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Slot machine Mythic Maiden

Mythic Maiden online slot machine refers to video slots with an interesting storyline and no less interesting gameplay. The slot brings good payouts, the maximum win is available in free spins of the reels, because in this mode a maximum multiplier of 10 is available, and even if you play at medium stakes, the winnings can be more than impressive. And if, on top of everything else, you are also a horror lover, then passing by this machine is highly discouraged. Although the slot has a long cycle and a low return rate of 96.6% by average standards, with the right strategy of playing in free mode, and then switching to real average bets, the slot can show decent results in terms of payouts. In addition, it is a really beautiful, interesting and addicting emulator, you can try and play on the Mythic Maiden slot for free at any time, do not deny yourself the pleasure, and play or not, for real money, you can always decide for yourself.

The developers of NetEnt are well aware that many, including their fans, adore horror stories and feature films in the horror genre. So it comes as no surprise that they decided it would be a good idea to tickle their nerves once again and created a Mythic Maiden online slot that, according to their plan, should terrify players and make them feel fearful. The atmosphere of mysticism and mystery will create fear throughout the gameplay, but at the same time, the slot should warm up an irresistible feeling of excitement in the players, because it can get a very big win if you're lucky. And these are not just words, there is reliable information that the theoretical income of the player will be 96.6%, and the maximum cash payment to the player, with a successful coincidence, will be at least 600,000 coins.

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Since the Mythic Maiden slot machine is not distinguished by good nature and romantic atmosphere, the main character of the slot is none other than the Mystical Maiden. The mythical maiden is dedicated to Halloween, the holiday of All Saints' Day, so do not forget that the graphic part with special animation effects is intended only to scare the players. The main task of the video slot is to try to bring the player as much profit as possible, albeit with a grain of horror stories. The player's task is to enter into an unequal battle with the forces of darkness and try to save the mythical maiden from captivity. The atmosphere is of course frightening, but the events unfold as if in a children's horror story, because the main action of the plot takes place in an abandoned attic of an old house.

Graphic design

The gloomy atmosphere is complemented by appropriate sounds, this is the howling of the wind in the attic, and an ominous full moon shines through the old rotten planks of the ceiling, illuminating stripes of the dark attic room. This is the picture that arises in front of the players, in pitch darkness by the light of the moon they have to complete a responsible task, but do not forget that the full moon is the time when the dark forces reach the peak of their power. From the first glance at the game screen, you will be absorbed in a mystical and mysterious atmosphere, and literally everything says about it. From a blue background, on which you can see the mysterious silhouettes that look like ominous creatures, and ending with crimson shades, more reminiscent of traces of blood. Massive doors with locks in the shape of a mythical maiden complete the overall picture, creating an even more eerie environment around.

The primary task facing the developers was to scare as much as possible, and only after that provide an opportunity to get a win, and, for one, enjoy the gameplay. In addition to the sinister graphics, there is also a corresponding sound design. This is the howl of the wind as the main theme, squeaks, rustles, mysterious music, forcing an already eerie atmosphere. This is exactly how NetEnt appeared before the fans of the online slot machine Mythic Maiden .


As the only light source you will have one candle, with it you will Embark on your adventure through a dark attic styled after the standard five reels and 30 active paylines that cannot be changed. But the most important thing is to prepare in advance for a dangerous adventure, and for this, carefully study the slot control panel

It will not be difficult for experienced players, especially since it is identical to other developments of the NetEntertainment team. Using just a few keys, you can select the required number of active lines, choose the optimal rate of the game currency, as well as the number of coins for each of the selected lines. The maximum bet size can be 150 coins, if you select the maximum of lines and coins on them, at the rate of 50 cents per coin.

The slot machine's functionality also allows you to select the function of automatically starting the reels by pressing the auto play button and selecting the required number of auto spins. In addition, you can start the reels at maximum bets by pressing just one button and that is max bet.

As already mentioned, the maximum winnings for one spin can be no less than 600 thousand coins, and the theoretical income of the slot is 96.6%. There are no bonus or other additional games in Mythic Maiden slot. Instead, players are given the chance to open the doors of the mythical maiden during the free spins of the reels, which directly realize the full potential of the emulator.

Game Symbols

Not only the graphic design in the form of a background is intended to scare players, the symbols used in the slot also strive for this, in fact, they also belong to the group of frightening graphics. The fact that each slot has its own unique symbolism makes NetEnt slot machines stand out from other manufacturers.

As a rule, the most inexpensive symbols belong to the younger category of pictures and card symbols stylized for this theme are traditionally chosen with these pictures. This time they are made in the form of melted candles and the maximum multiplier for them is 125 credits for each bet, a minimum of 7. It all depends on the number and seniority of symbols on one line.

The next category of symbols is thematic. This is a scary spider, a chest, a book of spells and a skull of an incomprehensible creature. These pictures are profitable if they create sequences of the same symbols in the amount of at least three, for which the player will receive from 25 to 1000 bets. There is also a more expensive symbol, for example, this is someone's head, for which you can get up to 2000 credits for each bet.

Of course, there are also special characters that open up additional opportunities. For example, the picture with the image of the moon in the window is a wild symbol, it will replace any other symbol if necessary, except for the scatter symbol. Moreover, a combination with a wild symbol will triple the payout.

A picture with blue and red lines is used as a scatter or scatter symbol. Depending on the number of dropped symbols, the scatter brings from 10 to 30 free spins of the reels, while the winning multiplier from two to 10 is randomly selected. And if during the Free Spins mode a set of scatter symbols appears again, then at least ten free spins.

Free spins

As you know, the privilege to start free spins belongs to at least three scatter symbols on the playing field. It is in this mode that the Virgo's locks are opened, and she chooses a win multiplier up to a maximum of 10, moreover, she can also give several additional spins. These multipliers apply to all types of payments, including payments with the participation of the wild symbol, regardless of the fact that it also brings its own multiplier. If you're lucky, you can get a few dozen more free spins for new sets of scatters.


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