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Slot machine Mega Fortune. play for free, no registration

Slot machine online Mega Fortune is one of the best developments of NetEnt. After all, what is a jackpot, it may not be paid for several months, and during this time a huge amount of tens of millions of euros can accumulate. And then someone accidentally receives this huge amount, as happened in 2014. It is worth noting right away, if you are going to play the Mega Fortune slot for money and at the same time count on medium or small payments, then pass by. Slot machine online Mega Fortune has a very long cycle and, often playing on it means losing money. It is better to play according to standard schemes, for example, test it in free mode for a longer time until you understand the mood of the slot. The popularity of Mega Fortune also lies in the fact that these amounts, which are displayed as the main prize, are not just numbers, but a real chance of winning, because the receipt of these amounts has already been confirmed in practice. The Mega Fortune slot deserves to spend both time and money on it, maybe the next lucky person who gets the Mega Jackpot is you.

Both in the 21st century and during the Roman Empire, the most important attributes indicating the wealth and well-being of their owner remained practically the same. Typically, these can be, for example, luxury vehicles, expensive drinks, precious items and real estate. To get all this quickly and at once, it is enough to hit the main prize of the jackpot of the Mega Fortune slot machine and then you will be able to afford noble century-old wines, your own island, a luxurious villa on the seashore or a luxury yacht. Slot machine online Mega Fortune is configured to return rates in the amount of 96.6%, and the maximum payout that awaits players is commensurate with a considerable progressive jack then.

Description of the slot machine

Surely, many of us watched the once popular cartoon "The Adventures of Captain Vrungel", in which the captain himself said a phrase that became winged. This phrase from a funny song sounds like "as you name a yacht, so it will float", and Vrungel also gave examples when the name was, to put it mildly, unfortunate. This phrase later went to the people, because it turned out to be very accurate and was confirmed many times.

We can give our own example of this expression, namely the online slot machine Mega Fortune from the Swedish company NetEntertainment, it fully justifies its name, because the biggest progressive jackpots are played here. For example, not so long ago, just in 2014, a long-term record was broken on the Mega Fortune slot machine, the player managed to hit a stunning jackpot of 17 million euros. You can wait as long as you like for a bright future, which the powerful of this world promise us, or you can now play Mega Fortune for money and maybe Lady Luck will smile at you this time. In support of these words, you can find information that the Mega Fortune slot machine is entered in the Guinness Book of Records, it became the only slot on the Internet, which managed to win the biggest prize in the history of online casinos.

Graphic design

Before the main screen appears, very little time will pass and you will see a metropolis with luxurious skyscrapers located on the ocean coast. According to the plot of the game, the evening comes, it is easy to understand from every now and then lighting up windows and darkening outlines of tropical palm trees on the coast. The whole appearance and not only shows that the online slot machine Mega Fortune was created to tell about a rich life, and not only tell, but also show it in all its glory.

Here, the elements of luxurious life are taken for granted, so you won't surprise anyone with a luxury car, jewelry or fabulous sums. Luck reigns here, so don't waste time and play the Mega Fortune slot machine . Since the theme of the slot is devoted to a rich life, the graphic design is fully consistent with this. Shades of silver steel prevail, many lettering gleams with diamonds in the light of lanterns, and payline numbers look more like gems. Even the music sounds live for you, and every successful spin is sure to be sounded with fanfare.

The highlight of the graphic design of the slot is the innovative technology of animation effects, first used in the development of gaming software and slot machines in particular. This technology is called "Reality" and the developers have applied it to animate every event, from receiving cash payments and bonus games, to receiving the main prize of the machine. This fact is a guarantee of the licensing of the Mega Fortune slot machine under the laws of Malta, which confirms its quality, safety and honesty. Although these concepts, without any confirmation, are present in every slot machine from NetEnt.

Technical characteristics

The style of Mega Fortune slot is modern. There is everything here for the most picky players, this is a bonus game, and free spins of the reels, and as many as three jackpots. The game has standard five reels and 20 paylines, as always they are active and do not change.

All NetEnt machines are equipped with a choice of the nominal value of each credit, so in the Mega Fortune slot machine you can select a minimum of 1 cent and a maximum of 50. You can bet from 1 to 10 coins on each payline, and the amount of bets will be a minimum of 20 cents and a maximum of $ 50. As stated by the developers, the return rate of RTP bets is 96.6%, and the maximum win corresponds to the size of the largest jackpot, the mega jackpot.

