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The atmosphere of a fun anime. Magical Stacks Slot Review

For several centuries, Japanese culture has developed in isolation, without contact with surrounding countries. That is why it may seem rather strange. And partly because of their originality, they almost instantly spread to the whole world - anime is now watched not only in Japan, but also in Russia, and in the United States, and even in some African country.

Anime stylistics inspires not only artists, but also developers of slot machines. In particular, Playtech, known for its modern and unusual slots. In the Magical Stacks slot machine, she was inspired by anime and other elements of Japanese culture - and thanks to this, it turned out to be bright, beautiful and non-standard.

However, the Magical Stacks slot machine pleases not only the eye, but also the wallet. Big payouts and free spins - all this can awaken the excitement. Check it out for yourself - it's free to play on our site!

Arigato, senpai!

The slot machine Magical Stacks meets with a completely traditional field. It consists of five reels, each of which has 3 rows. It is crossed by 20 prize lines, which are calculated, as usual, from left to right. This number can be reduced to one. Then the total bet on the game will decrease, but the likelihood of forming a winning combination will also decrease.

The basic character set is pretty standard. It includes card denominations from jack to ace, cherry, watermelon, Bar card, bell and three sevens. All this is done in a characteristic Japanese style. There are also special characters, in the amount of two pieces:

  • Wild. In normal backs, she looks like a pink-haired girl drawn in an anime style. In bonus mode, she changes her hairstyle, turning into a blonde. Drops on all reels. Can replace any base symbol on the payline to create a winning combination;
  • Scatter. Looks like an incomprehensible animal, a bit like a white cat. True, he has much more tails. Drops on all reels. If three or more of these symbols appear on the field, a bonus round will start.

In addition, a "mysterious symbol" sometimes appears in standard spins. It looks like a box with question marks on the sides. After the reels stop, it turns into any base symbol.

Mysterious symbols can occupy the entire reel.

Three scatters start the bonus round. It consists of 10 free spins. At the same time, on each spin, the multiplier for the win changes - it ranges from x2 to x5. Spins, in which a wild appears on the field, increase it by +1. If the "wild symbol" is not dropped, the multiplier decreases by -1 (but does not go below x2).

Slot machine Magical Stacks is characterized by addictive gameplay. Partly due to the fact that it has "cryptic symbols". And on our site you can play for free the Magical Stacks slot machine.


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