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Luchadora Game: Mexican Battles

Luchadora slot machine is an original gaming software dedicated to an unusual and very specific sports theme - wrestling. Thunderkick manufacturers decided not to get involved with hackneyed plots, so they presented to the market a slot machine dedicated to the excitement of Mexican wrestling. Here you can meet stocky, well-knocked fighters, pulled in tights, which are very exciting to watch.

The game that Thunderkick came up with is clearly different from anything you've seen before. Fighting without rules in the Mexican style is something that deserves attention. The player will be provided with 4 fighters, 5 reels, 30 lines to play, as well as a range of bets in the range from 0.10-100 USD. for each rotation of the drum. The Fight Guys fight on the reels of the slot and make the machine great for entertainment, adrenaline rush and fun while playing. The control panel in the slot is located at the bottom of the screen, here you can see not only the balance of the game, but also bets, winnings in each round and the total. Here you can also start the autoplay and see your paytable. The symbols, functions and features of the slot should be described in detail.

Luchadora game: slot symbolism

As mentioned earlier, Luchadora slot has 5 reels as well as 30 pay lines to create lucrative winning positions. The size of the slot and the arrangement of symbols is 5 by 4. The symbols are also very specific: 4 types of peppers work on the reels of the slot, this is an inexpensive symbol of the slot. These are dense red peppers, large orange peppers, as well as long green and yellow peppers, regular peppers and chili peppers. In addition, 4 fighters participate in the slot, each with a different name, namely El Pantera, El Toro, as well as El Serpiente and El Rayo. The images of the fighters represent more expensive values. In addition, in the slot, all wild symbols represent the same images of the fighters, and replace any symbols in the slot. There are also additional symbols in the game, which should be discussed separately. They are related to functions, all functions are fundamentally different from each other, and about functions in detail - in the next section.

Luchadora Game: Bonus Features

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of special characters in the game, their presence greatly diversifies the game, makes it unusual, interesting and exciting. Plus, the features allow you to win more. Moreover, all functions are manifested through the following gaming functions of the slot:

The gaming function of the slot called Misterioso Campeon is associated with the La Luchadora symbol. These symbols will work for the entire game session, and are fully triggered during the free spins period. Some of the slots of the slot are colored yellow, during free spins, symbols with the image of any of the 4 fighters of the slot will drop out in these cells. In this regard, players will transform from a fighter into an image of the La Luchadora symbol. All this will lead to high earnings, an increase in the return on each bet made and a pleasure in the game.

An option called Lucha Smackdown will be played on reel number 5, as a result the player will receive 7 or 11 or 15 free spins. Another option; receiving a payment taking into account the multiplying coefficient that is played in this game.

A feature called Lucha Bonus or "golden belt" works with the bonus round of a slot called free spins. The activator matters here: how many activators will drop out, how many free spins the player will receive as a result. If you see 3 Bonus symbols, then you can get 7 free spins in total for them. For the 4th activator symbol, you can get 11 free spins. For 5 bonus symbols with the image of a golden belt, each participant of the slot will have the opportunity to get 15 free spins of the slot.


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