something against a person with a pistol. The developers have configured the slot machine to return 97.8% of the bets, and the maximum winnings per one spin of the reels is 20,000 credits.

Description of the slot machine

Kings of Chicago slot machine will take players to a real underground casino. A polite doorman is at your service, who will certainly take your coat and hat, and also open the doors of a gambling establishment for you, where dazzling beauties will evaluate you by shooting their eyes. It seems inconceivable, but the developers managed to translate that indescribable atmosphere into reality and in order to plunge into it all you need is to play the Kings of Chicago slot machine . The game does not start with the spin of the reels, as you thought, but with the deal of cards on a green cloth gambling table. The cards will be dealt from left edge to right, effectively flipping the fifth card. The action is mesmerizing and even seasoned players with bated breath watch the opening of each card, and what can we say about those who are newbies, or even cannot live without a sense of adrenaline and excitement, those who are a real fan of gambling. In turn, the developers have tried over all the parameters of the slot, this is an excellent graphic design, selected music, an intuitive interface and a sea of ​​excitement and adrenaline. Well? You are ready? The game begins, place your bets.


If you have ever played on a NetEnt slot, it will not be difficult to understand the control panel and , even without knowing the English language, you can understand what is here and how, especially since with this regard the developers are trying not to change anything at all.

Everything, as always, has a round button in the center, spins are launched. The level button is used to change the number of coins on each line, maximum 10. The coin value button adjusts the rate of the game currency, the denomination of one credit from 1 cent to 1 dollar. There are also two dashboards for keeping track of the current account status, bets and winnings. In the lower left corner there is another control panel with which you can configure sound and graphic parameters. To view the paytable at any time and learn the rules, click the paytable button.

The Kings of Chicago slot machine has a standard number of reels, there are five of them, while here, perhaps, the smallest number of paylines, there are only five of them. They are also always active, and the reels are only called so here, in fact, they do not spin, and the spin passes in the form of dealing cards along all lines. Five cards make up winning combinations of symbols. You can read a lot about this slot, but the most effective way is to play it first in demo mode.

The developers do not indulge their players with the risk of a game to double their winnings, there is also no bonus game and progressive jackpot. The game has a standard set of special symbols and free spins that have become traditional for almost all NetEntertainment emulators. On the one hand, Kings of Chicago is very simple, even primitive, but this does not prevent you from getting a good prize.

Game symbols

Since online slot machine Kings of Chicago < / strong> is primarily devoted to the main gambling game, namely poker, then it is quite expected that the developers made the symbols entirely from card pictures, starting from two and ending with an ace. It was also logical that a slightly different principle of winning combinations works here, the fact is that combinations of cards are counted here as in poker.

The largest payout is provided for the Royal Flash combination, when a combination of ten, jack, queen, king and ace of the same suits is built. For this combination, you can get 10,000 bets. A player will receive 1500 credits for each bet for five cards of the same denomination. If the joker takes part in the Royal flash combination, the payout is reduced to 1000 bets. For five cards of the same suit, one of each denomination, you can get 250 bets, this is street flash.

For 4 cards of the same denomination without a joker, you will receive 75 credits, for a full house, when there are three and two cards of the same denomination, you get 50 bets. A simple flush costs 25 credits, street 7, and the player receives the least two bets for three identical cards.

As for the symbol, it is not the only unit here. The scatter symbol is chosen randomly, just when the cards are dealt, the scatter inscription may appear on some of them. In addition to the fact that the scatter can trigger free spins of the reels with a double multiplier, it also brings winnings in the amount of five to five hundred bets. You can get a minimum of 10 free games for three scatters and a maximum of 30 for five. If only two scatter symbols appear on the playing field, your bet is doubled, although you do not get free spins.


Kings of Chicago online slot does not provide an opportunity to win a progressive jackpot, there is not even a bonus game. But this does not prevent the slot from being interesting and profitable. The fact is that not only will the winnings be doubled in the free spins mode, but also if the joker participates in the combination, it is also a wild symbol, then the bet is multiplied by 4 times.

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