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Slot machine Magic Portals

To say that the online slot machine Magic Portals is good means to say nothing. This is an excellent, well-balanced video slot. The optimal tactic of the game is not to make big bets, because the frequent increase in wild symbols due to magic portals increases the chances of winning several times. And if we also take into account the free spins mode, when the chances are even greater, and almost every spin brings a big win, then there is no doubt, especially since free spins can be added several times. In general, the impressions from the game are only positive, not every slot manages to increase the account several times during free spins. For some, the lack of a bonus round may seem dull, but be sure you will have enough adrenaline and excitement even in the normal game mode.

We present to your attention another novelty, unique in its characteristics, from the developers of NetEntertainment Magic Portals slot machine . The slot has 25 paylines and 5 standard reels, the game uses the original principle of wild symbols falling out, and there is also an opportunity to get 10 free games, in which the appearance of wild symbols increases dramatically. According to parameters such as return and maximum winnings, the slot is at an average level, so the machine is configured to return 96.6% of the bets, and in one spin you can win a maximum of 64,000 coins.

Description of the slot machine

Perhaps those who first launch the Magic Portals slot machine think that everything is quite complicated here, as if everything is shrouded in secrets and magic, but in fact, everything is extremely simple if you figure it out properly. As always, the developers approached their work responsibly and as they say with a soul, showing their imagination to the fullest. The slot machine is worked out at the level of every little detail, so any player visiting an online casino was satisfied and wanted to come back to immerse himself in the mysterious atmosphere of magic again and again. The slot will slightly open the door to the magic portals for its fans, it remains only to answer one single question. What will happen and what will the player bring to the meeting with the mysterious ancient sorcerers, wizards and sorcerers? You will soon receive an answer to this and many other questions.

You have to go beyond the boundaries of our reality, try and find out what ancient magic spells mean and how they work, undergo real training in magic, and then return to existing reality, becoming a powerful wizard. Of course, the theme of magic and wizardry is found in every manufacturer of gaming software, not only in NetEntertainment, and you will be absolutely right. But no other manufacturer can boast of such vivid and truly magical special effects that immerse you in an otherworldly reality, an exciting and exciting adventure is already waiting for you on the playing field of the Magic Portals slot.

Graphic design and interface

Why, the special effects here are really magical, and even the simplest symbols at a certain moment can amaze with their colorful and vivid animation, and the prize combination on the paylines will light up with bright flashes of lightning. There are dark shades in the background, so each effect looks even more impressive on it. While on the other hand these are magical portals, this is how they should look like, isn't it? The world of magic and wizardry is as it should be, delightful, bewitching, bright and mysterious. The soundtrack is also associated with the theme of magic and mystery. Sounds replace each other like rolling waves, from overflows to the growth of exciting and disturbing notes. But all worries should be dispelled as soon as the Magic Portals slot machine reveals all its secrets.

This slot differs from others, even among the gaming software from NetEnt it is difficult to find at least a minimally similar device. Since it has 25 paylines, the size of the bet ranges from 25 cents to 250 dollars, for 1 dollar and 10 respectively on each payline. As stated by the developers, players can expect a maximum win of 64,000 coins at maximum rates. Thus, if we take into account that 1 coin is equal to one dollar at high rates, then in dollar terms the winnings will also be 64,000.

A special highlight of the Magic Portals slot is the appearance of wild symbols (wild can replace any symbol in the game and make a prize combination). Any player will be in constant tension and look forward to their appearance on the playing field. Their principle of appearance is based on the magic of magical portals, which are located strictly on the first and last and last reels on the central line. The algorithm is simple, as soon as the same symbols fly into these two circles, they immediately turn into wild symbols, but that's not all, if the same symbols are present on the playing field, they also transform into wild symbols. The more of these identical symbols, the more you can make winning combinations and the more you win.


The entire gameplay will be focused on 25 paylines, and even though you will be temporarily a great wizard, no magic can help you change their number. And the lines are located on the most common five reels. The beginning of comprehending magical science begins with the study of slot management.

So, first you need to place a bet on each payline, with a minimum of 1 coin and a maximum of 10. The maximum bet on all lines will be $ 250, this amount of bets will be only if you choose an equivalent rate, which can vary from 1 cent to 1 cent. dollar.

When the reels start spinning, you will be able to see two glowing circles on the center line on the first and last reels. These circles are magic portals that allow you to win large sums, and the entire slot is dedicated to them. When two identical symbols fall into these circles, they will not only turn into wild symbols themselves, but also turn the rest of the same symbols on the playing field into them. Now imagine how many winning combinations can be such a number of wild symbols and what the size of the win can be.

The game does not have a progressive jackpot, no bonus round, or the risk of a game to double the win, but if scatter symbols get into the magic portals, you get 10 free spins of the reels.

The free spins round is also not so easy, it increases the chances of winning several times. As soon as the player catches two scatter symbols in circles, with the inscription Free Spins, he receives free spins, only in this case one magic portal remains on the first reel, and as many as three lights up on the fifth, after which almost every free spin ends with large payouts .

Symbols of the game

What do you associate magic with? Of course, with magic balls, which became the youngest in the Magic Portals slot machine. They were a blue, red and green ball, the same balls are used by magicians and wizards to look into the future. These symbols do not bring that much, a maximum of 100 bets. Symbols with the image of a wolf, an owl or a dragon, if the case is successful, will replenish the wallet from 10 to 150 bets.

The wizards themselves will bring much more, such as a portrait of a witch with golden hair, as well as a witch with blue hair, and a wizard in a green hat, I can bring a maximum of 500 credits for each placed.

As for special symbols, first of all, this is a wild symbol, which can be any symbol in the game, except for the scatter. And the scatter is a picture with the Free Spin inscription, as it should be, launches free games. As already mentioned, during free spins, two more portals are opened that turn symbols into wilds on the fifth vertical reel.


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