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Play without registration at the casino slot Muse Wild Inspiration

Not a bad video slot with its own flavor. Despite the calm atmosphere, the Muse online slot is dynamic and has good payouts. Particularly pleasing are the frequent appearance of scatter symbols and, as a result, free games with additional features of wild symbols. Even if you look at the characteristics, namely a very short cycle and average variance, you can already conclude that this slot is worth paying attention to. It is interesting not even for its payments and return of rates of 97%, but even for its excellent design, and you should familiarize yourself with the Muse emulator in order to simply appreciate the excellent work of NetEntertainment specialists.

As many people know, the history of Ancient Greece is mostly associated with the worship of various gods and mythical creatures. Each area of ​​human life had its own patrons. The most famous mythical patrons were in the field of art, they were called muses. Almost all creative natures worshiped them, these are literary men, writers, poets, painters, as well as sculptors, architects and others. Each of them had their own muse that inspired only them. Apparently, the developers of the NetEntertainment company also have their own muse, because the online slot machine Muse cannot be called otherwise than inspiration. At the same time, the developers managed to collect many of the most different and most famous muses, without whose participation not a single masterpiece could do, except for inspiration, they now help to get rich well. In support of these words, the developers confidently declare that the players' bets will be returned at least 97%, and the maximum cash payment for one reel turn at the maximum rates is 590,000 coins.

Description of the slot machine

At all times, muses were portrayed and presented as charming girls with eternal youth and each patronizing her own art. Poets, writers, sculptors, musicians and other art workers have always considered their works to be largely the merit of the muses, they are the source of their inspiration. Even if a person is far from art, he still knows and heard about them, in particular that they came from the ancient myths and legends of Ancient Greece. Muses knew how not only to be patrons, but they could also push a person to do even a feat, after which he could receive universal recognition and respect. It is not known for certain which of the muses visited the minds of NetEnt's developers, but the fact that the Muse slot machine turned out to be very original is a true fact. NetEntertainment allows players to meet several representatives of this profession at once, by launching the Muse slot machine , you will quickly realize that muses not only inspire, but can also bring generous gifts in the form of good profits.

Graphic design

As befits history, the main plot of the slot takes place in Ancient Greece, on the shores of a warm sea. Nearby there are real architectural sights in the form of clouds rushing into pink, as if symbolizing a dream. The picture seems more fabulous, especially since the evening sunset sparkling in the sea waves complements it.

This is how NetEnt developers present the Muse slot machine , made against a background of soft pink shades. The main screen looks more like a huge slab of blue marble with various Greek patterns around the edges, and characters that look more like gypsum figurines will appear and disappear on the screen. The graphic design of NetEnt slots has always been original and unusual, and this also applies to the plot and graphics. So in the Muse slot machine, every little thing symbolizes the ancient culture of Greece, once the most advanced. The musical accompaniment does not lag behind in atmosphere, which for the most part consists of the same sensual and gentle melodies that will sound almost every important event in the game, including every new spin.


According to the plot of the video slot, players find themselves in a Greek town, where 25 small, narrow streets intersect with five game reels, as you already understood, these 25 streets are the paylines that, according to the developers, remain always active. On each of these streets, the player can put a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 coins, and besides, determine how much one coin will cost, the rate of the game currency is in the range from 1 to 50 cents. Both of these parameters are adjusted using the control panel and the coin value and level buttons. First of all, think about the strategy of the game, and then place your bets, because the size of your winnings will depend on their size. In addition to the main buttons, the player can use the auto play button by clicking on it and choosing the required number of spins, you can watch the reels spin independently without your participation. There is also a max bet button, for those who do not play on little things, click on it and the reels will start at a maximum bet equal to 150 coins or 75 euros.

Muse online slot machine does not imply any additional games usual for slots from other manufacturers, such as a bonus round or a risk game for doubling the winnings. Instead, the opportunity to get free spins of the reels, if you manage to catch three scatter symbols, has been implemented. During free spins, the declared return of rates of 97% is also valid, and if you play at the maximum rates, you can count on getting the maximum win of more than 500 thousand coins.

Game symbols

It is not for nothing that gambling is dedicated to Ancient Greece and everything connected with it. It is known that competitions, sports or intellectual, originated here, so that the inhabitants of Greece can be said to be the most real gamblers.

What kind of gambling without playing cards, so it is not surprising that the developers used playing card symbols as the lowest symbols, ranging from 10 to ace. They are distinguished not only by their beautiful appearance, but also by their frequent appearance on the playing field, for which the player, depending on the combination of symbols, is awarded a win from two to one hundred bets.

And, of course, thematic symbols, they are always present in any slot machine. These symbols are images of a wine bowl, grapes, lyre, Ancient papyrus, as well as paint brushes. To get a win, you need at least three identical symbols on one line, for which you can get a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 500 coins.

The developers, of course, are not limited only to ordinary and thematic symbols, the game also has special pictures that significantly increase the chances of winning. For example, this time NetEnt prepared several wild symbols for the players at once.

Expanding wild. This symbol can stretch across the entire drum vertically, and is depicted as a muse with black hair.

Sticky wild. Wild symbol in the form of a muse with red hair. It differs in that when it appears, it gives one free spin, and in addition, it remains in its place at this time.

X2 wild. A muse with blond hair, when it appears, can increase the winnings several times.

But these are not the only special symbols, there is also a scatter symbol in the game. This is an image of sandals with wings and, depending on the number of the dropped pictures, they can transfer the player to the Free Spins mode, where up to 30 free spins of the reels await him. The minimum required number of scatter symbols to trigger free spins of the reels is three, anywhere on the playing field. Winnings are accumulated during free spins and then added to the total score, while the spins are held at the rates valid at the time of the start. An interesting feature of free spins is the options with wild symbols.

Wild symbols and their possibilities during Free Spins

During free spins, a special wild inspiration symbol may appear, which then steps aside and randomly launches from one to three variants of sequences with the participation of wild symbols.

Sticky expanding wild. This symbol stretches across the entire reel vertically, then triggers another additional spin, while remaining in its place. This additional spin is not subject to the scatter effect, and this spin is not included in the total number of free spins.

Expanding X2 wild. This symbol also fills the entire reel and doubles the winnings. When several such symbols appear at once, all winnings are multiplied by the total number of their multipliers, maximum x8.

Sticky X2 wild. The wild symbol doubles the winnings and triggers an additional spin, remaining in its place. If several such wild symbols appear, the winnings will be multiplied by each of them, and the maximum multiplier is also eight.

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