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Mayan Princess Game: Mayan Princess

The game called Mayan Princess is a popular slot machine, the main theme of which is the beauty, secrets and treasures of the ancient Mayan civilization. Here you will see outlandish reptiles, unusual animals and birds, beautiful structures, beautiful people. The slot was created by Microgaming in 2014, but still remains popular and in demand thanks to its wonderful plot, beautiful graphics, good payouts and many other advantages. Mayan Princess has an excellent gameplay, although the slot was created, more precisely, written in HTML5, it is still in demand. The latest game updates are 100% adapted to any gaming device, from tablet to smartphone, so the slot has not lost its popularity and relevance to this day.

Mayan Princess game: bonus slot symbols

The game called Mayan Princess is an original slot machine with a beautiful design and functionality: pictures of a unique culture, architecture, amazing nature of ancient human civilization are created on the reels of the slot. The Mayan culture created a huge scientific base for us, and their empire occupied a huge territory from Mexico to America. It is believed that the Mayan descendants are still alive, so this slot delights and captivates many online casino players. The technical side of the Mayan Princess slot involves 5 game reels, 25 pay lines, beautiful and bright symbols of the slot work on the reels of the slot. Launching the game on the screen, you can see: dense jungle, stone buildings, blue sky at sunset. Beautiful light-colored game reels display large game symbols: images in the form of corn, hot pepper, a picture of the sun god, a parrot totem, an alligator, a cheetah, as well as Mayan warriors and a beautiful woman of a noble tribe. The image of the logo has become the wild symbol of the slot; it will replace all images in the game. The scatter symbol presented in the form of a pyramid will trigger all rounds of free spins and give the player many chances to create profitable winning combinations.

Mayan Princess Game: Bonus Slot Features

Mayan Princess game belongs to the early works Microgaming, so it doesn't have the most complex functions. Nevertheless, the slot implements a favorite feature of all online players, which is called free spins or rounds of free spins. It will provide ample opportunity to create profitable winning combinations. The function consists in the possibility of free spins of the reels if there is a scatter symbol on the reels.

In more detail, the free spins function will be triggered at the moment when an image of a scatter symbol in the form of a pyramid appears in any cell of the game reels. The player must receive the pyramids on the reels numbered 1 and 5 at the same time. As a result, the player receives any number of free spins, the range of the number lies within 10-20, while the final financial result will be multiplied by 2. This multiplier will be triggered at the moment when a profitable winning combination is collected on the reels of the slot. At the same time, free spins can be restarted, this also improves the number of profitable spins. For this, it is enough for scatters to appear on reels numbered 1 and 5.

Summarizing all of the above, we can draw the following conclusion: the game Mayan Princess belongs to the category of high-quality, interesting, full-fledged slots, no less exciting than the new games from Microgaming. Of course, this manufacturer also has newer slots that are worth paying attention to. If the rounds of free spins are important to you, then you will definitely like this bright, colorful software. The game tells about the great Mayan civilization, which brought the world a lot of new, amazing, important and mysterious. Most of the players of the online casino Mayan Princess will definitely love it!


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