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Play online at Lost Island slot

Online slot machine Lost Island belongs to the category of not only profitable, but also exciting. As for the gameplay, it is worth noting one regularity, the slot really does not like when players change their rates often, and you should not play at large rates. To play and stay in the black, you need to carefully monitor the entire gameplay, noticing the algorithm for the appearance of wild symbols with an increased multiplier. It often happens that if there was a certain algorithm for the appearance of wild symbols and suddenly, instead of the expected wild, a completely different picture appears, then this is a direct path to testing in free mode. The main highlight of Lost Island is, of course, wild symbols and the opportunity to multiply your winnings fivefold. Taking into account the potential payouts even in a regular game, the final winnings can be simply colossal. Based on this, you don't even need to look at the variance and cycle parameters, here the most important thing is observation and sensitivity to the slot, it is the so-called flair that determines the profit. Perhaps something is not clear, but the bottom line is that you should not rely only on numbers, this slot also implies the use of intuition.

Meet another original novelty from NetEntertainment online slot machine Lost Island . Here, as always, you can find a full detailed description of the device, including the features of its technical characteristics, pay tables and rules of the game, as well as a real review based on the conclusions of professional testers. The slot has good potential due to its good cycle length and degree of dispersion, so the new product will appeal to a wide range of gamblers, both seasoned and new to the gambling business. The Lost Island slot machine is set by the developers to return money in the form of rates at around 96.5%, and the maximum payout for one of the most generous spin is half a million coins.

Description of the slot machine

NetEnt is famous for its non-standard approach to the creation of slot machines, and in the case of Lost Island, a unique video slot has turned out, whose gameplay is completely different from other emulators like it. This time the function of uniqueizing the gameplay went to the wild symbol. His task is that when he appears on the playing field he will be able not only to perform his standard functions for replacing symbols, but also bring with him a multiplier equal to x1 for each wild symbol, the more there are, the more the multiplier will be, the counter of which located in the upper right corner.

As a rule, one very first wild will not affect the win multiplier in any way, since the x1 multiplier is due for it. But the following wilds are already filling the multiplier counter. So the second wild doubles, the third brings a triple multiplier, and so on until the multiplier is x5. Another feature is that in order to get the multiplier, it is not at all necessary that the wild symbol participates in the winning combination, it is enough just to appear on the playing field. According to the rules, if a wild symbol appears, it by itself increases the chances of making a profit many times, and if we consider that it can also increase the winnings five times, then there is no doubt about good payouts.

As such, the bonus game is not provided here, instead there are free spins of the reels. At the same time, during free spins, a wild symbol is fixed in the center of the playing field, as these spins are realized, you can catch several more wild symbols, which, as in the usual game, bring a multiplier. Thus, you can five times increase the winnings received during free spins.

Graphic design and music

Of course, not all NetEntertainment projects are wildly popular among players, there are also unsuccessful videos slots. But all of them, nevertheless, are made with high quality, this applies to everything, including the graphic design and all sounds, and no matter what potential was originally laid in the emulator, the high quality of the external design is one of NetEnt's business cards. In the case of the Lost Island slot machine, the developers took the plot in a dark and dense forest as a basis and, apparently, it is just located on the lost island. All symbolism is presented in the form of the flrry of this forest, i.e. not only special, but also the most common symbols correspond to the general theme of the game.

Technical characteristics

The presence of a large number of wild symbols makes the gaming process of the slot exciting and very gambling, each new spin keeps players in direction. As always, the developers have chosen a standard scheme, these are 5 reels and 20 paylines active by default. As for the control panel, here it is exactly the same as with other slots from NetEnt, i.e. intuitive and does not require any special knowledge.

Bonus game

The bonus game is presented in the form of free spins with a wild symbol fixed in the center, providing even more prize combinations. The Free Spins mode starts after three or more scatter symbols, which are pictures with the image of a turtle, appear on the playing field in the normal game mode.

Although scatter symbols appear, frankly, very often, they do not always justify their appearance. The thing is that their number is not enough to trigger free spins, two symbols are clearly not enough, moreover, they appear in those positions that do not allow you to compose prize sequences of symbols, and even a wild symbol will not help, because it cannot replace scatter. Quite often it happens that a scatter appears between two wild symbols on a diagonal line, if this happens periodically and the minimum required number of scatters does not appear in any way, then it is best to end the game for today, because continuing the game is very expensive financially. Although, as an option, you can continue, but in demo mode. There are 30 free games in total in the game.

The gameplay of free games is that before they start, the wild symbol is fixed in the middle, after which the reels start to rotate around it. At the same time, a whole vertical combination of two or even three wild symbols may appear. If this happens on the first reel, then the player is guaranteed to receive a win, and if wild symbols appear on several reels at once, then the amount of the win can be very large, given that it will be credited with a coefficient of x5.

Symbols games

For detailed information on the symbols of the game, refer to the pay tables, there you can find all the information. The amount of payments is regulated by wild symbols, the more you get to collect wild symbols, the larger the multiplier and, accordingly, the win. But as for the design, the symbols are sustained in a general theme and are divided by seniority and size of payments.

The largest payout can be obtained for five symbols with the image of the gate of a red chip, the winning amount will be 500x bets. Five symbols with the face of the beast will bring 400 bets, a drum and a necklace 350 and 300 bets, respectively. A stone in the shape of a triangle will add 250 to the player's account. Combinations with the participation of these symbols alone bring a good win, and if the maximum multiplier of wild symbols works, then the final amount can be really impressive.

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