There are three special symbols here: the wild symbol, the scatter and the bonus symbol. The Wild symbol will replace any other symbol, and the scatter and bonus symbol will trigger free reels and a bonus game. One of the three possible jackpots is drawn exclusively in the bonus round.

Free spins

Three symbols with the image of an open bottle of champagne serve as scatter symbols. Three or more such scatters anywhere on the playing field give players the right to free spins of the reels. At the same time, the more you catch scatters, the greater the amount of payments in the Free Spins mode will be. Before that, you must first select one of the bottles, behind which the number of spins and the multiplier are hidden, according to which the winnings will be accrued. Players cannot choose these parameters as they are randomly selected. During free spins, winnings will be credited at the current rates and multiplier, only two more scatters can increase the payout.

Additional games

Now for some details of the free games. The fact is that if two scatters appear during free spins, the player is again given a chance to choose one of them. Under each of them there is a reward, it can be either additional free spins of the reels, or it can be an increased multiplier for the total payouts in the free spins mode. As a rule, the player also cannot decide anything and chooses, relying only on his intuition. If you hit the additional multiplier, then all the remaining spins will be played at increased odds.

Bonus game

Only in the bonus round can a player compete for one of the jackpots. To do this, you need to catch at least three symbols with the inscription bonus on the playing field, they must make a winning combination, i.e. the combination must start from the leftmost reel and consist of three symbols in order. The rules are actually very simple. At the first stage of the bonus round, you need to choose one of the two wheels, it can be either a coin or the possibility of going to the next stage. Jackpot is not available on all wheels, but only under numbers two and three. The wheel can spin and stop on its own after 40 seconds, or the player can stop the wheel by himself by pressing the Stop button.

What can be won in the bonus round

If the wheel stops at the mark with a coin, then it is logical that this means a monetary reward, having received which the player automatically ends the bonus game.

Stopping the wheel opposite the arrow mark starts another re-rotation of the wheel.

The most interesting thing begins when the wheel stops at the mark with the inscription jackpot, which means that the player has won one of the main prizes, but what kind of jackpot will be received, the player will learn from the name of the jackpot, in front of which the wheel stopped.

The probability of the wheel stopping on one or another field does not depend on the slot machine and its settings, it all depends on the random number generator and the wheel stops in an absolutely random way.


As already it is known that the online slot machine Mega Fortune has three jackpots at once, and they are all progressive. In addition, they are also network ones, in other words, their size is increasing thanks to all NetEnt operators in all online casinos where there is a Mega Fortune slot.

The first two jackpots may differ from each other in amounts, and the second may be even less than the first. In fact, it looks very simple. For example, in some casino a player enters the bonus round and, accordingly, an application for a jackpot occurs, at this time all accruals for other applications are frozen. This is done so that there is no possibility of two applications for the jackpot at once in several bonus games in several different places. The jackpot can even be zeroed out if the connection between the slot server and the online casino is lost. This guarantees safety and all claims of players to derail the potential jackpot are not accepted. All prizes are frozen until the connection is restored.

A progressive jackpot, won honestly in one of NetEnt's partner casinos, is guaranteed to be paid, funds are credited from the general prize or reserve fund of NetEntertainment.

All these jackpots are credited as follows. The mega jackpot prize is awarded by adding 5.39% of the bets of each player. Major and Rapid jackpot 1.1 and 1% respectively.

If you translate the names into Russian, then they sound like Mega Jackpot, senior and fast. One thing remains unclear how a 96.6% return is achieved with such a percentage of deductions, perhaps this is achieved by collecting a 10% commission, which is deducted by NetEnt from each jackpot paid.

Game Symbols

All symbols of the slot machine are dedicated to the attributes of a luxurious life. The smallest and smallest details of this life look expensive and stylish. Gold rings were chosen as the lower symbols, on which engravings of various card symbols are located. The rings bring the player a maximum of 150 bets, depending on the number of dropped symbols and their seniority.

A picture with a glass of wine and an expensive cigar, a bundle of dollar bills and a watch, appearing in at least three copies, can bring from 10 to 500 bets. The white limousine, appearing in duplicate, already brings a win in the amount of two to a thousand bets already for five symbols on one of the lines.

Not bad wins, right? There are also special characters in the game. For example, a picture with a boat is a wild symbol, and it helps to make more winning combinations by replacing unnecessary symbols. The scatter symbol is a bottle of champagne, which, being a scatter symbol, launches free spins of the reels. The most important symbol is a picture with the inscription bonus, it is she who, having gathered in a combination of symbols on one line, opens the doors for players to the bonus round, where you can hit a huge jackpot jackpot.

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