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Play online at Neon Staxx slot machine

Slot machine online Neon Staxx is a very bright and unusual novelty. Its most important feature is, of course, the superstaxx option, without it it would be the most ordinary and most mediocre slot with a bright shell. But we know that the developers of the NetEnt company will not be able to afford such a level. Of course, the slot does not shine with its characteristics, so, for example, its cycle length is in the middle range, and the variance is not the highest. In addition, the return on bets is 96.90%, but even this does not allow you to get a positive mathematical expectation of a win in the casino. However, what prevents you from initially testing the Neon Staxx slot machine in demo mode and only after that playing for real money? Again, it's up to the players to decide, but you will like to play, because the slot is really unusual and very colorful. The uniqueness and uniqueness of the gameplay, apparently, the developers have relied on these parameters, leaving profit to a secondary role.

In June 2016, the Swedish manufacturer of gaming software released another new product for online casinos, which immediately became a hit among players who are fans of NetEnt products. Although this is a little strange, because it is completely incomprehensible to understand what theme was used by the developers when creating the Neon Staxx slot machine. Most of all, the theme is similar to an abstraction or a plot from the famous film "Tron", because the graphics resemble bright neon signs of skyscrapers looking into the distance. On the other hand, the online slot machine Neon Staxx reminds of a bygone era of the disco style, then in the 80s it was also popular to use numerous lights, sparkling and twinkling, as if from a disco ball. However, you can guess as much as you like, but in the end, everyone determines the theme of this NetEnt creation for himself and everyone will give an objective assessment of the emulator. Our task is to provide a detailed description of this video slot, tell about its zest and detailed technical characteristics and capabilities.

Description of the slot machine

Online slot machine Neon Staxx made in a very peculiar and unusual, perhaps, absolutely everyone will agree with this. The uncommonness lies not in the neon graphic design of the video slot, but in the fact that the game reels have a degree of inclination, i.e. here they do not just rotate in a vertical direction, but on the contrary rotate from bottom to top, and even at an angle. But this is only at first glance, in fact, they rotate from the bottom up, just if you play for the first time, then everything seems unusual and unusual, even the drums are spinning in the opposite direction. In addition, unlike other slot machines, there are 4 symbols on one reel at once, and not three as is usually the case. To put it quite simply, many players noted the similarity of the reel spins and design with the credits from the legendary Star Wars movie, the same similarity, according to some players, deserves the musical accompaniment, which resembles an imperial march. Whether or not it is up to you to judge, one thing can be said for sure and confidently, each sound is correctly selected for each event of the gameplay and complements the overall picture.


As for the control panel, then in this regard, developers traditionally do not change anything, however, this is even better, because in this case you do not have to spend time studying the buttons and their functions. Fans of NetEnt know very well how to operate the slot, but beginners will still have to learn them.

As always, the largest round button in the middle starts the reels, next to it there is the max bet button, which starts the reels at maximum stakes, and the auto play button, with which it is convenient to start the reels in automatic mode, simply by selecting the required number of automatic spins and you can go about your business. without taking part in the game process.

5 reels are provided for the game, and 40 paylines are located on them at once, while they are always active. Actually, the action of the level and coin value buttons extends to these very lines. The first one adjusts the number of coins per line, minimum 1 coin and maximum 10. The second button adjusts the appropriate rate of the game currency, the denomination of one credit is in the range from 1 cent to 50. In addition, the "I" button is considered to be no less important. at any time can familiarize themselves with the rules and pay tables.

Like many slots from NetEntertainment, the Neon Staxx online slot machine does not have a risk game or a special bonus game. Instead, there is a free reel spins mode and a standard set of special symbols such as wild and scatter. There are no such prizes as a progressive jackpot, and the theoretical player's income is 96.90%.

Game symbols

As always, the youngest and cheapest are classic card symbols, naturally stylized for the existing topic. The symbols from the lowest jack to the highest ace will bring from four to 25 coins. The next category refers to the older symbols, these are geometric shapes depicting some kind of animal. These symbols are a snake in a triangle, a square with a black panther, a rhombus with an eagle, a hexagon with a lion will help increase your winnings from eight to one hundred bets.

Of course, you cannot do without special symbols such as wild and scatter. The wild symbol is a golden disc, it can, under certain circumstances, stand in place of any missing symbol in a potentially winning combination. Wild symbols also make their own combinations, the maximum coefficient for five wild symbols is 200 credits for each bet.

The scatter symbol brings from ten to twenty free spins of the reels, for this, at least three scatter symbols in the form of a triangle with the scatter inscription must appear on the playing field. In addition, before the free spins start, a special Wild symbol will be randomly selected, which will appear more often than the regular one, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

Free Spins

How already mentioned, you will not see any additional game here, except for the free spins of the reels. As a rule, these are the most common free spins that operate according to standard principles, i.e. Simply put, players will also have a free game at current rates. Still, there is one important feature that distinguishes regular free spins from the spins of the Neon Staxx slot machine. There is a special option called SuperStaxx, which is activated in a completely random way. The essence of the option is that several symbols or a whole reel turn into the same symbols, sometimes the same symbols occupy several reels at once.


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