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The tale of the three piglets, which is not suitable for children. Piggies and the Wolf slot

Probably every person is familiar with the tale of the three pigs. Yes, with the one that teaches the basics and basics of construction. Once upon a time there were three little pigs. They decided to build houses for themselves. One is made of straw. The second is made of wood. And the third is made of bricks. The wolf came, blew with all his might ...

This trinity is also present in the Piggies and the Wolf slot machine from the Playtech developer studio. Only she has nothing in common (except for belonging to small livestock) with the characters of the fairy tale. One pig is a rastaman, the second is a successful farmer, and the third is just a millionaire. There is a wolf too - a rocker and just a punk.

However, the slot will please not only with bright graphics and unusual setting. It features a variety of thematic bonuses, increased payouts and other nice features. And on our site you can play the Piggies and the Wolf slot for free. The presented demo version is as functional and practical as the slots that are installed in online casinos. Only the game is played for fans, not real money. But the pleasure is quite real.

Bacon piglets

The playing field of the original Piggies and the Wolf slot consists of 5 reels, each of which has 4 rows. It is covered with 50 prize lines. This number is fixed and does not change. Prize lines are calculated in the traditional way - from left to right, starting from the first reel.

The set of basic symbols is quite standard for a slot with a field size of 5x4 and has 11 pieces. It includes card denominations from ten to ace, three pigs - Nif-Nif, Nuf-Nuf and Naf-Naf, as well as three houses - straw, wooden and brick. Also, three special symbols appear on the field:

  • Wild. The picture shows a wolf. It drops out on all reels, brings the maximum payouts, but only for a sequence of 5 pieces. Able to replace any base symbol on the payline to create a winning sequence. At the same time, it is partially stacked - on reels 1 and 3 it occupies several rows, and reel 5 completely covers;
  • Scatter. The image shows the logo of the Piggies and the Wolf slot machine. It drops out on reels 1, 3 and 5. If three such symbols appear on the field, the payout will be made first, and then a bonus round consisting of 15 free spins will start. At the same time, the "Running Wilds" function is activated;
  • Bonus. The image shows a small planet with the inscription Bonus. It drops out on reels 1, 3 and 5, but does not bring any payouts. But three of these symbols will launch the "Blow the House" bonus game.

The Blow Off The House bonus game brings instant payouts. Three dwellings appear on the screen. At the push of a button, the wolf begins to blow. The more houses he destroys, the higher the payment amount will be.

The "Running Wilds" bonus function is activated during free spins. If a piglet and a wolf fall out in the neighboring cells, the symbol with the wolf will spread to the very first reel. This creates a large number of prize combinations, and in some cases their length can be up to 5 symbols.

Thoughtful gameplay and numerous bonus modes make the Piggies and the Wolf slot machine incredibly addicting. In addition, it has a theoretical long-term RTP of 92.1% and low variance, meaning frequent payouts. And on our site you can play the Piggies and the Wolf slot for free.


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