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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble boxing slot: play by the rules

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble; a spectacular slot by the software manufacturer Relax Gaming, whose plot is based on a boxing fight.

Sound familiar to you? There is nothing surprising, because the sports world well remembered the words of the legendary boxing ring master, Michael Buffer. It was his phrase, which sounds literally like “Prepare for a fight !; or; Let’s Get Ready To Rumble ”is said today before every significant fight. Michael first said it in the 80s, while in 1992 it was patented and became immortal. ТМ Relax Gaming, a well-known gaming software company, decided to create a boxing-style slot, taking the words of a legendary man as the name. By the way, Michael appears in the plot of the game as a character, which adds color to it and creates the necessary atmosphere of excitement.

Let's Get Ready for a Fair Fight: Let; s Get Ready To Rumble Boxing Slot For Extreme Lovers

The design of the slot "Let's Get Ready to Fight!" very realistic, while its high-quality and understandable functionality is completely immersed in the process. The beginning of the plot is a mini-video in which Buffer utters a catchphrase, against the background of audience applause. Upon its completion, the game itself starts, with all its possibilities.

The main action takes place in the boxing ring. The playing field lies against it, and the voices of excited fans can be heard in the background as a soundtrack. Technically, the slot machine has 6 reels, 4 rows, 466 variants of various game combinations - Let’s Ready To Rumble is a high quality development. The game has an interesting function that affects the area of ​​the main field. It can grow up to 6 by 8, in this case the number of playing combinations becomes equal to 1436. The slot has a number of thematic symbols, such as colored bandages (3 colors), bells, microphones, boxing gloves, as well as a champion's belt. These are ordinary symbols, and the following are the premium ones: a boxer with blue combat gloves, a referee, a boxer with bright red gloves, as well as the great entertainer himself. There is also a special simbol: a punching bag made of yellow precious metal (wild symbol). By the way, game slot Let’s Get Ready To Rumble or “Let's get ready to fight! does not contain scatter symbols, bonus symbols or other similar options. Scatter and Bonus are not used because all options are triggered at the level of random probabilities.

Online casino game Let; s Get Ready To Rumble; slot about boxing and gambling

It is necessary to dwell on bonus functions in detail. Rumble Spin is the first opportunity that will show up in most cases. The function turns on by accident, any rotation can start it. Rotations will give the following possibilities for implementation:

Title Fight; this is an increase in the active playing area due to 2 rows that line up under the reels and above them, the result of such a transformation will be an increase in the options for the formation of game combinations up to 1436; Uppercut Wild; this is the transformation of the 6th game reel into a wild zone; Wild Hook; this is the movement of the wild button from reel 6 to reels 2 and 3, if this increases the area of ​​the reel, then the button also expands and covers the entire reel; Cross Wilds; this is the appearance of an additional 3-5 wild symbols on the playing field.

Another feature is called Wild Stacks, it also turns on accidentally. When triggered, reels 2-5 can be filled with wild symbols completely, except for the 1st reel, which works apart.

The third Sticky Spin feature is also activated independently of the player, immediately after the winning spin round. In this case, the winning symbols remain where they were, and the player will receive a re-spin. During the spins of the reel, the necessary symbols may appear, which also remain in their places, and the player gets his respin. The game will last until the described symbols appear on the screen.

A summary of the slot could be as follows: Let; s Get Ready To Rumble is a technical and elaborate slot that was developed by Relax Gaming for online casinos. It will certainly be appreciated by boxing fans, but those who are far from this entertainment will like the functionality and the chances of getting decent winnings.


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