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Play Max Quest slot machine

This summer, at the gambling exhibition in Berlin, betsoft presented the innovative Max Quest slot, which amazed everyone with its beautiful animated graphics and unique game structure.

On the technical side, the Max Quest slot does not have the visual signs of a familiar slot machine. The game screen has a window that will surely seem familiar to many fans of RNG games in the style of dota, diablo, and so on. The process of the game itself is also unique, playing for free in the max quest slot you will not see any resemblance to a slot machine, winnings will be awarded for defeating Egyptian monsters, as well as for completing certain quests or finding a rare artifact.

Play Max Quest slot machine for free

The design of the Max Quest slot is reminiscent of the plot of a colorful RNG game. The game screen has a unique and distinctive structure. Here you will not see the usual spin or bet buttons. everything is as close as possible to the real strategy. Opponents (monsters) will move in a chaotic manner in the huge room of the Egyptian pyramid. Here you can meet mummies, various scarab beetles, as well as Egyptian gods.

The gameplay of the max quest slot.

The gameplay of the game is also quite unusual. After loading the slot, you need to select the displayed avatar, which you can customize at your discretion, then you need to specify your nickname, it will be visible to other players.

The second stage is choosing an arena and setting the required by-in rate to enter the arena. The range can range from $ 1 to $ 12,500. Several players can fight in each arena at once, the standard one is 6 players. After the authorization of all players, one of the available weapons will become active for you, with a certain number of cartridges, you will kill monsters from retro weapons, and you will also be able to purchase a more powerful weapon, a blaster, a grenade launcher or a laser cannon.

You will see your companions (other players) at the bottom of the screen, in a place with your game menu, which displays your name, avatar, current level, the amount of winnings in the arena, and the number of XP points gained, they are awarded for causing damage to monsters, and help to raise your level.

Free slot machine Max Quest

The game menu also has a special block in which you can view the current table of winners, view the history of winnings, and also buy new weapons right during the battle.

In general, the Betsoft company fulfilled all the goals when creating the Max Quest slot, and it actually turned out to be an interesting and unique slot machine with great potential, thanks to its battle structure, any casino or network can easily create its own guilds or tournaments that will no doubt attract a huge number of players.


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